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UFO sightings in 1991

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UFO sightings on a film camera

Hello, dear friends. Today we present to your attention a video from the distant one thousand nine hundred and nineties. Those were the days when digital cameras were filmed on cassettes. What is more valuable for us, in terms of authenticity of the record. Ordinary residents from the ordinary city of Neryungri, managed to capture an unusual phenomenon on camera.

A characteristic feature is the fact that the first thoughts that arose from those who are behind the camera are that it is either a weather probe or a parachute. However, inquisitive minds checked this information in the weather service, which confirmed that nothing like this was launched.

Thus, we can definitely say that the object has a technical origin, is not related to special services, and its purpose and functionality is not obvious. Watch this video, we have added subtitles to it, and decide for yourself whether to believe in this case or not.

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