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UFO sightings in Australia

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UFO sightings in Australia

The Australian town of Nimbin in northern New South Wales has the fame of a hippie city, but it seems that it will soon be added another title.

Local residents noticed an unidentified flying object in the sky. According to them, it looked like a mysterious "black ring".

UFO sightings in Australia

Caz Woodall, who was walking her dog with a friend at the time, said that the UFO rose from behind the Nimbina mountain range. She claims that the object, which resembles a black ring in shape, was rotating around its axis. While at the fairground, Caz approached a security guard and asked for his telescope to look up at the sky.

Australia UFO sightings

My friend and I just said to each other, " What the hell is this?» I've never seen anything like it. We were delighted, there was no fear at all. It was definitely a positive experience

the woman said.

Together with the security guard, Caz and her friend watched the object spin over the hills for about forty minutes. And then it rose and stopped in the sky above them. While he was above the group, the object stopped rotating and then disappeared over the horizon. After the strange event, Woodall spent hours studying UFOs.

She claims that she found an article about a similar case in New York. The woman posted photos of the black ring on the Nimbin City community Facebook page to find an explanation.

Many commentators believe that this is just a drone. One user joked that the aliens first decided to visit the city, and then changed their mind: "They were looking for signs of intelligent life. That's why they left."

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