Gold and lead books of antiquity that have not yet been fully translated

Untranslated ancient books made of gold and lead.

The exact number of lost languages and civilizations throughout history is uncertain. Archaeological discoveries from around the world feature symbols that modern science cannot explain. The signs found on Easter Island are a recent example.

The prevailing belief was that the island lacked its own civilization and that its inhabitants were immigrants from the mainland. However, this long-held theory is now being challenged. In 2008, a New Zealand archaeological expedition discovered ancient megalithic structures on the island that were over 6000 years old.

Rongo-rongo tablets from Easter Island.

Rongo-rongo tablets from Easter Island.

Further research presented scientists with other artifacts. Wooden signs of Rongorongo. The age of these finds varies from 1300 BC to 200 AD. Therefore, someone lived on the island before the first official settlement. It is strange, but in the legends of local residents, there are no reports about the original owners of the island. It was considered uninhabited, and this allowed scientists to conclude that no one lived here before our era. The tablets have various signs, presumably written, the total number of characters is about 15,000 pieces. Decryption is impossible since not one of the known scripts is similar to this one. In addition, in addition to the symbols on the plates, there are no images, which additionally affects the difficulties in translation.

There were also unknown symbols on the artifacts that Padre Crespi kept. Scientists have not found out who owned not only the writing but also the finds themselves. And the collection itself has disappeared without a trace. In general, there are a lot of questions about this collection. For example, golden tablets executed so skillfully that one can suspect a high-tech origin, depict ancient Indians on elephants, mysterious texts that no one has been able to decipher, and the visit of our planet by the gods. Among the gods, you can recognize a serpentine, winged, with a skull instead of a face, and real chimeras with a lion's body and wings.

The Padre collected his artifacts from all over the world. He never engaged in excavations, and locals from various countries gave them to him as a sign of gratitude. Crespi then donated most of the artifacts to museums and private collectors, as he did not find them useful.

In the end, the entire collection, numbering more than 45,000 artifacts, sold out. And now there are only photos left of her. Interestingly, eyewitnesses claim that among the artifacts were gold and quartz books! The thinnest sheets were put on copper rings. They depicted giants and people who tried to kill each other. Can we assume that this is some kind of proof of the existence of giants and the war between them and humans? It's hard to say. For a long time, the world did not believe in the metal and stone books of scientists. One thing is tablets, and quite another is real ancient notebooks made on jewelry-thin sheets.

Golden pages with unknown symbols.

Golden pages with unknown symbols.

Recently, in 2011, archaeologists discovered a lead manuscript of Christ in a Jordanian cave. He described the life of the time of the Messiah. Moreover, the metal pages described not only the life of that era but also there was an image of Jesus himself. The age of the find is about 2 thousand years. The number of codes is 70 pieces. Each book had from 5 to 15 sheets. In addition to the well-known writing, sixteen artifacts contained an unknown language. What was written in them? Still a mystery.

 Lead books of Jordan.

Lead books of Jordan.

There are thousands of similar artifacts. They are gathering dust on the shelves because the possibility of decryption has been lost. We know only a small part of our history, and it is impossible to talk about any knowledge in this area while there are so many untranslated texts.

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