Alien base found on Earth: Scientists have been following UFOs flying over Antarctica for five years

Alien base found on Earth: Scientists have been tracking UFOs over Antarctica for five years

Two UFOs at once - "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP), as it is now customary to call these mysterious objects scurrying in the Earth's atmosphere - in its lower and upper layers, were discovered by the famous virtual archaeologist and UFO blogger, as he calls himself, Scott C. Waring from Taiwan. I saw them off the coast of Antarctica, looking at the pictures that were used to create the Google Earth resource. And identified the objects, so to speak. That is, I found that they are surprisingly similar to the Tic-Tac type UAP (Tic-Tac), as they were conventionally called by American pilots who chased similar objects many times, saw in kind and on radars.

The unusual name UAP was received for its resemblance to the famous candy.

The "Tic-Tac" first became known in 2017, when a video about chasing them somehow leaked onto the Internet. In 2018, the Pentagon recognized the footage as authentic. Confirmed that they were taken from the radar screen of American fighters.

The Google Earth resource allows you to determine the size of objects

The Google Earth resource allows you to determine the size of objects

In the summer of 2022, one of the "sweets" was found on Google Earth maps. She was spotted off the coast of California in front of the island of San Clemente - the southernmost of the Channel Islands.

And now two TIC-TAC—type UAPs - for some reason red in color - have landed on the water in a deserted area of Antarctica – far from any signs of civilization. The size of the "candies" is the same: about 10 meters long and about 4 meters wide. If they are alien aircraft, which, according to UFO blogger Waring, is simply obvious, then several human-sized pilots are placed in each. It is possible that they have an alien base in Antarctica.

Tic-Tac, discovered off the coast of California, in images from space

Tic-Tac, discovered off the coast of California, in images from space

MEANWHILE, NASA took up the investigation

Less than 3 months after NASA agreed for the first time in history that UFOs, that is, UAPs exist. And committed to deal with them closely.

The historical turn – the giant leap, as it is called, commemorating the step of the first man on the Moon, occurred against the background of increased interest in mysterious phenomena and after recent public hearings in the US Congress devoted to these very UAPs.

Of course, some NASA specialists dealt with the problem, as they say, on a voluntary basis and on their own initiative. And now the interest of the space agency has become official. And so, by assisting the military, and starting its own proceedings, it seems to have thoroughly taken up the case. More precisely, it plans to start on Monday (24.10. 2022).

At least NASA announced that it had attracted leading scientists and its "best" personnel, including astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent about a year in orbit and saw a lot.

NASA promises to publish the results of the investigation in a year – not to conceal anything "according to the principles of openness, transparency and scientific integration." This is reported by the Daily Mail. Let me remind you that the congressional hearings and the appearance of a special law were provoked by numerous stories of naval aviation pilots, and most importantly, sensational shots depicting strange objects "captured" by fighter radars.


The footage has been circulating on the Internet for several years, somehow mysteriously leaked there. And in the spring of 2020, the US Department of Defense has already posted these videos – three pieces - on its website and recognized them as authentic.

According to the testimony of pilots, technicians, ground radar operators and sailors who were on board the aircraft carriers, the objects reached 15-20 meters in diameter, then they flew fast, then they hovered, quickly rose to an altitude of 10 kilometers without any visible engines and jet jets, changed their trajectory with accelerations from 100 to 1000 g, which is absolutely impossible for human pilots if people like us were piloting these objects.

Sometimes objects were hidden under water. From under the water and surfaced without any air turbulence, impacts that usually accompany aircraft that overcome

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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