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A non-obvious lie. What the strange fires of the 19th century hide.

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A non-obvious lie. What the strange fires of the 19th-century hide

Surely many of you have heard about the wave of fires that swept the planet in the late 19th and early twentieth centuries? The last millennium, quite shallow antiquity. It is important. Well, who does not know - it does not matter. Now I will explain what it is about. It's simple. In the second half of this most mysterious 19th century, a number of fires occurred in large cities on several continents of the planet at once. Very similar to each other.

What the strange fires of the 19th-century hide

To be precise, there are also a lot of earthquakes with tsunamis and a hundred comets with meteorites... In a word, a fun time! I'm even afraid to give lists - perhaps I would have to limit myself to this. They are very extensive. Believe me! For some reason, North America was most unlucky. Although perhaps, everything is simpler - there is more information on this subject in the New World. But this is an option. However, see for yourself:

List of fires

It is problematic to give even a brief description of these disasters since it is difficult to list them. Therefore, consider the worst fire of 1871 in Chicago. Moreover, all of them, as I have already said, is quite typical. Hmm ... typical... a very appropriate word. Because here, with good reason, we can talk not only about the fires but also about the cities themselves, through which they walked. Here's a look, it's interesting.

Here is a photo of the city of the 19th century

Here is a photo of the city of the 19th century

And this city was built on what continent?

And this city was built on what continent?

What country is this?

The first photo is China! The second is South Africa and the third... Chile... Let's add here, for example, such an exotic country as Indonesia:


I think that's enough. Do you need to submit photos of European and Russian cities at the designated time? Surely you know as well as I do that they are of the same type... According to the architectural style. Which is now commonly called EUROPEAN. It is logical to assume that they were built by representatives of the same school or the same race. And, perhaps, the same specialists.

It is no less logical to imagine that they also lived in them! These are the same Europid (Caucasians)... Those who are now called Arias? Yes, most likely! Well, since they built it, it's probably for themselves. But back to the fires. Or rather, to the most famous of them, the Chicago one. Because in Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco, everything happened like a carbon copy...

And even they tried to extinguish them in the same strange way with dynamite! It's a little wild, but it's written in American documents. But the causes of fires are individual. It's funny with the Chicago epicenter of the fire in general. Do you know who was appointed the last one there? You'll never guess! According to the official version, the city was burned... a cow! A stupid animal overturned a kerosene lamp in a stable with its hoof, well, that's all in fact-goodbye to your beloved city! I mean, Chicago! It happened late in the evening on October 8, 1871, at the farm of the Oleary couple. It seems that even the firefighters arrived on time, but... Suddenly, a storm wind rose, and a fiery wave rolled through all the surrounding buildings to the center of the city. For some reason, a directional strip.

Fire in  Chicago

This is what the disaster looked like in the eyes of eyewitnesses. the image is taken from open sources.

"The flame covered the building from one side, and after a couple of minutes, it was already visible from the opposite side. Inside the building, a fire vortex began, the fire was irresistibly drawn up. Powerful eddy currents easily grabbed bulkheads, walls, reached the roofs, and were transferred to neighboring buildings, and the whole situation was repeated.
The spread of the fire was facilitated by burning ash rising into the night sky, which was carried away by the wind and fell on the roofs of other buildings. The residents who had fled from the fire gathered on the shore of the lake, presented a terrible and at the same time majestic sight. The red, orange, blue, and green flames are rushing over the city... In some places, explosions were heard and sheaves of sparks flew up into the sky, the wild neighing of horses that had not been released into the wild was heard."

This is a literal description of the professional journalists of the Chicago Tribune who managed to survive the fire. Scary, of course. And at first glance, there is no mysticism! No, really: dense buildings, wooden houses, stables with hay... A sudden squally wind rose... But this is at first glance. And now about the oddities. As already noted, the fire passed through a flat strip one kilometer wide and six kilometers long (as in a ruler) and destroyed EVERYTHING in its path. Specifically, 17,500 buildings were burned down. Almost a third of the city. At the same time, not only wooden buildings were destroyed, but also all stone buildings in the path of the fire. And if the death of some of them can be explained by the presence of wooden floors in them, then the destruction, for example, of the First National Bank, built exclusively of stone, glass, and iron is surprising. As well as the opera house. Eyewitnesses very colorfully describe the marble melting in the flame (!!!) and the current metal.

But that's not all (although it already raises a lot of questions about the nature of the fire), but the fact that the refractory cast-iron safes were melted in the bank building... This is absolutely out of the question! You know, I was lucky enough to see a similar safe made at the specified time (the marking was stamped on it) in one of the banks. It is still used for its intended purpose. So, I will tell you - the picture is impressive. Such a monster is still to be found! What kind of fire can destroy it, I personally absolutely do not understand. Unless it is thrown into the blast furnace entirely... But on a late October evening in 1871 in Chicago, no one touched the safes, as you understand, from the place. It wasn't up to that... However, they melted. 

Photos of Chicago newspapers after the fire

Photos of Chicago newspapers after the fire

Most information on this issue was collected by a young (at that time) American scientist V. Chamberlain. It will be right to use it. It's funny that Chamberlain initially set himself completely different tasks. He just wanted to establish a connection between atmospheric phenomena and forest fires on the continent. And I was amazed to find such a connection, but not with the forest fires, but with the Chicago one! The conclusion made by him is unambiguous - at the time of the fire, the inexplicable was happening in the sky over the city - the fire came from there. Here are the messages he found in the Chicago Archives:

"It seemed that the sky itself was burning,". " As on Sodom and Gomorrah, the fire fell like rain. Like firebrands flying from a fire, fiery stones fell on people on foot, on horses and in carts trying to escape from the chaos.".

Indirect confirmations of the researcher's conclusions are the words of the chief brand major of the city of Medill:

When we received the first report that one of the houses was on fire, almost immediately the news came about a fire that started in the church of St. Paul, located two miles from the site of the first fire. Then the alarm signals began to come from different parts of the city, so we didn't know where to rush to. It is absolutely unthinkable that all these numerous fires started from one cow stall. No flying fire could be so fast. Besides, it was a WINDLESS day

Here's what he said:

Wait, so what was the day of October 8, 1871, in Chicago? Windless or with a squally wind?! Probably, the main firefighter of the city still knows better... I am inclined to the justice of his opinion. There are many strange and incomprehensible things in the descriptions of the consequences of the tragedy. I will not list it - the format does not allow it. And I will not torment you. As a result, Chamberlain and his followers blamed everything on the comet Biela, which strangely "lost" its double tail near the Earth. According to astronomical observations, the fact of the tail falling off really took place. A lot of things fit into this version with a meteor shower. And fused metal structures, and gassed (?) corpses of people and animals scattered in the district and a directional band of fire in the city. Plus, similar fires occurred simultaneously not only in Chicago. Many things, but not all.

Meteor shower.

Even a not very meticulous observer will pay attention to some oddities in the photos of the destroyed Chicago. Take a look, it's interesting:

I am the only one who does not understand HOW, a few meters from a building completely destroyed by fire, not only the trees survived, but even the Foliage on them? Is this even possible?

I am the only one who does not understand HOW, a few meters from a building completely destroyed by fire, not only the trees survived, but even the Foliage on them? Is this even possible?

It's true that there are no leaves here... But it is also unclear.

It's true that there are no leaves here... But it is also unclear.

And here's another one...

It is very interesting to see the walls burned DIAGONALLY, as if they were cut off and bricks scattered around...


It is very interesting to see the walls burned DIAGONALLY as if they were cut off and bricks scattered around...

So, as I said, where is the soot on the surviving walls? Maybe in the 18th century, fire left traces in a different way than now? Or was it burning hotter? No, really. Now, for example, burned buildings look something like this:

The image is taken from open sources.

And here is a photo of Hiroshima

There are no associations with the top two photos? However, there are not enough trees. The image is taken from open sources.

There are no associations with the top two photos? However, there are not enough trees. The image is taken from open sources.

And believe me, it's like this everywhere. I don't know how similar the consequences of the disaster are to the impact of meteorites... I suppose not very much. But the use of modern nuclear weapons also does not quite fit into the picture of what happened. Unless it is worth remembering the legends of the Mahabharata, about a CONTROLLED nuclear explosion. It is quite specifically stated there. They say that only those who were trained to collapse the destructive waves at the right moment were allowed to use weapons. Well, so as not to mess up too much... And now an illustration from an American magazine of that time. And you know, this is not some kind of yellow press designed for fans of science fiction, but quite a serious periodical.

Or Fake news from two hundred years ago?

Or Fake news from two hundred years ago?

Well, let's briefly recall the main points of the fire. A scorched flat six-kilometer strip with a width of one kilometer. A fire doesn't spread like that. I don't think that meteorites can fall from the sky so disciplined... Molten marble columns and special cast-iron safes. Fire-fighting, mind you! That is, created specifically to protect the content from these very fires... However, not only could they not protect the contents, but they themselves turned into melted cakes! Yes, there is also an almost simultaneous fire along the entire length of this six-kilometer strip. According to the Chicago brand major.

And a large number of corpses of people and animals WITHOUT signs of external damage. Whose death, without further ado, was attributed to toxic meteorite gases. Or were they not gases after all? Now it is difficult to say the examination was not carried out... Nevertheless, according to the official version, the harmless cow O Neely remained the designated cause of the fire. Well, what can I say? Such a nasty little cow got caught...

The cities are of the same type, the inhabitants, apparently, too, the fires are the same... And one last thing. How these cities were restored! This story is perhaps even more strange than the fires. But that's another story... Although no less interesting and mysterious!

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