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Were there three Moons above the Earth in ancient times, and where did they go?

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Were there three Moons above the Earth in ancient times, and where did they go?

The gravediggers were lucky this time. After digging a small hole in the rocky ground, they came across several very ancient objects: a pair of swords, five bracelets that dated back to the Bronze Age, and a round plate. The find was not just ancient, but also amazing. It happened on the banks of the Unstrut River, a little northwest of Naumburg, near the town of Nebra, in Germany, in the late 1990s.

The find, made of bronze, was a circle with a diameter of 32 cm, and its thickness was 2 mm. What is depicted in this artifact? The sun occupies almost the central place, a few stars that immediately seem to be located randomly. In addition to the sun and stars, the find depicts three objects that resemble a crescent moon. Two objects were depicted on the side, to the right of the Sun, and one resembling a boat - at the bottom of the image. All objects were made of gold and were attached by superimposing on a bronze disk.

3 moons

The grave diggers wanted to sell this disc more expensive, but according to German law, the finds are the property of the state. The disk repeatedly changed hands until 2001, when the incredible find was in legal possession. The exact age of this product could not be determined. Therefore, it was attributed to the same period to which the items found with it were attributed. Their age was determined to be about 18,000 years old. So what is this find, and what is its true value? No, neither bronze, nor gold, nor the age of the product is the main value of the artifact. The main thing is what is depicted on it. And it depicts celestial bodies: the sun, stars, and even constellations.

Bronze disk conspiracy

We can see images of the Pleiades, the Belt of Orion, Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, Andromeda, as well as several stars, including the North Star. There is no doubt that the image of the sickles hints to us about the Moons, which are not one, but three!

In the place where the discovery was made, scientists - archaeologists began to make excavations. In the vicinity of the village of Gosek in the district of Weissenfels, they unearthed a huge prehistoric solar observatory with a diameter of 75 meters, which, as it was established, appeared here more than 7,000 years ago. This discovery was even older than the Egyptian pyramids!

It seems that the star map of the sky, plotted on a disk-shaped plate and the observatory can be interconnected with each other. His research continues, and so far there are no definitive conclusions about what exactly you need to understand when looking at this disk, and how to use it. The Nebra disc is currently housed in the Museum of Primitive Society History in Halle.

What else is known about the three Moons? In what sources are they mentioned? When and how did only one of the three Moons remain above the Earth?

Three moons

In the period to which the found bronze disk belongs, there may have been two Moons above our planet, and even earlier, about 4.6 billion years ago - there were three of them. This is what astronomers believe, having published their article in the journal “Nature". But there are other details about when these Moons were, and how they disappeared.

Back in the 16th century, in Spain, various pieces of iron were found, and their origin was explained by an ancient legend that once these pieces fell directly from the sky. The conquistadors used the pieces they found to make weapons. Iron fragments weighing from several kilograms to many tons in the Campo del Cielo (Argentina) and its surroundings were found later.

Professor of Columbia University, the world's largest meteorite expert W. Cassidy studied this place and believes that the origin of these objects is extraterrestrial. When volunteers joined the discovery, it turned out that such meteorites were found in various parts of the world, up to Australia.

Because of this scattering of metal pieces, the professor concluded that the huge meteorite did not fall to Earth immediately. For some time before its fall, this celestial body revolved around the Earth in an elliptical orbit, gradually approaching the planet. This was the third and youngest Moon. Its stay in orbit could last quite a long time – a thousand years or more. However, under the influence of the earth's gravity, this third Moon eventually got so close to the Earth that it crossed the so-called Earth's surface.

The Roche boundary is the radius of the circular orbit of a satellite orbiting a celestial body, on which the tidal forces caused by the gravity of the central body are equal to the forces of the satellite's self-gravity, after which it entered the atmosphere and broke up into fragments of different sizes, which fell to the surface of the planet.

Carbon analysis has shown that the disaster occurred about 5800 years ago, and this is the 4th century BC. It is believed that at this time there was the birth of civilizations on Earth. The luminous celestial body is mentioned by Egyptian, Babylonian, Old Norse sources, myths of the peoples of Oceania. There is such a mention in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas.

From them, you can learn that 143,000 years ago, three satellites were orbiting over Midgard - Earth: Lelya - a small moon with a rotation period of 7 days, Fatta - an average moon with a rotation period of 13 days, and a Month-the current Moon with a period of 29.5 days. Fatta revolved around Midgard - earth in the equatorial plane, so perhaps on the ancient bronze disk, it seems to lie, resembling a boat. It also follows from the Vedas that Lelya and the Moon are the satellites that our planet had, but Fatta was dragged from the Earth by the Dey. These events are also reflected in the myths and legends of different peoples.

Three moons

Also, from the Vedas, you can learn what happened in those distant times when one of the three moons died.

11 (139). You, on Midgard, live in peace, since a long time ago,

when the world was established...

Remembering from the Vedas, about the deeds of Dazhbog,

how did he demolish strongholds Koshcheev,

that they were on the Nearest Moon[59]...

Tarkh did not allow the treacherous Koschei Destroy Midgard as they destroyed Deya... ...

These Koshchei, the rulers of the Grays,

they perished together with the moon in a half-storm[61]...

But Midgard paid for his freedom,

Daaria hidden by the Great Flood...

12 (140). The waters of the Moon, that Flood created,

on the Ground from the sky they fell like a rainbow,

For the moon has broken apart,

and the army of the Svarozhichs

[62] descended into Midgard...

Here's what it says:

The image of the continent of Daaria is preserved on the wall of one of the pyramids in Giza. There is also a map of Gerhard Mercator, which exactly repeats the map from the wall in Giza and several other medieval maps.


These events caused the earth's axis to tilt by 23.5 degrees, which caused various cataclysms and a worldwide flood. Huge chunks of the celestial satellite fell into the Pacific Ocean, causing waves that went around the entire planet. In the legends of the Indians of the Amazon basin, it is told that the stars fell from the sky, with a terrible roar and roar, and then darkness came and such a downpour fell that soon the whole world was flooded. Most likely, this is the event that was preserved by the Sumerians and Babylonians and is also described in the biblical myth of the Flood.

This is what happened to Lelei more than a hundred thousand years ago. (All time calculations are not very accurate, since there is no single calendar for all times and peoples, and many years began from some very significant event). And now let's talk about Fatta, which was gone, according to some sources, more than 13 thousand years ago.

Lobsang Rampa is the literary pseudonym of the British writer and new age activist Cyril Henry Hoskin. He claimed to be a Tibetan lama named Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, who had taken over the body of a British man. He is the author of numerous books about the esoteric, mysticism, and the occult.

In November 1956, he published a book called "The Third Eye", where he described in detail his childhood in a Tibetan monastery. The book didn't want to be published for a long time, but when it came out, it instantly became a bestseller. Lobsang was very popular in his day, but his work was not taken seriously by many.

Our Empire was a great Empire, but from another distant universe came a warlike people who tried to take our possessions by force. They were humanoid, but they had horns on their temples and a tail on the back. They were very belligerent, and war was their sport and their job. Arriving in black ships, they flooded this universe and ravaged the worlds that we had only recently begun to sow.

Here is what Lobsang wrote about the invaders of our Land:

I think that this is how he describes the very Koshchei mentioned in the Vedas. Apparently, not only the Vedas are the source of this myth.

More than 13,000 years ago, having migrated from Daaria during the Great Migration, when Lelya died, the X'ari family to an island lying in the Atlantic Ocean, and mixed there with the local aborigines, (the name of the island of Atlantis, or Atlan) in its development came to a standstill. Great prosperity has clouded the heads of great leaders and priests. They began to lie to both Gods and people, breaking the precepts of their ancestors, they issued new laws.

They experimented with Crystals of Power, and, allegedly, accidentally destroyed the moon Particular. Huge stones fell to the ground, the Earth's axis acquired a top-shaped movement in an ellipse, which modern scientists call the "precession period".

A giant wave from the falling fragments circled the earth three times, which led to the death of Antlani and other islands. The increased volcanic activity led to atmospheric pollution, which was one of the causes of the Great Cold Snap and glaciation. Since then, the word "Fatal" means unlucky. "Fatal outcome" and the number 13 (the number of days Fatta circled Midgard). People moved south to warmer habitats, and the glacier almost destroyed all traces of living in the northern latitudes. Siberia and the north of the European part of present-day Russia are still sparsely populated.

On the wall of one of the Mayan pyramids in America, there is an inscription "Small Moon broke".

The firmament broke, the scales of the earth broke. The sky tilted to the northwest. The sun and the stars moved. The land in the south-east was incomplete, and so the water and silt rushed there… In those distant times, the four poles collapsed, the nine continents split... the fire blazed without subsiding, the waters raged without running out

In the Chinese treatise "Huainanzi" this event is described as follows:

As a result of this catastrophe, humanity was thrown back into the Stone Age. As we can see, the death of Fatta is directly related to the death of Atlantis itself and occurred almost simultaneously.

In 421 BC, the Greek philosopher Plato, in two of his works - Timaeus and Critias - described the history and sad end of the island state of Atlantis in the form of a dialogue conducted by Plato's great-grandfather, Critias: he conveys the content of a conversation with his grandfather, who heard the story of Atlantis from a contemporary, Solon, an Athenian lawgiver, and poet, who, in turn, learned about Atlantis from an Egyptian priest.

And Plato in his texts repeatedly emphasizes that this is not a myth, but a true narrative of historical events. Plato's account of the destruction of Atlantis corresponds quite accurately to the description of the catastrophe caused by the fall of an asteroid: an earthquake, a flood, cracks in the earth, landslides, lowering of the seafloor, etc. With only some evidence and an artifact in the form of a bronze disk, we can not say that there were once three Moons above the Earth.

But... nothing comes from nothing...

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