In the 1970s, a tall, overgrown creature was seen in Louisiana. How did the alien hunt end?

In the 1970s, a tall, overgrown creature was seen in Louisiana. How did the alien hunt end?

In the 70s of the last century in Louisiana, dozens of people witnessed a chain of mysterious events. It all started in 1971. Two local girls decided to have a picnic on the riverbank. They spread out the blanket and took out the food, but they smelled some disgusting smell. It was later described as "the most horrible smell." Turning around, the girls screamed. 25-30 meters away from them, among the bushes and trees, stood a tall shaggy creature. His face was also covered with fur, and it was not possible to see him. The terrified girls, forgetting about their belongings, rushed to the car and locked themselves inside. The forest monster came up to the car and grabbed the hood.

Due to fear, the car keys were lost. The creature began to pull the car towards the river. His strength was enormous. In a panic, the girls began to honk, and this scared the monster. He ran away from the car, stopped, and turned around. At that moment, people rushed to the bedspread, where the car keys turned out to be. Grabbing them, they returned to the car and drove away, leaving their own belongings. Already in the city, the girls contacted the local police. There were traces of the creature's claws on the car, which were photographed and attached to the case. But the skepticism of local authorities prevailed. The verdict in the case was unequivocal – the girls were scared by a bear that accidentally wandered in.

An approximate type of creature according to the description of eyewitnesses.

An approximate type of creature according to the description of eyewitnesses.

It would seem that the case is exhausted. Fear has big eyes. It seemed to the frightened people that there was some kind of huge monster in front of them, although everything could be. The creature did not encounter humans for a year and a half after this incident. However, in 1972 it again reminded of itself. This time the meeting happened at one of the farms on the outskirts of the city.

The local kids were playing in the yard when a strange gurgling-hoarse sound was heard. Turning around, the children saw a large creature on a hill a little further away. He was covered with thick, curly, chestnut-colored wool. In its paws, the monster held a dog torn in half. In addition to the children, three men witnessed the incident, who watched what was happening from a house opposite the farm. The boys stared at the unfamiliar creature for a long time. From time to time, a reddish-lilac light lit up on his head. No one ever figured out if it was an eye or something else. The feeling of numbness fell off the guys and they ran home scared, where they told the adults everything. Then two families came to the police station. All participants in the process described the same creation.

The matter did not end there. The sheriff gave instructions to catch the creature. Special guards from the local population were put in place. Three days later, a woman and her daughter heard some noise in the backyard of their own house. Looking out, they saw a tall shaggy creature that was trying to break the branches of an apple tree. It responded to the screams with aggression and threw the nearest stone through the window. Fortunately, the fragments did not touch the owners of the house.

Art on the theme of a monster from Louisiana.

Art on the theme of a monster from Louisiana.

A week later, dogs and sheep were found torn in half on two farms at once. At the same time, eyewitnesses said that at night the animals screamed heart-rendingly. The horror reached such a threshold that even armed men were afraid to look out the window. Five days later, five fishermen arrived in these parts. At night, someone huge broke all the fishing rods and trampled the fire. An unbearable stench emanated from him. The fishermen were scared and, throwing their belongings, left for the city. The next morning, together with the police, they returned to the scene. There were strange three-toed footprints in the mud. Zoologists who managed to get a bunch of wool were invited. The analysis showed that it belongs to a domestic dog. Naturally, it turned out that the dog could not leave such traces and cause panic among a group of adult men.

That same night, a strange reddish glow was seen in the sky over Louisiana. Several dozen lights moved chaotically over the city, at a flight altitude of about 2.6 miles. At the same time, all generators were completely turned off, interference on radio and television was observed. A similar phenomenon has been repeated several times. Famous ufologists were heading to Louisiana to see the mysterious lights firsthand. In 1973, it all ended. No one else saw the lights, as well as the monster. By 1979, everything had settled down, and history was pretty much forgotten. In July of this year, the strange glow returned. Eyewitnesses noted that there were several times fewer lights, but interference in the operation of the equipment was still observed.

 Alien creature

In the same month, by a strange coincidence, the monster also returned. This time he carried out the attack in the schoolyard. One local guy was injured, whom the creature grabbed by the hand. The sheriff was ready to forgive the death of livestock and the broken window, but the attack on the child, which resulted in a broken arm, was the last straw of patience. Having gathered the militia, the armed men went into the forest to destroy the terrorizing monster.

Residents combed the local forests almost all night. And only in the very morning, a disgusting smell was noticed. The hunters rushed to this stench. The creature destroyed the deer and devoured it. The first men who saw the creature opened fire. One of them claimed that he got right into the reddish light on the forehead of the monster, after which the mysterious creature staggered and dissolved.

No one wanted to believe the man, but no one else had seen the monster and the strange lights since 1979. Who was this creature? One of the types of bigfoot? An alien? A time traveler? An entity from another world? There is no answer to this day. Despite the mass of eyewitnesses and observations, more and more of our contemporaries consider this story to be local folklore. However, the residents of Louisiana themselves still live with the feeling that the monster may return. Is it so? If any of the readers are from Louisiana, please comment on this case.

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