Close encounter - Richard Miller

Richard Miller and the Phoenix spacecraft

A lesser-known contactee of the 1950s was Richard Miller. His first direct encounter took place in 1954, after contact with aliens via shortwave radio. They told him to go to a remote site near Arbor in Michigan, fifteen minutes later a disc-shaped object landed near this place. He, as Miller learned, was called "Phoenix". A door opened at the base of the aircraft and a ladder was lowered down. Miller described what happened next in this way.

On the first step of the stairs was a young man dressed in a brown suit made of a single piece of cloth. He signaled me to enter the ship, which I did. I found myself in a large corridor that seemed to surround the entire ship. Although nothing had been said yet, the young man radiated such friendliness that I felt at ease and at ease

Here's what it says:

Miller was taken to the control room of the ship, where he met with the commander of the aliens, Soltek, who greeted him in perfect English. He explained that their planet Centurus, from the Alpha Centauri system, belonged to the General Confederation, a group of about 680 planets that had earned the right to be members of this union by their evolutionary achievements.

The alien said that before the Earth can also become a member of them, humanity must create higher spiritual values: "When the love of your fellow man is strengthened, then the Sons of Fire will appear and the Kingdom of God will rule on earth." "The Sons of Fire," as Miller said— are those whom the Bible refers to as "angels."

Richard Miller and the Phoenix spacecraft

Do skeptics often ask why such intelligent aliens are in contact with ordinary people, and not with much more influential authorities? Through Soltek, Miller received an answer to this question. The aliens were in contact with heads of government and prominent scientists, he was told, but they repelled the aliens, treated them contemptuously, not wanting to surrender their influence for the benefit of the coming New Era.

Soltek and his friends sought to contact various representatives of the people in the hope that they would put in a good word for them, and the subsequent pressure would force the authorities to change their policy. Soltek told how they fought a nuclear war with their neighbors, the Lemurians, which was the result of material greed. Referring to modern civilization.

There is a much safer way to use the energy of an atom than splitting it. Don't they understand that by destroying matter they are acting against the will of the Creator?.

Soltek Argued:

Soltek also explained that entire galaxies traveling in space are a consequence of the big bang, which led to the creation of the universe. He also said that the Earth passed through a cloud of radioactive particles. Alien ships orbiting near Earth reflected radiation so that it would not penetrate our atmosphere. Richard Miller's contacts lasted for about twenty years, all of them are recorded in detail in documents and on tape recordings.

UFO-AC Research group would like to draw your attention to the fact that the description of contact with aliens is a typical set of knowledge and ideas of that period. There is no teleportation, no holograms or technological gadgets here. Everything is quite banal, a ladder, a trapdoor. Appeals for peace and love.  This is neither good nor bad. These are just facts.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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