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UFO sightings in northern Mexico

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UFO sightings in northern Mexico

Many of you are looking for real UFOs. But not many people can photograph it themselves. In this post, we will show you an interesting observation from Rosarito. The photo was sent to us by a friendly channel

This sighting was made on May 13, 2022 at 11 p.m. The author drew attention to a strange light that made its way in the moonlit night. As a true ufologist, the shooting immediately began, and then the subsequent analysis, the result of which was this photo. In the photo, we can observe the display of an unidentified flying object in the shape of a saucer, which appeared through a light indication. The purpose of this article is not to analyze this photo, you have to draw conclusions yourself. However, we would like to note that if you are looking for contact with aliens, you will definitely encounter them. Remember this.

UFO sightings 2022

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