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White spheres are not defects of images-the professor-physicist considers

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White spheres are not defects of images-the professor-physicist considers

The topic of dolmens and the strange phenomena surrounding them in the form of UFOs in the United States and Europe is poorly disclosed. Today I will fill in this gap and tell you about the amazing UFOs around these objects. 

What are dolmens? These are, first of all, historical religious monuments that are thousands of years old. Some claim that these are tombs, others see them as druidic altars and structures for astronomical observations. They belong to the megaliths, as they are made of stone slabs. The methods of their construction are the same in every place on Earth. Some of the materials we will take from the book  "N. A. Kotlovoy. Book 10. Megaliths. Part 1. Dolmens". 

Photos of dolmens from the book by N. A. Koltovoy.

Photos of dolmens and UFO from the book by N. A. Koltov. Source: <url>

Those who have been to the dolmens know, when visiting them, often drew attention to some strange phenomena. For example, subjective feelings of some kind of mental impact, both positive and negative properties. And often they had problems with photo and video equipment, sometimes lighting in photos. Here are the real photos obtained from the dolmens by various researchers, which I will present to you below.

UFOs over dolmens

A picture of a dolmen in the area of Pshada (Russia).

And now I will briefly describe what is written in the book by N. A. Koltovoy.

In dolmens, mysterious glows are often observed, which are integral companions of many megalithic, underground structures and temples located in places of power. There are different types of effects:

  1. black smoke,
  2. bright balls,
  3. 3) white transparent ghosts

Here is on expense black smoke, I have read at all in the first time. Therefore, I do not know if such a phenomenon actually exists. Have any of you ever seen anything like this?

UFO over dolmens photo

But there is evidence of such a phenomenon, recorded by another scientist-Professor of the Department of General Physics of the SF SFFU S. A. Gerasimov, who said that he caught one black swirling ball with the help of special equipment. In appearance, it is a gaseous lumpy substance. And it was like this. We filmed the dolmen with a video camera. Suddenly, a black cloud appeared from somewhere, either steam or smoke. It swirled forward, then swerved to the side. After flying around half of the dolmen, it disappeared. That was recorded by the camera was also observed by the scientist visually.

It was to study such phenomena that a small expedition was assembled in Rostov-on-Don in 2011. The expedition included S. A. Gerasimov, L. Akopova (employees of the Southern Federal University), and several other researchers. For the study, they used three types of equipment: digital video cameras, sound recording equipment, and equipment for recording electrical disturbances.

UFO near dolmen

At the Hadjoh-1 dolmen, electromagnetic radiation was measured for two weeks, motion sensors and other equipment were installed. The members of the expedition also filmed other dolmens on video and DVD cameras for 1-2 hours a day. There they saw two strange phenomena that were filmed and photographed.

UFO near dolmen

Video equipment recorded the appearance of small, walnut-sized, white clumps, balls. The possibility of marriage was excluded: images of these small spheres are available on hundreds of frames. In addition, the blobs were moving! And very strange - they returned exactly to the place from where they left. Moreover, the flights were accompanied by noise at the level of several tens of kilohertz, which the human ear almost does not hear.

UFO sightings

Scientists have recorded this phenomenon on special equipment. What does the sound look like? This is something like the flick of a switch. The moment they appeared, an electrical signal was generated. But what this phenomenon is, is still completely unclear.

UFO sightings dolmens

The second anomaly is something like creatures that glow with an unnaturally bright blue light, vaguely resembling snakes, periodically flying at great speed near the dolmens. They, like black smoke, appear as if from the air and as if they dissolve in the air.

UFO near dolmen

In the end, I collected a lot of different evidence. Some people also see black and white flying spheres around the dolmens, while others have observed ghosts - some kind of blurred entity or some living creature unusual for an earthling. For example, similar phenomena in the dolmens in the Vozrozdeniye, near the river Jane, even called the ghosts of Jane river. But I still tend to believe that around the dolmens, in them themselves, there are some atmospheric phenomena that are still unknown to science.

Let's say what I caught is a plasma clot. Something like a fireball. Although again: what is this lightning-the question. As the Nobel laureate P. Kapitsa wrote: "Ball lightning is a mystery that turned out to be too much for me."

And since then, nothing has changed in the understanding of this phenomenon... There is another striking and hardly accidental fact: it has already been established that almost all dolmens are located in places of geological faults in the earth's crust. Apparently (I am a supporter of this theory), in these places from time immemorial there are some unknown phenomena, the release of some substances into the atmosphere. And the ancients with the help of dolmens tried to control these emissions, from time to time they locked them in dolmens

Gerasimov, a physicist with experience, says:

So why did I refer to this article as a UFO? UFOs are not just flying saucers and triangles. Many of you, studying the reports, probably saw more than once flying spheres next to other objects. What are these unidentified objects and what is their mission? It remains a question. For us, as researchers, it is important to understand that dolmens are referred to as tombs by historians, and as you know, historians primarily try to attribute any box to tombs or places of worship. But no one wants to look at it through the lens of a technical device. What if this is the key, the place that can explain the appearance of luminous objects. Studying this question would help to put an end to the dispute about the luminous spheres, and give a clear explanation of whether they are related to UFOs, an ancient civilization, or whether they are entities that live in parallel with us.

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