Antarctica - restricted area

Antarctica - restricted area

It would seem that Antarctica is well studied, research is still being conducted to this day. However, is this really the case? Can you get there? Why don't they just let you in? Let's figure it out.

Antarctica - restricted area

For many centuries, people settled on the earth's surface in places suitable for living. Africa, Eurasia, America, Australia, oceanic islands. They built cities, created countries, fought among themselves, and moved further and further in search of the edge of this world.

No living person can say exactly when it all started. Why and who started it. Or maybe all this is a pure chance in the infinite, eternal, and indifferent cosmos, and people are worthless grains of sand.

All that remained were the intricate systems of chronology, the contradictory accounts in the annals and history books of the events of the past centuries, the assumptions about the divine creation and the big bang, and the fragmentary information about floods and cataclysms.

Antarctica - restricted area

But people have evolved. Someone sailed over the horizon in search of profit, someone was driven by interest and natural curiosity. But someone, as if on purpose, limited the search for people to the cold and ice. Both in the north and in the south: travelers were waiting for the harsh inhumane conditions of eternal winter.

We'll talk about the North Pole later. What was drawn there on ancient maps, and what mysterious things are happening there today. And today we will turn our eyes to the south. To where the ice wall rose to the sky. Let's talk about Antarctica.

Modern science reports that Antarctica is the highest continent on Earth, the average surface height of the continent above sea level is more than 2000 m, and in the center of the continent reaches 4000 meters. Most of this elevation is made up of the continent's permanent ice sheet.

What is mysterious about modern Antarctica? Well, it seems to be an ice continent, what's the big deal.

I would refer to the mysteries, first of all, that Antarctica is the only continent on which it is forbidden to freely sail and fly to ordinary people, tourists. Only specially selected people, scientists, and military personnel are allowed to explore Antarctica. You can't just hire a ship and sail to Antarctica.

According to the Antarctic Treaty, signed on December 1, 1959, and entered into force on June 23, 1961, Antarctica does not belong to any State. Only scientific activities are allowed. The deployment of military facilities, as well as the entry of warships and armed vessels south of the 60th degree of south latitude, is prohibited.

the Antarctic Treaty

In the 1980s, Antarctica has also declared a nuclear-free zone, which excluded the appearance of nuclear-powered ships in its waters, and nuclear power units on the mainland. Currently, 50 States (with the right to vote) and dozens of observer countries are parties to the treaty.

If you translate it into human language, then Antarctica is a forbidden zone, in which people can only appear with the special permission of the authorities holding them.

From the history of the discovery of Antarctica

One of the first people to approach Antarctica was the participants of the Portuguese expedition of 1501-1502, in which the Florentine traveler Amerigo Vespucci took part (his name, thanks to a bizarre coincidence, was later immortalized in the name of the huge continents). But the expedition could not go further than the island of South Georgia, which lies quite far from the Antarctic continent.

The cold was so intense that none of our flotilla could stand it

Vespucci testified:

In January 1773, the famous navigator James Cook came close enough to Antarctica, but when he saw the ice, he decided that further travel was impossible. An impenetrable wall of ice prevented him from going any further.

Antarctica was discovered in January 1820 by a Russian expedition led by Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, who approached it on the sloops Vostok and Mirny in the area of the modern Bellingshausen ice shelf. 

From the history of the discovery of Antarctica

The expedition ended up in "solid ice". All around was "an ice field dotted with mounds." Lazarev on his ship was in much better visibility conditions. The captain observed " mature (i.e. very powerful, solid) the ice was of extreme height, " and "extended as far as the eye could reach." This ice was part of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Alternative versions of what Antarctica is

There is an alternative version that Antarctica is an ice wall encircling the flat earth.

Alternative versions of what Antarctica is

The center of the flat earth is the North Pole, and the continents and seas are located around, bordered by the Antarctic ice wall.

The voyage of the Russian ships Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev lasted 751 days, and its length was almost 100 thousand km (the same amount will be obtained if you circumnavigate the Earth two and a quarter times along the equator). And what if they really did not circumnavigate the continent of Antarctica, but this ice wall located around the earth's surface?

What's behind that wall of ice? Or is there a dome around us that the flat earth theorists are talking about, and this dome doesn't allow us to go any further? Or are the governments of the world notified that people are not allowed to move beyond the ice wall? Maybe the Earth is really a kind of  "humanarium", and people are in quarantine (there is an ice wall around the edges, a hot thermosphere above the Ground)?

According to the conspiracy theory first proposed in the 17th century by Edmond Halley (and later refuted by all geologists), our Earth is hollow. There are several versions of this theory, but the most popular one is reminiscent of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. It says that the inner part of the Earth consists of habitable areas (some of them are inhabited by dinosaurs and other extinct animals). All versions of the theory assume the presence of a miniature sun in the center of the Earth.

Hollow earth

Many conspiracy theorists believe that there are several entrances to the hollow Earth in Antarctica, and they claim that the proof is in a long-lost diary left by the late naval officer, Admiral Richard Byrd.

The diary details Byrd's supposed encounter with an advanced civilization under the continent (specifically, under the South Pole). According to this" diary", Byrd was told to keep quiet about what he saw during his stay in Antarctica.

Admiral Byrd

Byrd organized Operation Highjump, which was a military expedition designed to establish a training and research center on the ice continent. According to this secret diary, Bird met with the leader of the ancient civilization of Agartha, who was simply called "The Master". The Master and his people were concerned about the use of nuclear weapons in World War II; they claimed that they had sent their flying machines (flying saucers?)  conduct reconnaissance. The master said that they had sent messages to all the governments of the world, but they were unwilling to listen to their warnings.

The so-called "secret diary" can be purchased on Amazon or found online for free and printed out. The general consensus is that this is an elaborate hoax, and obviously it wasn't created by Bird at all.


I may be objected to. After all, there are so many videos from Antarctica, so many videos. What secrets can there be? To which I will answer you. Have you looked at them carefully? If you look closely, you will find that it is completely impossible to determine exactly where the shooting is being done, the material is cut and mounted so that the route is also impossible to calculate. We have watched more than one or two films, and the same trend is everywhere.

You will not persuade any air flight to fly over the center of Antarctica. Aren't there too many restrictions and coincidences? It is obvious that in Antarctica we are waiting for secrets that all of humanity knows too early.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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