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We visited the ship of an Alien Civilization...

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We visited the ship of an Alien Civilization...

Their appearance is almost ordinary, like that of Earthlings. Medium height, strong build, friendly… They were given out by slightly slow speech, telepathic communication among themselves, the ability to read our thoughts, ahead of the formulation of questions and answers.

The KGB Had 6 Contactees, they Communicated with Aliens...

Says General A.Y.Savin:

Some background information

Reserve Lieutenant General, Honored Military Specialist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, and Doctor of Philosophy. General Savin A.Yu. - commander of the legendary military unit 10003, Head of the Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Head of "Brain Wars" programs (in American terminology). A combatant.

Alien Civilization

He was awarded many orders and medals, including the Order of Courage. Honorary Doctor of the European University. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the European Academy of Natural Sciences, the International Academy of Sciences, the Italian Academy of Economic and Social Sciences. Since 1989, General Savin A.Yu. has been the head of the program for the development of new special weapons and military equipment, methods, and means of non-traditional types of combat training and training, management of human psychophysical resources. He has phenomenal abilities that allow him to test and correct the psychophysical capabilities of people.

Alexey Yuryevich Savin is the author of the methodology of the military unit 10003, which allows revealing the extraordinary abilities of people of different ages and professional activities. The technique of Savin A.Yu. has been repeatedly tested and allows you to get excellent results. Developer of training programs for the elite of the Armed Forces and structures of departmental and public administration systems. The creator of a new complex science - nookosmology, synthesizing the achievements of many social and natural disciplines.

Soviet Stargate

In Soviet times, work was underway in the bowels of the Ministry of Defense to create a superman with paranormal abilities. A similar project was in the USA and it was called Stargate, which you can read about on our website here.  As part of the Soviet project, a group of contactees managed to get in touch with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. The head of this top-secret project for the first time shared some details with journalists, which are reported by the newspaper "Pravda". So, on an ordinary Moscow winter day, in the cozy atmosphere of the Fireplace Hall of the House of Journalists, a real sensation was announced. A high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Defense (of course, retired, but as you know, such people are not "former"), reserve Lieutenant General, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Yuryevich Savin said that in the late 80s a group of researchers from the expert directorate of the General Staff managed to make contact with aliens.

Interestingly, none of the journalists present were particularly surprised. The reaction of those present, rather, can be described as a sigh of relief: "well, finally, they confessed!"

How was the UFO phenomenon investigated in the USSR? 

But about everything in order. Vasily Alekseevich Eremenko, Major General of the FSB Reserve, academician of the Academy of Security, Defense, and Law Enforcement Problems, was the first to speak to the press. In Soviet times, in the KGB, he oversaw the Air Force and the development of aviation technology. Among his assignments is to collect information through the Air Force about the facts of the appearance of unidentified flying objects.

A lot of such information had accumulated by that time.

As stated by Vasily Eremenko:

The missile units even received a directive in case of UFO sightings. The main thing was not to create opportunities for retaliatory aggression by their actions. In 1983-84, a large-scale study of anomalous phenomena was organized at the Vladimirovka training ground by the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Defense, and the KGB.

The military training ground was not chosen by chance. Experts have long come to the conclusion that UFOs inevitably appear in places where military equipment accumulates and weapons tests are carried out.

We can say that we have learned to summon UFOs in Vladimirovka. To do this, the number of military aviation flights and the movement of equipment increased dramatically. If the intensity from our side increased, then UFOs appeared with a probability of 100 percent

explained Vasily Eremenko:

After six months of testing, the authoritative commission came to three main conclusions:

  1. Modern science cannot identify such phenomena yet.
  2. This may be the intelligence equipment of the United States or Japan.
  3. The impact of an extraterrestrial civilization is possible.

The topic of UFOs is being talked about by everyone today. It is precisely because of her "defaming" that serious scientists do not risk indicating their position on this issue. Pilots often see similar objects, but they have a kind of veto on this topic. Just like astronauts. In confidential conversations, they talk about their experience of meeting UFOs, but they are afraid to speak publicly about it

said Vasily Eremenko:

According to him, it is impossible to "talk" about this topic and it needs to be approached very seriously since this is a security issue. But both in the USA and in our country this topic is still closed. And after the appropriate "introduction to the topic", Reserve Lieutenant-General Alexei Yuryevich Savin revealed some aspects of what he was doing at the time in the Ministry of Defense. He headed the expert department of the General Staff, whose task was to study all kinds of unusual phenomena.

The essence of the research program

The main project of the department was the state program for the disclosure of human intellectual resources. Its essence boiled down to the following: how can the human brain be made to work in a special mode of superpowers, turning its "master" into a superman. The Scientific Council of the program was headed by Academician Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva, who until her death was the scientific director of the Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In total, more than two hundred highly qualified specialists from all over the country participated in this program.

In the course of research, we came to the conclusion that a person is an energy-informational system that receives information from the outside. And it is thanks to this that he can manifest paranormal abilities

said Alexey Savin:

To try to reach this external source of information, three groups were created — from scientists, the military, and the so-called women's group. Interestingly, it was the women's group that managed to make the most serious progress in research. Calling things by their proper names, Alexey Yurievich explained that "we wanted to establish contact with representatives of another civilization. And we succeeded." According to him, a special technique has been developed that allows the human brain to tune in to contact.

It is necessary to adjust the energy-informational circuit of the human brain to a certain wave, as a kind of radio receiver. No hypnosis, drugs or other similar methods were used during the experiment.
A special system for testing incoming messages from contactees was also developed to eliminate "glitches" and "phase shift" of the participant in the experiment. The results of the experiment are impressive: six contactees were given the opportunity to physically contact aliens, and two even managed to visit UFOs.

Alexey Savin explains:

According to Alexey Savin, the aliens revealed themselves gradually, giving the information they considered necessary. In particular, the aliens talked about their power structure, the system of upbringing and education. No information could be obtained from them for the needs of the military. The only thing the aliens agreed to share was a scheme of equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

And in general, as the head of the experiment explained, "for aliens, earthlings are like small children. We are too young a civilization to be interesting to them as a subject for communication. But since we are also part of the universe, we can harm ourselves and other civilizations with our unreasonable actions. So we are being looked after." The program of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence was developed several years ahead. But political events inside the country intervened in the situation. Since 1993, the research has been discontinued, the groups have been disbanded. I think classified in narrow circles-continued...

According to Alexey Yurievich, he managed to take out only a small part of the documents, the main part — including photo reports - is still in the archives of the Ministry of Defense. By the way, a unique technique for the development of phenomenal personality abilities was used until recently at the Gagarin Academy. Until it was disbanded by ex-Defense Minister Serdyukov... And yet the backbone of that group of researchers managed to be preserved.

Interview with Savin in question and answer mode

– Did your employees plunge into an altered state of consciousness during contacts with aliens?

– Our employees did not enter into special states of consciousness in the classical sense. They understand us). In general, the communication procedure on their part was very correct. However, we didn't feel much interest in us. They probably already knew everything about us. Even more, than we expected… On my advice, they chose four people from our group to communicate on the physical plane. The rest were charged with active telepathic communication. The aliens invited two women from our team to the ship. Other participants, including me, decided to leave in the dark. However, during telepathic contacts in the parking areas of their ships, they allowed tactile sensations in our bodies, and such, almost virtual, walks were often organized… One of the days of such work was shown on the First television Channel in the program "White Crow".

But what do they look like?

And yet we wanted to know the details: the description of the appearance of the aliens, the social structure of their civilization, the location, the description of the planet from where the "guests" arrived on Earth…
Therefore, we discussed the next part of the questions with one of the employees of the contact group. She directly entered into communication with the "guests" at the level of ordinary reality. Let's call her Valentina Ivanovna here.

- Tell us what you felt during contact with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization?

– It was a feeling of something unusual, historically important, and responsible. Nevertheless, we were already so accustomed to solving unusual tasks that, faced with new phenomena, on the verge of transcendental fiction, we treated them as work that must be done well.

- Tell us what your interlocutors looked like?

– Their appearance is almost ordinary, like that of Earthlings. Medium height, strong build, friendly… They were given out by slightly slow speech, telepathic communication among themselves (we immediately realized this), the ability to read our thoughts, ahead of the formulation of questions and answers. And there was something too correct, too symmetrical and perfect in appearance. "Transformers," we thought. But this did not frighten and did not alarm. The friendly tone, the pleasant timbre of their voices, good manners, and witty jokes made our communication friendly and frank. It's a pity that we didn't persuade them to take a picture together… She made it clear-not the time(

That's how their contactors described them. Made a sketch.

That's how their contactors described them. Made a sketch.

– Where did they come from?

– We didn't ask about it. Telepathic communication sessions have given us information about many civilizations. But then we tried to get to know them better, to examine them properly, not to lose face when talking.
And most of all, we tried to clarify the communication codes and get their consent for subsequent contacts.

–Have you seen their ship?

– We did not see the ship, as the communication took place on neutral territory – near the metro station "Teply Stan", at four o'clock in the morning. Later we were able to visit their ships both explicitly (once) and in an etheric-energetic form, through tactile sensations.

– Why do the aliens not officially make contact with representatives of humanity, for example, with the UN leadership?

- So there are reasons for this. After all, they showed initiative towards us. We were "invited". And they don't need UN officials. What new and useful things can our "brothers in mind" get from communicating with officials? Do you really think that they are interested in all sorts of agreements of intent, summit meetings, and so on?

For them, we are just children who, for several million years of their existence, have not solved a single spiritual and ethical problem: not only have we not got rid of wars, but we have also turned them into a means of mass destruction of ourselves for the sake of a small group of the powerful.

And what did they do with the nature that feeds us?

To be honest, we were ashamed when we asked the aliens our questions about morality, upbringing, household management, and so on, unwittingly tried on their answers to our so-called civilization!

– Then why would they need contact with Earthlings?

- They are investigating the dynamics of our development. As for working with the group, this does not mean that they have contacted Earthlings. I think they gave us a chance, and based on the results of its use, they will either expand contacts or stop them altogether.

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