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UFOs and aliens in Germany

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UFOs and aliens in Germany

We are just a small blue planet in the middle of an infinite universe.

We are just a small blue planet in the middle of an infinite universe. Anything is possible.

UFO researcher Robert Fleischer told DW.:

Fleischer, who works in the city of Leipzig in eastern Germany, leads the Exopolitik Deutschland group.

We see that UFOs have amazing characteristics that we cannot explain and that exceed the parameters of our aircraft

he said:

For Fleischer, Germany is the "valley of ignorance" when it comes to UFO research. According to him, other countries allocate much more funds for research of unexplained phenomena.

This area became popular in Germany only after Barack Obama started talking about it

he added.

This is a reference to a May interview with the New York Times with the former US president, in which he mentioned " shots and recordings of objects in the sky, about which we do not know exactly what they are and can not explain how they move.

UFOs and aliens in Germany

Obama's comments have sparked interest in UFOs, Hansjurgen Koehler told DW. After decades of managing the Central Research Network for Unusual Aerospace Phenomena (CENAP) outside Frankfurt, the amateur astronomer has turned from a believer to a skeptic.

Our hotline receives hundreds of UFO reports every year. Most of them appeared for natural reasons. "We can explain 97% of them. The remaining 3% is questionable, because we don't have enough data.

Koehler said:

In addition to satellites, strange-shaped balloons are often observed, as well as weather phenomena, insects that fall under the lens.

The remaining 3% "may also have natural causes that we cannot yet explain,

Hans-Werner Peiniger, head of GEP, told DW.:

According to Fleischer from Leipzig, the members of the German UFO clubs - there are at least three of them - are not ordinary people. These are engineers who use different resources to analyze what curious observers send them.

UFO sightings

According to Fleischer, the military is observing really interesting phenomena. They have instruments and radars.

However, no military or intelligence service can be completely transparent. The fact that American agencies have recently shown greater openness took Fleischer by surprise.

According to him, the problem is not to convince people that aliens are visiting the Earth, but to "give more opportunities for public discussion of this topic so that it acquires the importance it deserves. We want everything to be investigated in a scientific way.

Fleischer said:

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