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Where did the aliens disappear from the UFO that crashed near Zhigansky

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Where did the aliens disappear from the UFO that crashed near Zhigansk (Russia)?

In 1978, a UFO crashed in the foothills of the Verkhoyansky ridge, near the Yakut village of Zhigansk. KGB officer Andrei Petrov visited the crash site, who later, in the late 1990s, told the public about the mysterious disaster.

According to Petrov, an unidentified flying object crashed on the territory of the Yakut ASSR on February 17, 1978, at 22 o'clock local time. The "saucer" crashed fifty kilometers from Zhigansk, on the right bank of the Lena, near the Begijyan River. When people arrived at the collapsed object, they saw a shiny 6-meter disk in front of them.

Local residents who watched the UFO fall said that before the incident, an air battle was observed in the sky. That is, the UFO was shot down by other UFOs. Petrov himself was not directly at the crash site and saw the "saucer" only from afar. There was no desire to come closer because people felt bad next to the object.

Flying Saucer

It is known that Soviet specialists were able to get inside the alien ship, and found two dead aliens there. The one-and-a-half-meter anthropomorphic creatures were taken to the closed city of Tomsk-7 together with the" saucer", where they were studied in secret underground laboratories. Then the alien ship was transported to the Institute of High Energy Physics in Protvino. The USSR planned to repair the ship, but all attempts to lift it into the air failed.

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