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UK Ministry of Defense Report: "Exceptional" UFOs with "aerodynamic characteristics superior to all known aircraft" do exist

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UK Ministry of Defense Report: Exceptional UFOs with incredible aerodynamic characteristics

 UK Ministry of Defense Report: Exceptional UFOs with incredible aerodynamic characteristics


Unidentified aerial phenomena in the UK Air Defense Area (UAP in the UK Air Defense Area) is a top-secret report of the Ministry of Defense (MOD), which was declassified in 2006 thanks to updated freedom of information laws.

"The study, codenamed "the Condition Project", was started in December 1996 and completed four years later in March 2000."

the Ministry of Defense (MOD). UFO

The report was commissioned by the MOD to definitively determine whether decades of secret UAP investigations have led to any information of value to the UK's defense leadership.

The introductory paragraph of the summary reads:

"The fact that UFOs exist is indisputable."

The report explains that we are talking about a type of UAP that have "exceptional characteristics" and are "widely known as "UFOs"":

Objects demonstrate the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to exceptional speeds and disappear, they can suddenly change the direction of flight and clearly demonstrate aerodynamic characteristics significantly superior to those of any known aircraft or rocket - both manned and unmanned


The fact that UFOs exist is indisputable

UAP in the UK

This report was never intended for public distribution. It is the product of a secret internal government study designed to secretly inform decision-making at the level of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense:

<palign="justify">"Only 11 copies of the report were released, and they were distributed to a limited number of senior officials of the Royal Air Force and the Ministry of Defense. It was so secret that even the UFO department of the Ministry of Defense or government ministers responsible for the defense department was not informed about it."

These circumstances are very different from such public reports as the Condon report from the US Air Force/University of Chicago at Colorado or a recent preliminary assessment of ODNI: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena report.

The Ministry of Defense has made extraordinary efforts to conceal its involvement in the UAP investigation. After years of denial by Ministry of Defence officials that the report even exists, a freedom of information request by Sheffield Hallam University academic Dr. David Clarke led to the declassification of the report in 2006.

The report is now available on the website of the National Archives of Great Britain

In an article by Mike Hanks published in August 2021, Dr. Clark recalls:

When I... I got my hands on this report twenty years ago, it was quite a stunning conclusion. Well, I've been studying this for thirty years. My conclusion is that these things exist.

Clark says:


A combination of still-classified materials stored in the Defense Intelligence Division 55 (DI55), the intelligence unit of the MOD, the existence of which the UK government denied until recently, along with "relevant scientific principles" and "probable underlying science" were used to arrive at the conclusions of the UAP report.

Flight safety risk

The report says that UAPs pose a safety threat to civil air traffic:

"..."...head-on collision with UAP... it can, presumably, lead to a sudden withdrawal of control, after which recovery is impossible before a collision with the earth." Although this risk, based on all available data, is assessed as very low, it cannot be completely excluded. Attempts by other countries to intercept unexplained objects, which clearly can change position faster than an airplane, have reportedly already led to deaths."

Flight safety risk

The report contains specific advice that the MOD should warn civil air traffic authorities about the safety risk posed by the UAP:

"The safety aspects contained in the findings should be brought to the attention of the relevant RAF air defense agencies and other military and civilian agencies that operate aircraft, especially those that fly fast and at low altitude."


UFO sightings

UFOs "certainly" exist in the Earth's atmosphere

The report confidently asserts that UAPs with exceptional characteristics "certainly" exist in the Earth's atmosphere. Doubt arises when a possible origin of the UAP is proposed:

"There is a high probability that at least some events may be caused by the entry of meteors into the atmosphere, while meteors do not burn up completely and do not fall in the form of meteorites, but form a floating plasma."

...The scientific justification for maintaining them for significant periods of time is incomplete or not fully understood."

UFOs "certainly" exist in the Earth's atmosphere

Conditional formulations applied to the alleged origin ("it seems... possibility... some... maybe") UAPs do not cause the same level of trust as statements about their existence ("certainly", "indisputably").

key uap documents

The true origin of the UAP seems to remain "barely clear" to the top leadership of the Ministry of Defense, despite the completion of a four-year study that examined "all the evidence available in the Department (presented over the past 30 years)" containing "a lot of secret data that many ordinary atmospheric scientists may not have known about."

UFO sightings

Once it has been established that new exotic objects "certainly exist" in the Earth's atmosphere, there is a clear obligation for reasons of national security to definitively establish their true origin.

In the UK, it was instructed to provide an accurate assessment of all the secret evidence stored in the DI55 files. Failure to successfully identify truly unknown phenomena in the UK air defense area will pose an unprecedented risk to national security.

Military use

Former Defense Department UFO investigator Nick Pope writes in an article on the website in 2016:

"The British government - and other governments, I suspect, too - really hid information about UFOs ... ... the staff of the scientific and technical intelligence of the Ministry of Defense believed that if they were used, they could be used for military purposes...".

The content of the UAP in the UK ADR supports the conclusion that the UK government ("and other governments too") can "hide information about UFOs" because they can be "militarized":

"Further research is needed... different plasma characteristics in new military applications...

As for the possibility of using plasma for military purposes... the consequences of this have already been brought to the attention of the relevant technology managers of the Ministry of Defense."

uap military

Hypothetical military applications are proposed. One example is "resistance reduction or control", another is "plasma baits".

ufo reports

In 2000, the same year that the UK report was completed, but six years before it was declassified, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) launched the Quiet Supersonic Platform (QSP) program, which included experiments on resistance reduction and control using plasma:

"development... a supersonic aircraft with a significantly reduced sound barrier... Advanced airframe technologies will be explored... including... exotic concepts (plasma, heat and particle injection)...".

By 2011, NASA was publicly posting chats with experts discussing theoretical plasma technologies that could reduce or eliminate sonic booms on hypersonic aircraft:

"Burin: Is there a chance that a laser or plasma beam can be attached to the nose of an airplane to help break through the atmosphere...?

Ed.: Yes, the plasma will change the gas constant of the air, which will potentially reduce the sonic boom...".

Recent articles describe the US Navy's new "plasma UFO baits," and Pentagon scientists are creating things like "non-lethal plasma laser weapons."

Political implications

More than twenty years ago, "Unidentified aerial phenomena in the UK Air defense region" informed the UK defense leadership that PLA with exceptional characteristics undoubtedly exist, showed that the origin of PLA remains uncertain, determined that PLA pose a threat to flight safety for civil air traffic, advised to instruct civil air traffic authorities and recommended secretly putting into service plasma technologies related to UFOs.

The content of the UAP in the UK ADR should encourage elected representatives of governments around the world to determine whether their national ministries of defense, like the UK MOD, are deliberately hiding classified materials about the credible safety risk that the UAP poses to civil air traffic, while plasma technologies related to the UAP are secretly being adopted.

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