On the management of the memory of people abducted by extraterrestrials

About memory management for alien abductees

One of the most widespread phenomena of modern ufology is the phenomenon of abduction of people by some aliens, to identify them unambiguously as "extraterrestrial beings" would be wrong.  In fact, we do not know where these extraterrestrials come from in our world: from other planets, from parallel worlds, underground cavities of our Earth, or they are time travelers. And to be based only on the information that these aliens give to the abductees would be fundamentally wrong, since we do not even know for what purpose they actually kidnap people, conducting their sometimes extremely painful experiments.

A characteristic feature of all these abductions is the fact of "erasing the memory" of the victims of these abductions. It can be difficult to restore this memory even with the help of special hypnosis techniques, and sometimes it is simply impossible. Here is what the famous Russian ufologist V. Azhazh writes about this phenomenon in his book "Caution: Flying saucers!"

Quote from the ufologist's book

"The cause of memory loss, according to some ufologists, may, apparently, be the impact of aliens on a person. Ufologists have collected a lot of data that gray, bluish, and greenish creatures with UFOs use methods of forced training of androids, hybrids, and sometimes abducted people in their laboratories.  In this case, information data is fed directly to the brain, the so-called intra- and intracerebral control are carried out. The program embedded in the brain may be accompanied by a partial or complete replacement of the original one.  Moreover, it may be blocked for some time until a certain sound or light signal is received. Then a person will get up and, without thinking what he is doing, will execute any program that is deliberately embedded in his brain, that is, a sequence of actions. The control can be carried out remotely, with the help of implants implanted into the body (including the brain).

the abduction of an Earthling

It is also possible that by erasing the memory of the abduction of an Earthling and the details of this contact, the aliens may overdo it (willingly or unwittingly) and erase the memory completely. Or almost completely. After all, it often turns out that a person is periodically stolen throughout his life, and he does not know anything about it for years and decades.

And only by special techniques (most often under hypnosis), it is possible to restore memories of what was actually on board the UFO and what was done to the person there. In this case, the cases of detection of a person in a completely different city from where he lives become explicable. And even the story of the German Peter for ufologists is not so surprising: he was abducted by Germany, and landed in Russia, in Kamyshin. Maybe it was just by accident, in the heat of the moment. Or maybe the aliens don't care what happens to the person they have already used for some purpose.

The story of Katarina Rebecca Anderson is also known.  This woman appeared in the US state of Idaho in 1996.  It turned out that she was born a century and a half ago, in 1842, went missing in 1880, when she was 38 years old (she worked as a schoolteacher).  Ufologists investigating this case had to believe that Katarina had spent 116 years on some unknown planet, although she had not aged at all during this time. When she returned to Earth, she could not understand where she was and what was happening around her, but when she came to her senses from surprise, she told how in 1880, small creatures similar to children entered her house and were airlifted to a round metal room (apparently into a UFO cabin). On an alien planet, shrouded in a stinking fog, she was subjected to grueling medical experiments. On the woman's forehead is some kind of metal device, which cannot be removed, it grows through the skull and is tightly "welded" to the brain.

For more than a century that has passed since the abduction of this unfortunate, the methods of the aliens, presumably, have changed, so now there is no need to "weld" anything to the brain, the "programmed" person looks no different from the others. In fact, he can become a completely different person. Unless, of course, he is given another program. But he may well turn out to be a kind of clean face on which you can re-write anything...

Alien abduction

In ancient Greece, the goddess of memory Mnemosyne was revered.  So, they understood how important it is to preserve not only a sound mind but also a solid memory for the rest of your life. This was taken care of by Mnemosyne, the mother of the nine Muses, the daughter of Uranus (this is the god of heaven, the father of the Titans), and Gaia (the goddess of the Earth).  And attempts to interfere in the providence of God have never led to good.  So, you must agree, depriving a person of memory is, in any case, a godless thing."


Thus, it can be concluded that mass abductions of people are by no means the result of the activities of certain "alien civilizations", but creatures of demonic nature that can inhabit both parallel worlds and huge cavities of our planet located at a depth of 16 km and having a cellular nature. Some of these cavities are the size of the state of Texas and are interconnected by artificial tunnels. In favor of such a version, the facts of kidnapping, which took place long before the 1940s, when the "alien" version began to unwind with might and main.

The "grays" and some other creatures actively involved in abductions of people may be artificially bred biorobots of a reptilian race hostile to humanity. The activity of mankind may also be controlled by genetically bred hybrids, whose genetic lines over the centuries could have penetrated all the ruling dynasties and created banking clans.  This is the very parasitic world "elite". The essence of all these numerous abductions will help us to reveal the phrase mentioned by V. Azhazha:

In their laboratories, gray, bluish and greenish creatures with UFOs use methods of forced training of androids, hybrids, and sometimes abducted people


That is the reason for this phenomenon: the creation of ideal servants and slaves of the reptilian race - biorobots-hybrids, and possibly cyborg androids. It is no coincidence that the idea of cyborgization and chipization of humanity is actively "promoted" by transhumanists, who may not even suspect the ultimate goal of their masters.

The only thing that scares me in this situation is that many people do not even try to realize what is happening. Regardless of the real goals of the aliens, whose true intentions we can only assume, people are busy with their work, secondary things, and do not understand that understanding what is happening around them will help ensure the future of your children. To deny the UFO phenomenon is great stupidity, and maybe cowardice. The fear of recognizing obvious facts is a big problem of humanity, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Do you still want to be guinea pigs? There is always a choice.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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