Miraculously, the surviving pilot told what he saw in the Bermuda Triangle

Miraculously, the surviving pilot told what he saw in the Bermuda Triangle

The theme of the Bermuda Triangle is shrouded in speculation around mysterious facts. The first information about the anomalous zone in the Atlantic between Puerto Rico, the state of Florida, and Bermuda dates back to the 15th century. The diaries of Christopher Columbus contain strange information about the suspicious glow of the sea, the atypical behavior of the compass, and the sudden flames.

The description of the events that alarmed the sailors was transmitted in written sources for many centuries. At the same time, they did not lose their relevance, but on the contrary, they were strengthened by newly emerging facts. The same territorial parameters, similar signs… The truth of the information about the anomaly of the triangle is beyond doubt.

However, what is the cause of a series of accidents, the disappearance of aircraft and ships, scientists can not find out even in our age of limitless technical capabilities. There are no witnesses who could tell about what is happening in the mysterious anomalous zone.

The only eyewitness of what is happening, the survivor is an American pilot Bruce Gernon. He managed to get out of the dangerous triangle, and Gernon told the world about the amazing events that he saw with his own eyes.

pilot Bruce Gernon

pilot Bruce Gernon

Survivor's Story

The circumstances of the mysterious flight, during which Bruce Gernon got into the Bermuda Triangle zone, occurred in 1970. With his father and a colleague, an experienced pilot took off from the Bahamas and was heading to the state of Florida. The flight took place over the Sargasso Sea on a single-engine Bonanza plane, and the beginning did not portend anything unusual.

Sometime after takeoff, Bruce Gernon noticed a strange cloud on the course of movement, which began to increase as he approached. Once inside it, the pilot was surprised to find that the air substance inside did not resemble an ordinary cloud. It was dark here, and space was as if pierced by fiery lightning.

Pilots and sailors are familiar with such a phenomenon as the Lights of St. Elmo. These are beam-like discharges that occur at the ends of objects, due to the intensity of the electric field. However, what Gernon saw did not resemble this well-known and scientifically based phenomenon in any way.

An experienced pilot, who had never seen anything like this, was ready to turn back. However, soon he saw a certain gap, as if at the end of a tunnel. Rushing to the spot of light, Bruce Gernon was horrified to discover that something unusual was happening to the plane. The distance that the plane was supposed to fly in 3 minutes was covered in 20 seconds.

Moving through the tunnel, and getting out of it, the aircraft got into an even more atypical zone. Around everything resembled either fog or a whitish haze. People on the plane felt something similar to weightlessness. Navigation devices were in chaotic motion, and the compass arrows showed uncontrolled throwing.

In a panic, Gernon contacted the ground control service to clarify the coordinates of the flight. Oddly enough, the connection turned out to be fulfilled, but the dispatcher's answer struck the pilot. The plane was not visible on the radars of ground services!

bermuda triangle

After a few minutes of flight, the dispatcher managed to detect Gernon's aircraft. Having experienced an unusual adventure, the pilot hoped that the remaining half of the flight would pass quietly. However, here he was even more surprised. It turns out that the plane was almost at its destination!

The flight, which usually took 75 minutes in time, was completed twice as fast this time. What is the explanation for these changes in time, as well as strange events occurring in flight?

Bermuda anomalies: scientists ' versions

After returning from an unforgettable flight, Gernon was puzzled to find out what was happening on that December day in 1970 in the sky over the Sargasso Sea.

He wrote and told scientists about the incident, but he never received an answer to his questions. Some versions were put forward by him. According to an eyewitness of the strange events, the reason is the electric charge of the fog, allegedly it produced flashes of light.

According to an alternative point of view, the influence of a black hole is activated over the Atlantic, which is the cause of Spatio-temporal changes.

The overall picture, which is still unclear, is supplemented by interesting information about the very day in 1970 when Gernon fell into abnormal circumstances. During the day, 84 sunspots were recorded. The wind in the sun reached the parameter of 700 km/s. This may indicate a probable temporary change in the Earth's magnetic envelope, which provokes a malfunction of equipment and devices.

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