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UFO over Scandinavia

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UFO over Scandinavia. Flying saucer

On May 6, 1971, 25-year-old truck driver Lars Thern was riding his moped in the direction of Stara Sponnenberger, which is 5 km from the biathlon ski competition center. His 4-year-old son Stefan was sitting next to him. Suddenly the young father saw something bright fluttering and sparkling over the hills. He stopped, put the moped down, and hurried up the slope about 20 meters to get a better look. But as soon as he found himself at the top, he saw a UFO already between the trees and some kind of bunker about 4 meters high. The object was at an angle of 10-15 ° to the horizon and swung back and forth. Without losing his presence of mind, he grabbed a camera, a small Minolta-16, and took two pictures.

UFO flying saucer

He did the first one standing up, not thinking about the camera tip. At the second — he checked the aperture and distance readings and squatted down while photographing. The total time during which Lars Turn observed the strange object was about 60 seconds. In his opinion, the UFO had the speed of a sports plane, but when the object disappeared in a southerly direction, its speed was comparable, probably, with the speed of the Swedish fighter "Saab 35 Draken".

UFO or Swedish fighter "Saab 35 Draken".

Lars Tern estimated the diameter of the object at 10 meters, and the Stockholm Research Group estimated it at 6 meters. Assuming an average value of 8 meters, the distance to the object from the photographer is 90 meters. Lars Thern immediately sent the negatives of the photographs to photographers Gunnar Johansen and Roy Carlson, and then they got into the darkroom in Gothenburg. Thorough tests, including with the help of laser beams, as well as a 120-page conclusion of scientists have shown that the photos are completely true and do not have the character of a fake.

The eyewitness made a very detailed description of the metal disk. Although the latter was hanging in one place, it was swinging back and forth. A dome-shaped nozzle was visible on the upper side, and the lower side looked very swollen and turned into a reddish zone. There were vertical contours below the dome, where gray and red colors alternated. A green stripe encircled the outside edge of the car. When the object moved from horizontal flight to hovering, a shining ring of pinkish color appeared around it with a transition to purple. As soon as the UFO started moving, the ring dissolved into gray smoke, which was dispersed by the wind. At intervals of 10-15 seconds, a hissing or whistling rustle could be heard from the hovering object. During the observation, the sun shone in the southeast, corresponding to the right side of the photo, and cast a shadow on the lower edge of the plate. A study of the film in a large laboratory in Gothenburg proved that no copying was done and the negative is genuine. (Fredriksson, 1971).

A few years later, on August 26, 1975, a man in Denmark observed a similar disc-shaped object. At 6:42 a.m., he was walking to work between Saebi and Ruds Vedbi and out of habit looked at the sky to check the weather. Something strange caught his eye — a shiny, silvery plate that was flying at an altitude of 30 ° to the horizon in the direction from north to northwest. He is absolutely sure that in this case, it was not a plane. When the witness looked at his watch and then up again, the car had already disappeared. The observer estimates its size at 15-20 meters, and its speed is over 1,000 km/h. Despite the fact that the object was moving almost at the speed of sound, the observer did not hear anything.

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