Photo of an extraterrestrial organism is proof of the existence of alien life, scientists say

Photo of an extraterrestrial organism is proof of the existence of alien life, scientists say

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This is the 1st ever image of a mysterious alien organism, which, according to scientists, is the last confirmation of the existence of aliens. Discovered with the help of super-powerful magnets to capture small debris particles that float in space, the" horn-shaped "particle is a"full-fledged living organism".

Dr. Milton Wainwright of the Center for Astrobiology at the Buckingham Institute says that it justifies the existence of life beyond the borders of the Earth. Its discovery was the result of a scientific project in Derbyshire, in which powerful magnets were launched into the stratosphere. Dr. Wainwright said that the image taken during the analysis shows a salt crystal with an unusual horned creature bursting out of the crystal's surface.

As he said, this further confirms the theory of panspermia, according to which life not only exists in space but also spills from space to our planet at a timely time.

The image shows what we believe to be extraterrestrial bacteria flying high in the Earth's stratosphere. Our team has caused a lot of noise over the past 2 years, stating that these bacteria are constantly arriving on planet Earth from space. Our critics have intensively rejected our work, but no one has yet presented a viable alternative explanation of our peer-reviewed study.

Dr. Wainwright said:

Professor Wainwright said that the structure is an "amorphous form" attached to a grain of salt, and it contains the rarest elements, including dysprosium, lutetium, neodymium, and niobium.

"As far as we can tell, this particle has nothing to do with anything found on Earth." The latest launch is also fascinating because the team found particles that contain so-called rare earth elements at an altitude of approximately 30 km in the stratosphere.

"These particles are very large to be transported from Earth, and, like the extraterrestrial life forms we have found, they must come to planet Earth from space."

The discovery, made in the summer of this year, followed the discovery of a dragon particle and a ghost particle last year, also an unusual organism similar to a seed, which puzzled scientists this spring.


The microscopic iron ball, also discovered by Dr. Wainwright and his team, turns out to be spewing liquid, probably containing genetic material. The extreme find was another confirmation of Dr. Wainwright's theories about the existence of extraterrestrial life in specific proximity to Earth. His work is supported by astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe, who has long stated that we are not alone in the universe. A separate report prepared by Dr. Wickramasinghe and Gensuke Tokoro from the Japanese Institute for the Study of Panspermia and Astroeconomics states that " alien microbial life exists."

Since the beginning of the new millennium, an impressive number of proven facts have accumulated that microbial life really exists beyond the borders of the Earth.

Now it is allowed to claim that comets and meteors delivered the chemical building blocks of life to form the primordial soup from which life originated on our planet about 4 billion years ago.

The idea of the appearance of life on our planet "in a kind of primitive soup" is deeply rooted in the religious and scientific culture of the Western world.

We note that given the rapidly increasing number of proven facts indicating the existence of alien life, it would be unwise to ignore the facts.

 Dr. Wickramasinghe said:

Wrong thoughts crippled science in the past and this is repeated again with the "unshakable" thought of the appearance of life from the "soup". If we are not vigilant, this may happen again - we will cripple real science by denying obvious facts, and now the results for society and the economy may be more tragic.

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