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Secrets of UFOs on Mars, real shooting, scientists are perplexed

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Secrets of UFOs on Mars, real shooting, scientists are perplexed

Mars is the object of many studies, scientists have repeatedly sent probes and stations to it, but it turns out that not only earthlings study the red planet. Increasingly, evidence of the presence of UFOs on Mars is appearing on the Internet.

UFO in the sky of Mars real shooting

Researchers and ordinary people, studying the images sent by space orbital and planetary stations, believe that the images show UFOs on Mars and these are real shots of objects of other civilizations. Along with the data, the devices on Mars also send mysterious images. And many agree that these unexplained objects are proof of the existence of the presence of UFOs on Mars.

The rovers send a lot of frames that NASA cannot fully explain. Some pictures show very clearly mysterious objects that resemble balls and other geometric shapes in their shape.

UFO in the sky of Mars real shooting

One of the images sent by the Curiosity rover shows several unidentified objects. The objects were recorded during a dust storm that obscured the surface of Mars for 14 days from sunlight. These are larger objects than grains of sand since they are visible at a distance of more than one kilometer.

UFO in the sky of Mars real shooting

Also, the Curiosity camera recorded the following frame, in which it is clearly visible how a UFO takes off from Mars. We came to this conclusion because we can see a trace that is directed upwards. This is proof that it is the take-off of the spacecraft that is taking place and not it's landing.

UFO takes off from Mars

And here is another picture with unidentified objects of Mars. He attracted the attention of fans of unidentified objects, where a UFO takes off from the surface of Mars into space. The objects have an identical shape and size, they can't just be grains of sand caught in the frame of the rover's camera.

unidentified objects of Mars

Curiosity Rover near Mount Sharp recorded a cylindrical UFO flying through the lens for 10 minutes. The images were obtained on April 28, 2014. A detailed study of the images by ufologists proves that the Curiosity research apparatus has recorded many times with its cameras how a UFO takes off from Mars.

The Spirit rover also sent a lot of mysterious frames. Due to lack of time, NASA does not want to consider the landscapes in more detail and simply misses some details.

spirit rover

Here is a frame sent by the Spirit research apparatus, which supposedly recorded the flight of an unidentified object.

the Spirit research apparatus

The following image, which was sent by the Curiosity rover, also shows a mysterious flying object. Researcher Scott Waring excludes the version that the dark disk in the frame is a spot on the lens of the panoramic camera lens of the research apparatus.

the Curiosity rover UFO

This amazing photo with an unidentified flying object in the sky of Mars shows a real object since the sunlight is displayed more at the top than at the bottom. It can't be anything else, since the UFO is visible only in this frame.

Alleged crashed UFOs on the surface of Mars

Research devices in their frames recorded not only flying objects but also sent mysterious photos from the surface of the planet, which show the wreckage of UFOs.

Alleged crashed UFOs on the surface of Mars

Ufologists, referring to this picture, say that they have found the wreckage of a UFO on Mars. They believe that it was an alien mothership since its length is more than 1 mile. The mysterious object has a rather unusual elongated shape, curved at both ends. This image serves as indisputable proof of the visit, and maybe even the presence of aliens on Mars.

UFO on Mars

This frame is another mystery that was photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Looking at this photo, scientists discovered the presence of UFOs on the surface of Mars. Since there is an unknown object that fell on the surface of the planet and left behind a huge crater. It is also clearly visible here that the spacecraft has the shape of a disk.

 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

In this picture, a mysterious UFO flying saucer was found half-buried in the ground, it crashed in the Candor Chasma area. The resulting trench suggests that the disk was flying low above the surface when it crashed, crashed into the Martian soil, and stopped, half-buried in the ground.

UFO flying saucer

This picture does not show a UFO on Mars, where a trace of its collision with the planet is visible after its crash. Virtual scientist Scott Waring claims that the captured trace cannot be some Martian structure of natural origin.

UFO on Mars

Here in this photo, which was sent by Curiosity, a mysterious object is clearly visible, its shape resembles flying saucers to earthlings.

Scientists who found a UFO on the surface of Mars suggest that an alien ship that crashed many years ago is visible here. But there is another alternative opinion. Despite the clarity of the image and the fact that it clearly shows a disk, the researchers claim that here the research apparatus simply recorded the rock of Mars.

UFO sightings

An alien ship on the surface of the fiery planet is also visible in this picture. The image shows that the object shows a metallic sheen in sharp contrast to the surrounding Martian soil and environment. A round geometric design with sharp edges is sufficient proof that this is an artificially created object. The estimated size of the crashed UFO is 200-300 meters in diameter.

UFO sightings on Mars

Traces of UFOs on Mars were also captured by another orbiter called Mars Odyssey, which was launched by NASA. Here is a figure that resembles a helicopter propeller in its shape. Virtual archaeologists suggest that an alien ship on Mars is depicted here. In their opinion, the UFO made an emergency landing on the planet and crashed into a rock.

UFO sightings

The crash of UFOs that occurred on Mars is also visible in this picture. This image is recorded in the Martian region of Aram Chaos. UFO crash artifacts stand out from the entire natural landscape of the planet and have a distinctive shape. This object resembles a domed flying saucer with an upper deck.

Watch UFO-Mars

Every day, virtual archaeologists study the images that are sent to Earth by research vehicles located on Mars, in the hope of discovering something inexplicable. Thanks to such researchers, the world gets the facts of the presence of aliens on Mars.

The article describes the most interesting cases in which ufologists have discovered UFOs. The facts presented by them are proof that Mars is interesting for studying not only for earthlings but also for other civilizations. Undoubtedly, the remains of UFOs found are an indisputable fact that Mars has been repeatedly visited by spaceships with intelligent beings on board.

But all this is true only under one condition - if the photos from Mars are not fake. There is quite a lot of evidence for this on the Internet. Within the framework of this article, we will not touch on this issue. Follow the following articles, it will be interesting to find out, the facts will be shocking. And also do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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