Strange abduction by Nordic aliens in Acapulco

Strange abduction by Nordic aliens in Acapulco

A resident of Mexico was driving along a mountain road when he was abducted by beautiful blond aliens who looked like Norwegians. They didn't torture him, fed him, allowed him to use the bathroom, told him about their civilization, and then just let him go.

A resident of Mexico was driving along a mountain road when he was abducted by beautiful blond aliens who looked like Norwegians. They didn't torture him, fed him, allowed him to use the bathroom, told him about their civilization, and then just let him go. It started at night in January 1954. A man named Armando Zurbaran was driving his car along a winding road from Mexico City to Acapulco to meet with a business partner in the morning. It was a dangerous journey due to the fact that the road passed through mountain passes and Armando had to look carefully ahead at the road all the time.

UFO Mexico to acapulco

Therefore, he immediately saw something suddenly flash brightly on the road ahead and after that he immediately felt very sleepy, as if extremely tired. Realizing that a little more and he would fall asleep at the wheel, Armando stopped on the side of the road and when he looked ahead again at the road, he saw that a metal disk was hanging low over the road, very close to him, and two tall figures were standing on the road next to him. They were wearing something like a jumpsuit with a wide belt. Outwardly, they looked like people of the Nordic type (such aliens are called "Nordic"), both had long loose hair.

Fascinated, Armando, as if in a hypnotic desire, came closer to these figures and now could see them in detail. They seemed to be men, but they looked more androgynous, that is, they were effeminate. They had light skin, blue eyes, and their hair was also light. They really turned out to be representatives of the Scandinavian type of people. These two first did something that made Armando immediately calm down, and then there was a buzzing in his head, after which he saw that he was already inside a space glowing ship. After that, one of the "Nordiques/Nordics" spoke to him in good Spanish:

You are not the first and not the last Earthling selected for testing. Our task, although it may seem slow, is designed to convince. We select the most likely and pliable people to contact so that they can best convey our messages.

Aliens said:

Armando couldn't figure out what kind of messages he was talking about, but then the two began showing him a series of images from his own life. It was like a dream, but they were broadcast on the wall of the ship. Some of these moments were almost forgotten by Armando himself and pushed into the most secluded corners of his memory. Armando thought that either these creatures were scanning his brain, or they had been carefully monitoring him since childhood. Then the broadcast stopped and Armando was informed that their ship was not on Earth or even in the Solar System right now. This startled Armando, as he did not feel any signs of the ship moving at all.

When he asked the "Nordics" about how the ship could move like that, he was told that a "gravitational repulsion" system was used here. They also told him that the ship would eliminate any debris if it got in his way, and then they allowed Armando to see the place where they are now. However, he did not see anything special, so there was only gray fog and darkness.

Nordic said:

Then Armando was asked if he wanted to fly to the home planet of the "Nordiques/Nordics" and he answered in the negative, he wanted to return home. After that, over the next few days, the aliens took him to several more places. Armando began to get used to the situation of the ship, especially since he was treated kindly, not tortured and did not carry out any painful manipulations. He was even allowed to walk around the ship and see how everything works there. He was particularly struck by the bathroom:

Alien abduction

I'll never forget it. That bathroom was a new and unimaginable experience for me. I was standing vertically to the corner of a wall filled with tiny holes through which warm air was covering me. Then it turned into moist air that permeated my skin like a wet breeze. When I was completely covered with moisture, I was given something like liquid soap, which I rubbed all over my body on my own.

Then I stood in front of the sprinklers again and under the flow of warm air, the wet soap began to evaporate from my body, and my skin became clean. Then the air became dry, and then it became cooler to a pleasant cooling

Nordic said:

All these days Armando was also fed at the same table with the "Nordiques/Nordic" and he described their food as very similar to that of Earth. There was meat, vegetables, cheese and butter. They drank a liquid similar to milk, and Armando was told that it was the main food on their home planet. He was also told that some products on Earth, for example, such as mango, were very liked by the "Nordics" and they began to widely use them in their diet. At the same time, food supplies were not kept on their ship, they were delivered each time by some kind of teleporting beam from an unknown external source.

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All these days, Armando and I talked a lot and talked about our civilization. He learned that the "Nordiques/Nordics" have been living for at least 250 years, that everyone is equal in their society, and that their life is subject to the laws of a certain religion. They called the supreme deity the word "Master", and their favorite number was nine. This "Master" has controlled them for thousands of years and preserved harmony in their society. A few days later, the Nordiques said that the time had expired and Armando was returned to the Green to where his car was parked.

When they flew away and Armando got into the car and drove off. he suddenly realized that he had been away for only 90 minutes, despite the fact that, according to his feelings, he had spent at least several days with the aliens. He didn't even miss a meeting with his business partner. Armando did not tell anyone about this story for a long time, deciding that he had a strange dream, nothing more. But 15 years later, in 1969, he was driving along a road near Mexico City and picked up a hitchhiker who looked like a typical Norwegian.  He was thin, fair-haired and with blue eyes. Armando immediately remembered everything that had happened to him and after that the hitchhiker confessed that he was among the crew of that very ship and that he was still watching Armando.

It is curious that throughout the 1950s there were many stories about meetings with "Nordics" who looked like in Armando's description - beautiful people with blond hair and blue eyes. Perhaps. that all these stories are connected and that the "Nordiques/Nordics" really conducted some kind of testing among people in those years. If so, what results did this testing show? And why have they not been in contact with people since then, and their place has been taken by cruel "grays" with their inhumane experiments?

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