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UFO incident in Hanbury, England

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UFO incident in Hanbury, England

Between 17.30 and 17.45, at sunset, Milakovic family and his son drove between two fields located on both sides of the road. First, they noticed a rabbit, and then other animals, quickly crossing the road from the left side of the road to the right. They looked to the left and saw a shining object on the left side of the field.

The Milakovic stopped the car and got out. The object slowly rose above them and passed over the car. As the object flew by, Doris Milakovic felt the air heat up. The object continued to move over the field to its right, flew over the house located at a distance of 100 meters, over which it "shook like jelly" and seemed as big as the house itself.

In the drawings of the witnesses, the object looked like a dark pot with a distinct dome at the top. The dome was vertically divided into three parts: one glowing white, one amber, and one green. Against the background of the illuminated dome, humanoid figures could be seen moving, sometimes hanging down and looking for something. Then the object began to move impetuously, its lights began to glow brighter, and Mr. Milakovic felt a burning sensation in his eyes. People got scared, rushed to their cars, and quickly drove away.

No sounds or electromagnetic effects were observed, but people felt a wave of heat, and their eyes began to burn from the bright light.

UFO incident in Hanbury, England

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