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What do shamans and UFOs have in common?

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What do shamans and UFOs have in common?

The reader is offered an abstract of the book "Fingerprints of the God" by Graham Hancock. The author of the book, a world-famous historian and archaeologist, draws clear parallels between various types of ASCs (altered states of consciousness), shamanic traditions of peoples around the world from many eras (from rock paintings to today's "fairy tales and legends"), as well as stories told by people in regressive hypnosis about alien abductions. Some assumptions about the history of the human race may sound infantile, given the available esoteric knowledge and channeling, but the work itself is huge and deserves the greatest respect.

Just 50,000 years ago, people had no art, no religion, no pronounced ability to abstract thinking. However, as a result of a sudden turn of evolution, which, according to scientists, became the greatest milestone in the history of mankind, people suddenly acquired all the basic qualities and abilities that are still characteristic of them. In his new book, the famous researcher of the extraordinary Graham Hancock studies in detail this mysterious phenomenon, which actually divided the entire history of mankind into two parts. In the course of his" intellectual investigation", he tried to establish the true nature of those forces that formed the image of modern man. In search of answers, Hancock studied many religious rituals and cults, and managed to prove that they are all based on similar images and visions.

The facts collected and systematized by the author are arranged in a clear, scientifically verified logical chain, indicating that such hallucinations can be nothing more than the perception of other worlds and dimensions are hidden from us.

The first section can be called "Cave and rock art".

The oldest evidence of symbolism appeared in South Africa 110-90 thousand years ago. Objects of no practical value were found, with patterns applied. The earliest sample of jewelry is 75 thousand years old. Very ancient examples of rock art (geometric patterns) have also been discovered in Australia. Some of these drawings were created 40 thousand years ago, the age of others is estimated at 75 thousand years. The gradual acquisition of symbolic thinking in the period between 100 and 40 thousand years ago - according to the author-radically changed the fate of mankind. Thus, Homo sapiens existed outside the framework of cultural development for almost 150 thousand years.

The oldest cave paintings were discovered in the Fumane cave in northern Italy. They were found in a layer of sedimentary rocks, the age of which is from 32 to 36.5 thousand years. The drawings from the Chauvet cave in the south of France are from 30 to 32.5 thousand years old. The oldest art of South Africa is from 25 to 27 thousand years old. A cave painting in Europe continued until about the 15th-millennium mark. The rock art of South Africa has continued up to the present day. And the fact that there are still living witnesses of this tradition has allowed us to decipher the drawings, to understand their meaning.

the Chauvet cave

The author shows that in the painting of Europe and South Africa there is a clearly expressed commonality of the main subjects. Although, in my opinion, the painting of Europe is inspired creativity, really strong paintings. And the painting of Africa is graffiti, not in the best performance. Nevertheless, there is indeed a commonality of plots. The author highlights the following points:

  1. The presence of therianthropes - people who are able to transform into animals, carry mixed signs of humans and animals.
  2. People are sometimes pierced by arrows, spears, etc. Very often this happens at the moment when they begin to turn into animals.
  3. Animals can transform into other animals, or represent a mixture of two or more species (Chimeras).
  4. There are animals of bizarre appearance and just real monsters.
  5. There are geometric patterns everywhere. And so on.

The second section: Altered states of consciousness( ASC), hallucinogens, Shamans.

The author examines in detail his experience of taking hallucinogens. He describes various rituals ("mitots" are more familiar to us) different peoples of South America and Africa. Gives a list of visions that occur when taking hallucinogens.

It turns out that in South America, various kinds of mitotes are something like an alternative culture. They are visited by very wide segments of the population. In Africa, the situation is similar.

Next, the author considers the concept of a Shaman. This concept sounds different in different cultures, but it has a similar meaning everywhere. In fact, a Shaman is a guide to the worlds that open in the ASC, as well as a healer, a defender from harmful creatures (including people), as well as a person who owns the Elements. The author examines and describes the experience of shamans of different cultures and peoples. The author shows by detailed and numerous examples that the hallucinogenic experience, the experience of the ASC, and the experience of shamans are similar in their main manifestations and in many details. Moreover, only on the basis of this experience can the cave and rock art of antiquity be explained. All the basic, basic elements of the ASC, shamanic practice in one form or another can be seen in cave drawings.


The third section is UFOs.

Then the plot of the book turns in an unexpected direction. The author begins to consider modern evidence related to UFOs. It turns out that most of this evidence is related to the "abduction" of people by aliens. The most extensive literature on this topic is located in the United States, on the territory of which most of the "abductions" took place.

American psychologists have conducted fundamental work on the study of this phenomenon and came to the conclusion that people who talk about UFO encounters:

1. believe in what they are telling;

2. these people do not suffer from any mental disorders.

I.e., these people are completely normal except for meetings with aliens. All these people do not have any deviations in the psyche, any inappropriate behavior.

Since all the "contactees" are normal and adequate, most of them have never told anyone about meetings with UFOs, understanding what the reaction of others will be. And in order to get objective data, American psychologists did a great job, a mass survey of the population, which outwardly looked completely harmless. But in this harmless survey, insidious psychologists included special questions to which a person who met a UFO necessarily reacted in a certain way. Further, people with a" positive " reaction were subjected to an additional examination during which (usually under hypnosis) contacts of these people with UFOs were discovered.

The figure that resulted from this fundamental work shocked psychologists. It turned out that in one form or another, 2% of the US population came into contact with UFOs. Every fiftieth.

Next, the author compares the main moments of UFO encounters and hallucinogenic experiences. And it turns out that these two seemingly incomparable phenomena are identical in their essence. If we translate the technological images of "contactees" into the language of Shamans, we will get a completely identical experience. Even the description of "aliens" - small creatures with triangular faces and huge eyes-is identical. The author of the book describes his experience of taking hallucinogens and says that in his visions he also observed similar creatures.

The fifth section: Clinical studies.

The author describes various hallucinogens, as well as hallucinogenic mixtures that are used by a variety of people. The book is not a guide to taking hallucinogens, but it provides fairly complete information on this issue.

The author himself went through the experience of taking hallucinogens. He writes that he did this in order to feel everything that he describes in the book from his personal experience. Otherwise, he did not consider himself entitled to write about what he himself has no idea about. Although the author says that every time he experienced a strong fear of each such experience. The author believes that a person exposes himself to great danger by entering these worlds. As for UFOs, the author does not believe in "aliens", and abductions in the "physical sense". And clinical studies conducted in the United States have confirmed this.

Among other substances that make up hallucinogens, the author identifies a substance called "dimethyltryptamine", or DMT. Studies have shown that this substance is a powerful hallucinogen, and at the same time, DMT is produced by the human brain, i.e. it is a normal product of the metabolism of the human central nervous system. If the human body produces an increased amount of DMT, this leads to the fact that such people from time to time spontaneously enter the ASC. As mentioned above, such people make up about 2% of the world's population. For all other people, the entrance to A is open through taking hallucinogens, through concentration, or other practices.

In the 90s of the twentieth century, psychiatrist Rick Strassman from the University of New Mexico conducted a series of experiments with dimethyltryptamine. He administered DMT to volunteers and observed their subsequent condition. The reaction of most patients was similar to those of people who met with UFOs.

So, the sixth part is the main stories that arise in the ASC.

  1. At the first stage of visions, "entoptic patterns" usually occur. These patterns are very stable and have a supra-cultural manifestation. These patterns have appeared in the minds of people who have entered a trance throughout the history of mankind. Entoptic patterns are represented in cave and rock paintings of antiquity, on medieval engravings, in drawings of modern people who are members of the ASC. These patterns are conventionally grouped into several groups (based on the similarity of features). But the patterns themselves do not depend on either ethnicity, or on the cultural level of a person, or on the method of entering the ASC.
  2. Entoptic patterns usually turn into full-fledged visions, which are divided into several main plots. In one of the plots, a person meets various animals, therianthropes, chimeras in the Worlds of the ASC. Very often there are owls, snakes, climbing vines. All meetings mean something. A person feels this, but most often, is not able to express it.
  3. The second plot is a mechanistic world. People usually perceive the creatures present in this world as robots. A person enters this world, and the mechanistic environment immediately switches from "standby mode" to activity. People are trying to tell a huge amount of information to a person, but a person usually does not understand this information. This manifests itself as a lack of understanding of the language of these creatures. Such worlds of" operating shells " have several configurations, not only mechanistic, and the inhabitants of this world always try to squeeze some knowledge into a person who has fallen into an "operating shell", which usually takes many years to understand.
  4. The third plot is somewhat reminiscent of a circus. It's like being at a circus performance. He is surrounded by creatures (usually short), which are most similar to clowns.
  5. The fourth plot is a UFO. A person is either lifted onto a UFO by a light beam (or thread), or a person falls into some kind of cave, usually through a dark whirlpool. In shamanic visions, there are also such ascents along the light beam or dips. And, although shamans interpret it completely differently, in their stories there are also "glowing platforms", "glowing houses floating in the air", "crystal caves", etc.
  6. The fifth plot is a meeting with mysterious creatures (fairies, elves, dwarves, etc.), who very often perform some kind of dance, usually circular. These creatures are most often hostile to humans.
  7. The sixth plot should be highlighted. It is present in all plots, as a kind of end-to-end storyline; although it does not occur in all people who have entered the ASC. In this story, people who have fallen into the Worlds of the ASC are subjected to certain manipulations, experiments, operations against their will. These operations are carried out by beings inhabiting the Worlds of the ASC. People are subjected to extremely painful, and sometimes simply monstrous procedures. They drive needles into various parts of the body (in rock art, this corresponds to the plot of "wounded people", which is present everywhere). Various organs are torn out from people (and all this is accompanied by adequate pain); sometimes people simply peel the meat from the bones. People are implanted inside some incomprehensible objects, crystals, etc. This plot is present both in the "stolen UFOs" and in shamanic practice. Moreover, shamans receive their superpowers precisely after such terrible operations - as a result of these operations. All these operations are "virtual", that is, there are almost no traces of exposure on the body of people. But the pain and suffering are completely real. Shamans know that the act of initiation into shamans is deadly, and these are not empty words. The author of the book describes a case in one of the African tribes that occurred in his presence when a person undergoing initiation could not stand virtual manipulations and died. Moreover, the shamans conducting the ceremony treated this as an ordinary event.
  8. The seventh plot should also be highlighted since it expresses a certain essence, gives an answer to the question: why do beings from the Worlds of the ISS go to contact people. The answer is both banal and creepy. Beings from the Worlds of the ISS offer (or force) people who have fallen into these Worlds to enter into a sexual relationship with them. For shamans, this is just a mandatory element: the presence of a virtual husband or a virtual wife. The beings inhabiting the Worlds of the ISS put the question very clearly and harshly: you are sex for us, we are knowledge and strength for you. But this is for shamans. And for ordinary mortals who do not have the strength to become shamans - such a choice is not even offered. They are simply forced to have a sexual relationship. Children are born from this connection. Most often they look ugly and are not viable. But sometimes there are viable offspring. And then people are abducted (UFOs, fairies, elves, etc.) in order to take care of such children, in order to feed them. From the descriptions, there is an unambiguous impression that these hybrids need human energy to "incarnate". There is evidence that abducted people are used to drain the life force from them, with very different consequences for the abducted.
  9. There is another iconic story. In this story, creatures from the Worlds of the ISS perform some manipulations with the genotype of people. People invariably feel that something is invading their heredity. Sometimes they see the DNA itself in the form of intricately intertwined snakes or vines. However, as for DNA, there is another meaning here, not so terrible. The author of the book considers the theory according to which, " DNA, which is a fundamental mechanism for the reproduction of all forms of life on Earth, contains a reasonable entity (or is controlled by this entity). Moreover, the information flowing from this reasonable source, under certain conditions, can be available to our consciousness." I.e., DNA contains information of a global, cosmic nature.

Do you understand now why the special services were so interested in psychotropic technologies? They just didn't have enough communication! )

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