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British Air Vice-Marshal Peter Horsley and his encounter with the alien

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British Air Vice-Marshal Peter Horsley and his encounter with the alien

Sir Beresford Peter Torrington Horsley had a brilliant career in the British Air Force, greatly influenced by the Second World War. However, with this successful military man, there was one unusual case that may have changed his life. He met an alien named Janus, in an ordinary house in London.

The strange story began when Horsley learned about the Duke of Edinburgh's fascination with the complexities of the UFO mystery. According to Horsley, " he was quite interested. As always, his mind was open. He agreed that I should study the subject in my spare time; provided that I put it in perspective and did not harm the Palace of notoriety. He didn't want to see the headlines about believing in little green men."

British Air Vice-Marshal Peter Horsley and his encounter with the alien

Sir Arthur Barratt, who worked at Buckingham Palace as the gentleman Usher of the Sword of State, introduced Horsley to the mysterious "General Martin", who in turn introduced him to the" mysterious " Mrs. Markham. It is known for certain that General Martin " believed that UFOs were visitors to an alien civilization that wanted to warn us about the dangers associated with atomic war." According to Horsley, it was Markham who told him to report to a certain flat in the London borough of Chelsea on a certain evening, where he met a stranger who introduced himself only as Mr. Janus.

Horsley said of his conversation with the man: "Janus was there, sitting by the fire in a deep chair".

He asked: "What interests you about flying saucers?" We talked for hours about traveling through space and time. I do not know what he was or who he was. He didn't say that he was a visitor from another planet, but that was the impression I got. I believe he was here to watch us. I never saw him again. I have no doubt that my communication with Mr. Janus took place."

Repeating the claims of so many contactees that the brothers from outer space were concerned about our ever-growing nuclear arsenals. Timothy Good, a UFO researcher, tells of the second meeting with Peter Horsley at his home in 2000: "he said that, in addition to being disturbed by the realization that Janus was reading his mind, he was even more alarmed by the fact that this outstanding man "knew all the top-secret nuclear secrets of the UK"".

Is it possible that this strange episode was actually part of some government-funded operation designed to find out the nature of Sir Peter's character and his loyalty to the country? This particularly novel theory was undoubtedly in the minds of researchers Clarke and Roberts, who asked Horsley if he thought it possible that he had been "framed" by MI5 (the British equivalent of the FBI) to "test his vulnerability." Horsley flatly refused them.

Up until his death in 2001, Horsley's stance on the extremely strange experience was firm.

I don't care what people think - it was what happened. I would say that they came from another planet somewhere in the universe, but not in our galaxy. They are friendly, non-aggressive, and, like us, explorers .

Here's what he said:

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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