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US intelligence explained the danger of UFOs

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US intelligence explained the danger of UFOs

For the first time in half a century, the US national intelligence Service, at the request of the country's Congress, released a report on UFOs.

The report published on Friday says that " unidentified air phenomena is a problem in the field of flight safety and can be a challenge to US national security." It is indicated that " pilots are dealing with an increasingly busy airspace." At the same time, UFOs can be "platforms for collecting information from foreign opponents." They can also threaten the national security of the United States, "if there is evidence that the enemy has potentially developed a breakthrough or revolutionary technology."

The report reports 144 cases of alleged UFO sightings that have not been properly explained. It is reported that while it was not possible to establish their nature, more time and money are needed, and a more systematic approach is also required. US intelligence said that some of the objects probably moved contrary to the known laws of aerodynamics.

The Great Disclosure

At the same time, the Pentagon did not find evidence that UFOs were advanced technologies of likely terrestrial opponents, but did not rule it out.

It is noted that the study of the issue may be difficult due to socio-cultural stereotypes and the shortcomings of surveillance technologies. There is a need for " consistent consolidation of messages across the federal government, standardized reporting methods, improved information collection, and analysis, as well as a well-established verification process for all such messages," the report says.

On June 4, The New York Times newspaper, citing high-ranking sources in the administration, reported that the US special services had not found evidence that the abnormal atmospheric phenomena observed by the pilots of the US Navy in recent years could be associated with alien spacecraft, which did not convince the US administration.

What did you expect from the great disclosure in the report? When you finally realize that the secret data on UFOs are secret, and none of the authorities will reveal them to you. Focus on analyzing the data that we, the enthusiasts, collect.

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