Scientists have determined how a UFO travels through space

Scientists have determined how a UFO travels through space

The media reported that the supposed inhabitants of other worlds are able to make fairly fast movements around the Universe, using invaluable knowledge about the most controversial and discussed theory today — string theory. Such conclusions were made by specialists of the Anderson Institute.

Scientists noted that as a result of the Big Bang, a kind of "cosmic cracks" appeared, helping alien beings to move from their planet, located in another galaxy, directly to our Solar System and even close to Earth. This explains the frequent appearance of UFOs in the sky and their rapid disappearance. It is assumed that alien beings learn something interesting for them in this way, and then return to their own planet in such supernatural ways on their ships. They do this, as scientists say, through a certain kink. Researchers have stated that in places where UFOs disappear, strongly curved portals are visible (I wonder when they managed to fix this?))).

Black holes and string theory

In some ways, such explanations are also appropriate in the conversation about "wormholes". Here the question arises: where will an object get caught in a black hole? Someone thinks that after being sucked into such a hole, he can be pushed out from a completely different side. It is also noted that in space there are so-called "white holes" that do not attract anything, but on the contrary, repel everything that gets in their way. Presumably, such holes are able to somehow coexist with black chain links. However, there are some scientists who do not consider it possible for any object to jump out of a white hole after being sucked into a black one because there is something there that blocks the exit. As a result, scientists did not come to a consensus on this issue, since there is no convincing evidence of one or the other.

Black holes and string theory

But the Anderson Institute made a statement that when one string interacts with a black hole and two more strings are found nearby, closed time curves are formed, and right inside this "ball" there is the possibility of moving anywhere. In other words, in outer space, the so-called "Cracks" do not exist as such. Here there are some very tangled knots, on which you can stumble, and then change direction and get to a completely different place. These nodules are very elongated, as the black hole attracts the strings, and here scientists interfere with the white holes because the object has nowhere else to fly out.

This theory has skeptics who maliciously suggest attempts to prove at least something, to find at least some "crack" and move at least something. But the theory of cosmic strings takes its foundations, in particular, from mathematical equations, where either very huge numbers are given, or too small, and it turns out that all such studies are based on approximate values, and there is no accuracy here.

The string theory

In principle, string theory was created as an alternative to the ongoing disputes between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Quantum mechanics, in fact, should provide more accurate descriptions of what is happening, but this did not work. The general theory of relativity was suitable for describing planets, stars, galaxies, and other objects of cosmic scale, and quantum mechanics work perfectly with the smallest bodies, elementary particles, etc. But when trying to combine these sciences to describe something one, the result was something incomprehensible and even little scientific.

The point is that there is a different understanding of the question of space and time. Microscopic fluctuations called quantum fluctuations, act as a stumbling block here. Back in 1968, the beta function of Euler, introduced in mathematical science, was involved in this matter, and here the promotion of string theory, which believes that everything that happens is the same oscillation of the microscopic level that is balanced and extinguished by the strings that permeate the entire Universe, began.

A dubious and unprovable theory

In turn, each time failed attempts to prove everything that is derived from the above mathematical function. Rumor has it that the Large Hadron Collider has even been created to prove this. In the future, research using this device led to the requirement to add more and more dimensions to circumvent certain problems. As a result, 11 dimensions have accumulated, of which 10 are spatial, and one is temporal. Some experts are even in favor of adding another dimension, the twelfth, which is also related to time. But that still hasn't been done, and string theory is so unnecessarily complex to add even more dimensions to. In addition, this concept will remain only a theoretical explanation for a long time. Someone says that you can explain anything in this way, and the case with the portals is proof of this.

If you look at all the data currently available, you can see that the best and even the only way to check all this is to walk yourself to a real big black hole and go straight into it, and then find a way to move to a specific destination. But alas, modern technology has not yet reached this point; there is not even the possibility of a quick crossing of the Solar System.

the Solar System

Black holes are located at a huge distance from the Earth, but this is on the other hand a plus since it allows us to live on the planet. Therefore, you should most likely wait for the aliens when they suddenly start talking to earthlings. You can also hope for the possibility of creating ships with superpowers, and astronauts who can sacrifice themselves for the sake of science. You can still wait for the moment when the Earth will begin to attract black holes to itself and fall directly into them, but this is hardly a good idea.

in general, the impudence of scientists is striking, putting forward a theory that is not just impossible to confirm practically, but also confused in its very basis, when we add the missing as we want. But this is my opinion, your opinion may differ.

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