Marius Dewilde - the alien incident

Marius Dewilde - the alien incident

The house of the Frenchman Marius Dewilde was very close to the railway line that led to the nearby mine. The proximity to the railway would not have been particularly troublesome if it hadn't been for the local peasants, who were in the habit of stealing gravel from the embankment to sprinkle it on the roads in their settlements, which became muddy during the rains. Because of their theft, Marius was often annoyed by the police, and the restoration work near his house frightened the cattle.

Marius Dewlde

Dewilde was especially afraid of a possible wreck because of this theft because the derailed train could well destroy his small cozy house. So when, late in the evening of September 10, 1954, he went out into the garden and saw a dark mass on the tracks, Dewilde decided that this was another carload of thieves and was going to have a cool talk with them.

Suddenly his dog barked furiously and crawled up to his master in a strange way. At the same moment, footsteps were heard on the path nearby. Marius lit a lantern and revealed two rather strange creatures, about a meter tall, wearing coveralls with helmets on their heads, who were clearly moving in the direction of a dark object standing on the tracks.

Either Marius didn't know who he was dealing with at first, or he thought the creatures were playing with children, but he rushed to the gate to catch them. The first runt was just a couple of meters away when a bright beam of light suddenly burst out of the object on the tracks, which completely paralyzed the determined earthman. When the lights went out and Marius was able to move again, the object on the tracks managed to get off the ground, a thick jet of black smoke escaped from it and it flew away.

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Dewilde, in his fright, ran two kilometers to the nearest police station to report what had happened, but the gendarmes took him for a madman and only laughed at him. The neighbors found out about the story and Marius had a chance to experience their ridicule.

A month later, Dewilde was beginning to forget about the story that had brought him so much trouble, when on October 10, his little son shouted that there was a strange car on the tracks. Marius went outside and saw exactly the same object as a month ago. The same or similar shorties were hovering around him. The brave Frenchman, despite the sad experience, still decided to get closer to them. This time they did not "shoot" the beam at him, on the contrary, a short man, most likely the commander of the UFO, got out of the device and ran up to Marius quite energetically on his short legs. The humanoid was wearing a dark gray coverall, and through the glass of his helmet, he could see his wide-cheeked round face with narrow slanted eyes. The little man was quite relaxed.

marius UFO incident

He was babbling in a strange language and smiling. Then he patted Dewilde on the shoulder, patted his little son on the head. The chickens that ran out at Marius ' feet distracted the alien's attention. His dark brown eyes stared at the largest hen, and the hen suddenly sprawled on the ground. The little commander grabbed her by the paws and pulled her back into the machine. The aliens cheerfully greeted their colleagues with their prey, it seems that they have already become chicken lovers. The extraterrestrial expropriator of the chicken came up to Marius again and patted him on the shoulder, which seemed to be quite a substitute for monetary and other calculations in the eyes of the aliens.

After that, he trotted on his short legs to the UFO, all the shorties climbed into it and took off. Marius watched in amazement as the mysterious machine with its chicken and aliens literally disappeared into the sky. This time Devilde didn't run to the police, they wouldn't have believed him anyway…

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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