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NASA has announced the start of UFO research

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NASA has announced the start of UFO research

NASA launches UFO research as part of a new scientific direction to science.

On June 10, the space agency announced that it was creating an independent team of experts to understand how much information is publicly available on this issue and how much more is needed to understand unexplained observations. The head of NASA's scientific mission, Thomas Zurbuchen, admitted that the traditional scientific community may consider NASA as "a kind of sale", delving into a controversial topic, but he categorically disagrees.

We do not shy away from reputational risk," Zurbuchen said during a webcast of the National Academy of Sciences. "We strongly believe that the biggest problem with these phenomena is that it is a data-poor area."

NASA considers this the first step in an attempt to explain mysterious observations in the sky, also called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPS). The study, costing no more than $100,000, will begin this year and last nine months. It will be completely open, without the use of secret military data. NASA said the team will be led by astrophysicist David Spergel, president of the Simons Foundation for the Advancement of Scientific Research.


At a press conference, Spiegel said that the only preconceived notion going into the study is that UFOs are likely to have multiple explanations.

We must approach all these issues with a sense of humility," Spergel said. "I have spent most of my career as a cosmologist. I can tell you that we don't know what makes up 95 percent of the universe. So there are things we don't understand."

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