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Under this headline, the English newspaper "People" published an article about unidentified flying objects. The subtitle read: "Whitehall denies that the DI 55 unit exists only to observe UFOs."

Deep underground in the basements of Whitehall (a complex of government buildings in London) is offices-institutions that, according to official sources, simply do not exist. And behind its tightly closed doors, men and women with colorless faces collect all the intelligence information on a topic that, if officially, also does not exist.

The department has the encrypted name DI 55, which translates from English as the 55th intelligence branch of the Ministry of Defense. Its task is to collect intelligence information about unidentified flying objects that constantly plow the sky over the UK. Reports from the military, police, and private individuals, as well as government agents from all over the country, flock here. All this information is carefully studied. However, the Ministry of Defense does not confirm or deny the existence of such an intelligence department. His spokesman told reporters: "We do not discuss the work of the intelligence departments."


However, engineer Michael Hanson, the national coordinator of the "UFO Sightings Society" in Yorkshire, does not trust this too much. He recalls how he once called the Ministry of Defense with a routine request. He was connected, as always, to the second department of the Ministry's Royal Air Force headquarters, which registers aerial interference that interferes with the flights of fighters and bombers. He was very surprised when, probably by mistake, he was put through to the DI 55 staff.

The second section of the air staff said that they have no information on UFOs. I think they (at DI 55) thought it was someone from the ministry calling, so they didn't suspect anything when the operator put me through to them. Someone even answered me, but when I realized who I was, I was immediately reconnected to the switchboard, after which the connection was interrupted. The strange thing is that when I called the ministry again and asked to be put through to DI 55, they said that there was no such department. When I told them that I had just spoken to them, the operator told me that I must have made a mistake.

Michael said:

Michael's colleague Mark Verdsol, who is the chief "investigator" of the Yorkshire UFO Sightings Society, also tried to repeat the same trick with the phone but ran into a concrete wall.

I have had a suspicion for many years that such a department exists. The British public deserves to be exposed to information about UFOs.

He says:

Serious UFO observers, like Mark, recognize that up to 90 percent of so-called UFOs turn out to be ordinary atmospheric phenomena that are easily explained from the point of view of modern knowledge and common sense. And they certainly don't believe people who claim to have been inside UFOs. At the same time, there is a small proportion of evidence that is not denied even by the official authorities.

Richard Lawrence, director of the largest international society of UFO enthusiasts with branches in many countries, said: "As far as UFOs are concerned, the secrecy here is higher than even in the SDI program." He gives lectures about UFOs all over the world.


And he suspects the Defense Department of withholding information. They say that they do not give information on this issue only because they do not have the financial resources and technical capabilities. In addition, they destroyed thousands of files due to a lack of space.

But right now-after a 30 - year period of secrecy - they could be published! Now we have to wait for 1992 when most of the secret files can be revealed if the ministry does not pull some trick again. In the ministry itself, many do not even realize that there is such intelligence. However, the details are only trusted to a few who have the appropriate clearance.

A recent public opinion poll conducted by the Gallup Institute found that approximately nine percent of adults have seen UFOs, and half believe in their existence. In Britain, even more, people believe in UFOs than in the United States. When two thousand people were interviewed in eleven major cities across the country, 16 percent said they had seen UFOs, and 60 percent said they believed in them. Here are just a few messages:

  • A taxi driver in Tyneside saw an 80-foot saucer with bright lights following his car. He said that for some time it hung at a height of only 30 feet (ten meters), made of some gray metal. The most amazing thing was that it didn't make any noise. "When the passenger and I got out of the car to get a better look at it, it disappeared, increasing the speed dramatically," he added;
  • in Yorkshire, a 38-year-old man saw a huge cube-shaped object with green, red and white lights, which did not make noise. He followed the man all the way to the house, where he called his wife to look at him too;
  • John Rees, a youth club security guard, was walking his dog in Glamorgan when he saw a cylinder all lit up with two parallel beams pointing at the ground. It moved in a spiral without making any noise. The young man observed the object for 45 minutes. Before that, he had never believed in UFOs or seen them;
  • Frank Barnes, who delivers the morning papers in Winchester, told how he saw a yellow saucer the size of a nice house flying over him at 30 miles an hour. It was followed by a second, hissing sound.;
  • The owner of an art studio in Oxford, David White, was chased by a red shining object for 40 minutes. It happened on his way home. When White stopped the car, the object also stopped. "I thought I was going to go crazy," White said. He didn't notice the noise either.

And finally, a representative of the British Royal Air Force, referring to this problem, said that they have at least one secretary who, according to her official duties, deals with UFOs every day. She sends her papers to the second section of the Air Force headquarters. The Air Force constantly checks the presence of foreign aircraft in the country's airspace. "We do not inform the public about our observations only because we do not have the media and a lot of staff. But at the same time, we do not deny that something is constantly happening in the sky, some inexplicable oddities. I personally think that we will be fools if we continue to pursue the policy of the ostrich in this matter."

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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