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Weird creatures were hiding on the farm

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Aliens on a farm in New Zealand

In 1999, an employee of a farm located near the small town of Bulls in the center of the North Island, New Zealand, got up early in the morning and at 05.10 went to take the cows out for morning milking. It was still very dark. Before going to the cows, the woman entered the barn to start a small tractor and heard extraneous sounds in the barn. She thought that some wild animal, perhaps a possum, had got into the barn.

Aliens in New Zealand

Usually, she was not afraid of such incidents, but in this case, she remembers that her hair "stood on end" and she immediately "didn't like" something about it.

About 15 minutes after that, I went to take out the cows. For some reason, I felt a huge relief that I was not alone, but with cows. While I was leading them along the path, the tractor's left headlight, the only one working, illuminated some kind of creature lying on top of wooden support for hay, which was lying next to the fence

Says the worker.:

The woman noted that in the light of the headlights the creature looked very black. And the closer she got to the support with hay and the better the light illuminated it, the thicker the blackness of the creature seemed. She noted that his body almost absorbed the light, as there was no visible shine. The shape of the creature seemed rough, not smooth. The witness immediately got the impression that it was definitely not a dog, not a cat, and not a possum.

Eyes that I will never forget. They were huge and round, like large English teacups, and reflected a bright, almost light green color. The size of the eyes was not proportional to the entire size of the creature, whose length was about 3 feet (90 cm). They looked too big for his head. We looked at each other as I drove by, sitting on a tractor. The figure didn't move, just looked, thank God...

Says the worker.:

The woman was driving a tractor behind a herd of cows and really did not want to approach this creature. She comforted herself with the fact that the cows continued to move at a brisk pace and did not show panic. However, she thought it was still very unusual that none of the cows stopped to sniff and find out if this "animal" was a potential danger, as they would have done with a farm dog or cat, but they were not scared and did not run away. She wondered if it might not be the first time cows had seen this creature.

There was nothing I could do. I led the herd further along the trail, it was just beginning to dawn. Above me, the sky was black, but closer to the horizon it lightened to dark gray. As we approached the next paddock, I noticed something in the center of it. I could make out a solid black cylindrical object. It was more in height than in width, but in the dark I could not clearly see the top or bottom of the object. It was to the right of the tractor, where the headlight was not working

She said:

The woman was amazed to see such an object in the pen. Her momentary thought was that it must be something that came from the sky, some kind of transport, but she stated that she would never have believed that transport could have such a shape.

Then I noticed movement around this object. I could distinguish flexible, "sliding" figures—tall and thin. When they moved, their spine curved inwards and outwards, while the human spine is more straight and rigid. Because their shape was soft and fuzzy, when they stopped moving, they became even fuzzier and seemed to blend in with the surrounding background. The one closest to me seemed to be doing just that-merging with a barely perceptible movement. I counted 5 or 6 of them in this place. They didn't seem to move in a hurry and looked very black against the gray shades of dawn

She said:

The woman could not make out the details of the body of these creatures - heads, limbs, or facial features - in the semi-darkness.


Again, the cows did not panic at the sight of these strange creatures. The woman was aware of the high strangeness of what was happening, but at that moment she did not feel fear. She was a very practical and down-to-earth person.

I have a job! You do your job, and I'll do mine!

She was thinking:

She had no desire to rush into a predicament with an uncertain outcome, given that she was alone. However, she admits that if the cows had reacted differently to the presence of these figures, she would have been very scared. She continued to lead the cows on the farm to the safe line of pines. Returning to the pen later, she found nothing unusual there. Ufologists from the New Zealand society Ufocus NZ asked the witness if she thought that what she saw in the hay pole could be one of the mysterious sightings of the "big cat" that appear from time to time in New Zealand (as well as in England). She was adamant that it was not a cat, but rather an unknown "creature", however, very different from the "figures" in the neighboring pen.

I have never spoken to the elderly farm owner or his wife (a religious woman) about this incident for fear of losing my job at that time. In the same way, to this day, I have never told anyone else about it for fear of ridicule. However, I brought close family members to the place where the event took place. They seemed interested, but careless about it, as I have in the past before I experienced this for myself. I still live in the same area, but on a different farm. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to "refresh" my experience


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