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Unexplained phenomena. Rings in the Sky (UFO Rings)

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Unexplained phenomena. Rings in the Sky (UFO Rings)

On the Internet, in various sources, we can see catchy headlines about unexplained phenomena in the sky occurring in various parts of the globe. But are they so inexplicable? Let's figure it out.

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And now this phenomenon has reappeared on the Internet. On a smaller scale. But the physics of the process is the same.

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On January 27, 2021, one of the drivers filmed a ring rising into the sky on the recorder of his car. There was a trail from it. The driver turned out to be a reasonable person and immediately began to make assumptions about how this ring appeared in the sky.

UFO ring

In this case, most likely, some kind of fuel tank exploded, or a more banal version: tires were burned.
The temperature difference and the specific mass of substances released into the air contributed to the formation of a smoke ring. In this case, it happened near the exit from the ring Road to the Vyborg highway near the Levashovo airfield (St. Petersburg). One of the drivers filmed it on the recorder and posted it online.

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Strange rings in the sky appear in various countries of the world. These rings usually vary in size, color (white, red, black), and shape (round and oval). But all have the same origin nature.

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Sometimes they appear as a result of the release of gases from volcanoes. For example, they were repeatedly observed in Italy over Mount Etna. There are many photos and videos on the Internet. The size of such rings can reach huge sizes. Etna sometimes creates rings with a diameter of up to 200 meters. A similar phenomenon has been observed in some other volcanoes.

If you know what a toroidal vortex is, then for you these rings in nature will not become something inexplicable or alien.

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Such rings, for example, can throw out the pipes of enterprises. For example, in the early projects of the Danish waste recycling plant Amager Bakke, it was supposed to emit the resulting carbon dioxide through special devices that form vortex rings.

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In some photos and videos posted on the Internet, we can even see a plume of smoke. Which indicates its technogenic origin. And in no case, this phenomenon is not the work of alien civilizations, as we can read in the articles of some authors who are far from the topic.

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