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Flying saucers over BELGIAN Congo uranium mines, 1952, Report №00-w-23602

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Flying saucers over BELGIAN Congo uranium mines

In the CIA archive was an article from the Vienna newspaper "Die Presse" for March 29, 1952, translated from German.

Recently, two fiery disks were seen over uranium mines located in the southern part of the Belgian Congo (in the district of Elizabethville to the east of the Luapula River, which connects Lake Meru and Lake Bangweolo). They glided across the sky, making graceful curves, changing their tilt many times. From below, they looked like plates, then ovals, then just dashes.

Suddenly, both disks hovered in place and flew away to the northeast on a strange zigzag trajectory. Those who watched from below, I heard a loud hissing and buzzing. The entire performance lasted 10-12 minutes.

Pierre, the commander of the small airfield at Elizabethville, immediately flew out in a fighter to intercept. During the first approach, it flew to a distance of about 120 meters to one of the disks. According to the pilot, the disc-shaped "plate" had a diameter of 12-15 meters.

The inner part of it remained absolutely motionless so that you could see a protrusion in the center and several small holes. The outer rim, completely enveloped in fire, must have been spinning at a tremendous speed. The color of its metal was similar to aluminum.

The disks easily performed precise maneuvers both horizontally and vertically. They could change the altitude from 800 to 1000 meters in a few seconds. The disks often swooped to a height of 20 meters above the crowns of trees. Pierre does not consider it possible that there could be a pilot in the disk since the chaotic change in speed and heat would make it impossible for a person to stay in its stationary core.

The pilot gave up the pursuit after 15 minutes when both disks with a loud whistling sound (which he heard despite the noise of the plane) flew in a straight line towards Lake Tanganyika. He estimated their speed at 1,500 kilometers per hour.

"Flying saucer" in the section: this flew over the Congo.

"Flying saucer" in the section: this flew over the Congo.

Journalist Fritz Sitte drew a supposed diagram of the design of the "disk". In his opinion, this is quite an earthly device. In the stable middle are explosives and devices for controlling the "disk" by radio, and in the rotating rim are fuel tanks and jet engines.

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