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Berkshire UFO 1969 - ufo massachusetts 1969

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Berkshire UFO 1969 - ufo Massachusetts 1969

The story that we want to tell you today has caused such a tremendous public response and the number of people involved in it is so great that it simply could not go unnoticed in the tablets of UFOlogy.

So, it all started with the fact that on the night of September 1, 1969, about 40 people in Berkshire County, Massachusetts (USA), reported seeing a flying saucer, while many others claimed to have been abducted.

The case was recently highlighted in an episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries (TV series), which looks at missing person cases, unsolved murders, and unexplained phenomena. If you haven't seen it yet and have access to Netflix, we recommend watching the episode before reading this article.

Officially recognized

The Berkshire UFO event was almost forgotten until it became relevant again in 2015 after the great Barrington historical society included the story of one of the main witnesses to the "close encounter" in its archives.

The decision to recognize the incident as the historical value was based on a large number of reports received by the local radio station (WSBS), and numerous testimonies from residents of different cities in the region: Sheffield, Great Barrington, STOCKBRIDGE and Egremont-some even passed a polygraph test with results indicating 99.1% truthfulness.


Many of the Berkshire residents were still children when the strange events occurred that night in 1969, and only a few, as adults, dared to comment on what happened to them, fearing that they would be considered crazy.

Kidnappings and lost time

According to residents of Berkshire, the object in question had the shape of a saucer, flattened from below, and performed complex aerobatic maneuvers in the air.

It is not clear how long this UFO has been chasing people, but many who have encountered it describe the phenomenon of lost time (or the Oz factor) - a common phenomenon in kidnappings, when the victim feels only a few minutes of an event that lasted for hours or Vice versa, many hours, when in fact only minutes have passed.

And the fact is that in Berkshire, not only was there a mass observation of the same flying object, but several residents said that they were inside it.

The Netflix series shows interviews with several witnesses who claim that this is what happened. The first was Jane green, who was returning with her friend Mary Degrays from STOCKBRIDGE to Great Barrington.

We were driving, I saw a lot of lights and said to a friend: "Probably some kind of accident, there should be a lot of patrol cars, look how many lights." When I arrived, it was impossible to move further, because the lights were literally blinding, I pulled over to the side of the road and noticed that the car was ahead, too"

she said

The road from STOCKBRIDGE to great Barrington. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

The road from STOCKBRIDGE to Great Barrington. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

I got out of the car with my friend. There was a huge object hanging right there, and I couldn't see where it ended, either to the right or to the left. It was huge and tall, I didn't see any Windows in it, but what's most striking is that it didn't make any noise; there was no engine sound, it just hung there.

Green told the most interesting thing

Then, according to the witness, the object rose and flew away in the direction of the mountain.

The next piece of evidence is from Tom Warner, and it's even more surprising. That night, as a small boy, he was with nanny Debbie when he suddenly went to the window, hearing a voice in his head telling him to leave the house. Telepathic orders are another common sign of kidnappings.

I ran out the door. I could feel the energy inside me, and it was the fear of telepathy that I had just experienced

Warner says.

Tom Warner. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

Tom Warner. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

But then something very strange happened. As the nanny told, the baby was as if paralyzed.

"He kept moving his legs like he was running, but he didn't move for five minutes," Debbie notes.

It was then, Warner claims, that he saw the object and a ray of light coming towards it.

When the light shone on my hands, they seemed to go numb. I felt like I had run out of air.

Warner claims

At this point, according to Debbie, the child disappeared.

The next thing Warner remembers, he was inside the ship for a while, where there were other children like him. Finally, he was returned a few steps from where he had been abducted, carefully placed on the ground by the same beam of light that had paralyzed and" delivered " him to the ship.

Tom Warner's drawing of the abduction. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

Tom Warner's drawing of the abduction. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

When I looked up, there was a ray of light above me. My brother, who was behind me, shouted at me to run away, but I couldn't do it, the light kept me on the ground. Then a telepathic voice said to me,"I'll be done in a minute." And after a minute, the light went out, and I was able to move. 

Warner said

According to the nanny, all this happened in just 7 minutes...

Next on the list is Melanie Kirchdorfer, who was 12 years old at the time. According to her, he was driving with his family, and after buying ice cream, they decided to go to the shore of Lake Mansfield.

And out of nowhere, a radiant, glowing aura appeared. My father said, " Damn!" We asked each other what it was and started shouting. My dad started chasing it while my mom tried to convince me and my sister that it was just a shooting star, but we knew it wasn't!

says Melanie.

 Melanie Kirchdorf. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

Melanie Kirchdorf. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

Immediately, after a short chase, Melanie recalls, the car began to levitate and soon found itself inside the ship.

And it is here that a meaningful and confirmatory link is established between the abductees. Warner probably remembers seeing Melanie among the children on the ship.

Melanie and Tom are at the age when they were abducted. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

Melanie and Tom are at the age when they were abducted. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

On her return, Melanie found herself alone on the lake and had to go home.

Mom instead of grandma

Another stolen UFO from Berkshire was Thomas Reed, one of the few who was not afraid to talk about his experience and, as an adult, even erected a monument to commemorate the event, which was dismantled several years ago by the municipal authorities.

A monument erected to commemorate a UFO sighting, next to the Sheffield covered bridge, has now been dismantled. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

A monument erected to commemorate a UFO sighting, next to the Sheffield covered bridge, has now been dismantled. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

According to the story of Reed, who was 9 years old at the time, he was driving with his mother, grandmother, and brother that day after they had lunch at a roadside cafe. As he recalls, they suddenly saw a huge ball of light rise out of the trees, away from the deserted road.

The light continued to grow among the trees as they passed over the Sheffield covered bridge, not knowing what was waiting for them on the other side.

We all saw it, it was like some kind of glow. It rose a little and seemed to follow the dirt road, for we could see it among the trees. When he got to the clearing, the lights flashed brightly, and the car was all lit up, as if it was day

Said Reed.

Then, a Golden glow appeared on both sides of the road... The next thing reed knew, he was in a hangar that was bigger than a football field.

Thomas reed (left) at 9 with his brother. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

Thomas reed (left) at 9 with his brother. Image: Unsolved Mysteries/Netflix

We encountered something that definitely didn't belong in this world. Back then, we had a black-and-white TV at home, but what we saw there was amazing. Inside this hangar, there were lights that looked like fluorescent lights. The walls were sloping, it wasn't like the technology of 1969 or even today, more than 50 years later.

Said Reed.

Memories of this strange place still filled his mind until reed realized that he was back in the car with his family. However, something was not quite right – his grandmother, who never drove, was in the driver's seat, and his mother was in the passenger's seat. A small oversight on the part of the kidnappers... plus, it took 3 hours, which seemed like only 15 minutes.


What conclusion can be drawn from all this? We have an incident with several witnesses who are not limited to observing a small light in the sky. The object is specifically described in the form of a saucer by eyewitnesses from several towns in the same district. Phenomena have been observed that indicate a technology capable of stopping or speeding up space-time. And in addition, there is subsequent confirmation from authorities acknowledging the scale of the incident that occurred in rural areas of the United States.

A real headache for the most stubborn skeptics, who will certainly try to attribute everything to collective hysteria-perhaps the only thing that will allow them to sleep peacefully, realizing that the human species controls everything that happens on Earth, and no one can come from outside to prove us otherwise.

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