Ludwig Pallmann made friends with Race Of Aliens

Encounter with aliens at their base in South America

In the 1960s, UFO sightings and encounters with aliens, as a growing topic, were highly actual. So the famous businessman Ludwig Pallman, once said that he knew the location of the alien base in South America. In addition, he made contact with its inhabitants.

Ludwig Pallman made his first contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilization on a train going to Bombay in 1964. The stranger looked human, but his voice was different, and his hair was unnaturally shiny. The skin color was light brown, the mouth was small, and the eyes were dark. The lower jaw, it seemed. It was a little distorted. He was wearing gloves, which was obvious. after all, it was terribly hot. The unnaturalness of the voice was due to the fact that the alien was talking through a special device. Pallman was a good linguist, but he didn't dare change the English language. Ludwig noticed that the alien periodically gives some kind of healing pill to poor people. Does this selectively.

 Ludwig Pallman

In the future, Pallman again met with this alien, and even learned his name, it is unusual and sounded like Satu-Ra. A few years later, Ludwig met this alien and his family while on a business trip to South America. When Pallman was in Madras, he visited an art gallery, where he met Satu-Ra, who showed him several items in the gallery with images of the ancient gods of India on the vimanas. From Satu-Ra, he received a golden-colored ring that glowed. It was a means of communication. A day later, Satu-Ra showed his sister, who merged with the locals, dressing in their style to avoid unnecessary attention. She had a healing ointment with her, which she used to treat people in need.

Ring of Satu-Ra

In 1966, Pallman visited Lima in Peru, where he had his own business. He became seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. The situation was getting worse when suddenly, his ring lit up, and Satu-Ra's sister appeared at the hospital bed. She gave him those healing pills and Ludwig recovered.

After some time, Pallman was invited by Satu-Ra and Xiti (sister) to visit a special place outside of Huancayo near Lake Junin (this is in Peru). Ludwig saw with his own eyes how a ship with unearthly characteristics landed on the surface of the lake. The entire delegation went to this miracle of engineering. flown to the lake.

The flight was normal. I had a sense of security and relaxation. I can't say how long the flight lasted. Inside the ship itself, a clear hum could be heard, with a rhythmic pattern. Reverbations were felt when installing the flying saucer, apparently this was due to some maneuvers, or maybe external noise

Pallman told me:

During the flight, Pallman was able to learn that the aliens came from the planet ITIBII-RA2. While walking around the ship, Ludwig discovered a strange device that projected an image from their home planet directly into the flying saucer. Pallman looked curiously at their food processing equipment and other tools.

Pallman also learned that aliens are conducting experiments with vegetation on Earth.

…in order to grow new fruits and existing new plant flavors, our friends have brought with them the most interesting specimens of vegetation and they are real biological wonders. Some of these are cross-fertilized and transplanted with plants entirely different to theirs. Plants from our planet and others, are used to produce new taste sensations…

Here's what he writes in his book:

It would seem that this is another dreamer, whose goal is to come up with an interesting story and sell it in his book, if not for one thing...

UFO over Peru 1967

UFO sightings iver Peru 1967

It is during this period that the number of UFO sightings in the area of Peru increases. So, already in 1969, to be precise, on January 15, the ring suddenly lit up. Pallman realized that the ship was nearby. Satu-Ra appeared, and he came to tell the sad news. Xiti was killed in an accident. This last encounter attracted the attention of other residents, and neighbors claim to have seen the ship land. After the book was published, Pallman disappeared. and the publisher went broke.

News about UFO

P.S. The book describes a lot of interesting things about how the aliens live. And that they try to live in harmony with nature, all their developments are aimed at interacting with nature. And that there is a planet. in which the creatures have declared themselves Gods, have reached a high level of development in technical terms, but suffer greatly from cancer and can not cure it. It is reported in the cosmic commandments. But in our opinion, any such information should be subjected to a strong critical analysis. We are well aware that everyone in his book seeks to teach, this is a natural process. But if it is possible to check the fact of the presence of plates in this case, then everything retold by someone should be perceived with a certain degree of skepticism. However, the story is interesting

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