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UFO landing in Kazakhstan (1989)

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UFO landing in Kazakhstan (1989)

There was a time when the CIS countries were first overwhelmed by a wave of interest in "flying saucers" and the first research centers were created, but this was all in big cities, and in small towns and villages they did not think about visits from the stars, and it was at this time that four teenagers were walking down the street in Sergiopol (in a working village, six kilometers from the city of Ayagoz, Semipalatinsk region). 

They were invisible in the darkness of the streets, walking, late into the night. And the faint, sparse light from the windows reached up to the picket fence and the edge of the road. And you could hear where these guys were right now by the soft music of the tape recorder. For 1989, the company's "cassette player" was still chic.

And then ... the incredible thing happened.

Sergey Goman, the head of the commission that arrived at the meeting place of schoolchildren with UFOs, says…

October 29, 1989. Kazakhstan steppe

We went to Ayagoz and to Sergiopol and already knew a little WHAT happened on Sunday 29.10.1989... That evening Kanat Kosymbayev with his brother, sister, and a friend walked around the village. The tape recorder was suddenly silent, even though the batteries were new. The guys sat down on a bench, began to check the equipment ... My brother looked up and saw: above them, at a height of two meters, a UFO hovered...

My brother Kanata screamed, everyone was scared, ran home. And the UFO ... - follows them and, before reaching the house three hundred meters, everything is already sitting on the ground. The boys started knocking on the door.

They were not immediately opened – their parents were already going to bed. And when they opened the door, the guys came in and shouted that they were being chased by aliens. And my parents also saw a UFO. And that three tall aliens in silver suits got out of it, went to the guys ' house, but did not reach it, returned to the ship, flew away. And at the same moment, Kanat fell unconscious, and his brother also became ill

Sergei Homan recounts a brief chronicle of the visit of the century

And then... "Ambulance", hospital… The rumor-about a meeting with a UFO in Sergiopolis-went to disperse, to expand... And the guys were "teased" with questions by fellow countrymen, and the media-with calls and reporters were waiting at the door. And some considered the story true, others fiction.

And the guys were so exhausted that when six months later Sergey Homan and Yevgeny Melzel, representatives of exact sciences and also members of the Semipalatinsk Center for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena, arrived and passers-by showed them the Kosymbaevs ' house, Kanat refused to meet.

– It was obvious from him: he had experienced very strong stress... and since he "closed"..., his sister advised him to go to the hospital, where Kanat was lying after contact.

And in the hospital, the research team suddenly learned about ... the continuation of this incredible story! And that it happened before dawn on October 30, 1989.

Then they, two teenagers, were lying on the neighboring beds. One of them hid under the hospital blanket as if under a shield, trying to forget about the "saucer". The second was Kanat

"Dr. Zauresh, who was on duty the night the teenagers were brought in, told me. At four o'clock, Kanat's brother came out of the ward and called. The reason was unusual. A strange red light began to play on the curtains in the ward. The teenager said that he was scared, but he did not look at what was out there, outside the window…
And the doctor explained it to us, the commission.

I opened the curtain and saw a "plate" - on the ground, 200 meters from the hospital to the left of the TV tower and the tank, between two railways... It was oval in shape, in the central part there were white lights – "portholes" – burning around it. On each side were two very large rectangular spotlights, standing vertically. They gave off a very strong red glow.

There was a brown glow along the outline. The object itself glittered silvery-white. No one came out of the "saucer". The white lights placed in the center did not blink, and only the red lights blinked three times, after which the object ... disappeared… I watched the "saucer" for about three seconds…

I quote it verbatim:

It was two o'clock in the afternoon before the rope came to. He and his brother were examined, and his brother was discharged, and Kanat was left under observation for three days... And, of course, the teenagers were interviewed, seated in different rooms, what happened to them, and asked to draw what they saw. And they drew UFOs, the same way. And the crew…

And, of course, the doctor, who saw the "saucer" from the children's ward, checked her observation and the stories and drawings of the teenagers. And it all came together. Except for the fact that now we would explain the different modes of operation of the equipment.

According to the stories of Kanat and his brother, the lights located inside the contour of the "saucer" ("portholes"), shimmered with different lights. And when I saw the "saucer", I remembered: its "portholes" glowed only white...

- explained the doctor of the commission:

... And from the same window, she pointed out the landing site. And the researchers went to him…

- Eugene walked with the compass on the platform, then walked together. But no signs of anomalies were found –  continues Sergey. - Then Zhenya went with the biological framework across the site, found the preliminary landing site of the object ... Measured in steps. The platform was 52 x 64 steps (approximately 42 x 52 meters) in size. Then we went through the site with bio frames and got the results… In those places where the biological framework began to rotate quickly, we threw stones, and so revealed the landing site of the UFO. On the northwest side of the site, the biological framework began to rotate very quickly-two or three turns around the axis, even if you stopped and stood in this place. This was the only abnormal point on the site. And so we finally identified, designated the landing site of the UFO.

biological framework

biological framework (bioramka)

And the researchers also experienced it for themselves, taking someone else's field time. At the landing site of the UFO, Sergei's watch stood up, the pain in his head and in his eyes, fatigue disappeared. And the biofields of both seemed to be recharged, doubled in strength…

This is a diagram in which sketches are made from the words of eyewitnesses.

UFO sketches

We want to note that in 1989, this is not the only case of aliens visiting the countries of the USSR, in particular not so long ago. we published a story about the Voronezh UFO incident. UFOs have always visited us, and we must have the courage to tell others about it. Let people open up. And that's all for today, thank you for reading

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