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UFO Incident in Falcon Lake

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UFO Incident in Falcon Lake

The incident in Falcon Lake with Stefan Michalak became one of the most famous cases of contact with UFOs. After the encounter with the aliens, Michalak received serious damage from radio emissions like radiation. After a thorough investigation, many questions about this incident remained unanswered until today.

UFO: The Falcon Lake incident

Whiteshell Park is located in the east of the Canadian province of Manitoba. There, on the shore of the picturesque Falcon Lake, is the small village of Falcon Lake, which got its name from it. Amateur geologist Stephen Michalak arrived in the village from Winnipeg on May 19, 1967. Near the village, there are deposits of quartz veins, in which silver is often found, and the geologist decided to study them. After spending the night in a motel, early on the morning of May 20, Michalak headed deep into the park to the north. The geologist, who has been working enthusiastically for several hours, was suddenly distracted by the cries of disturbed wild geese around 12:15 pm.

Appearance of aircraft

Looking around, Michalak noticed two cigar-shaped objects glowing reddish in the sky not far away. One of the objects landed on a flat part of the rock, located 50 m from Michalak, while the other hovered in the air.

Now it was clearly visible that the objects had a disc-shaped shape, and not a cigar-shaped one, as it seemed at first. The object hovered in the air for some time remained in place, and then disappeared in a westerly direction, in-flight changing color from red to orange, and then gray. Michalak began sketching the remaining object, noting that it also changed color after landing and began to emit a golden glow around it.

UFO. Michalak's drawing

UFO. Michalak's drawing

The object had the shape of a classic UFO, about 12 m in diameter, 3 m thick, and a dome height of about 1 m. The radiated glow from some of the holes in the object was so bright that Michalak had to protect his eyes with welding glasses, which he had saved to protect his eyes from stone fragments during geological exploration. The observer also heard a noise similar to the noise of an electric motor running and the whistle of the intake air, and the object itself radiated a powerful stream of almost hot air with a clearly felt smell of sulfur.

Contact attempt

Michalak decided to approach the object at about 20 m. There was an opening in the wall measuring about 1 m by 0.8 m, which the observer identified as a door, and the light was visible behind it. Michalak claims that he heard two voices coming from inside the object, similar to human voices. One was of a higher timbre, the other lower. At the moment, he was sure that he was watching the landing of some experimental device of the US Air Force, accidentally or not caught on the territory of Canada.

 Falcon Lake Village on Falcon Lake

Moving closer to the door, Michalak sarcastically said, " What, Yankee boy, problems?". The voices died away, but there was no answer… Since Michalak was an intelligence officer during World War II and was somewhat familiar with many languages, he asked what language the casual guests spoke in Russian, French, German, and again in English, but there was no answer.

Participation in the war made it possible to understand various military equipment, but Michalak claimed that he had never seen anything like it. And curiosity made the observer decide to look inside the object. There, he could make out a panel with many lights flashing on and off. The thickness of the wall of the device was determined by him to be about 0.5 m.

Suddenly, panels slid out from three sides, blocking the entrance to the machine, and Michalak barely had time to remove his head from the opening. There were no joints or seams visible from the outside, and the object looked carefully polished. After trying to touch the surface of the object with his gloved hand, Michalak was forced to immediately pull it away, as the glove began to melt.

Suddenly, the object turned around on its axis, and in front of Michalak was something like a ventilation grate measuring about 23 cm by 15 cm, with small holes.

Stefan Michalak in hospital with burns on his stomach

Stephen Michalak in hospital with burns on his stomach

A moment later, an exhaust of very hot gas escaped from the holes in the grate, which managed to burn through Michalak's shirt and T-shirt. As the observer, twitching in sharp pain, tore off his clothes, a stream of air witnessed the device's ascent upward.

The consequences of a UFO encounter

The device disappeared from Michalak's sight, leaving behind a strong smell of burnt electrical wiring, mixed with the already mentioned smell of sulfur. The observer decided to return to the place where he had left his belongings, where he saw that the needle of his compass was demagnetized. Having decided to examine the landing site in detail, Michalak returned to the site, and immediately felt a change in his condition — he was seized by an attack of severe headache and nausea.

According to him, the landing place looked as if cleared of branches and small stones, but around the ring, about 5 m was surrounded by leaves, pine needles, small branches, and dirt. It was as if the debris had been blown away from the epicenter of the landing. Michalak's health was getting worse and so he decided to stop the examination and return to the motel, all the way he continued to feel sick and had to stop often to regain strength. On the highway, he managed to stop a police car. Michalak told the police officer in detail about the incident, but he was absolutely not interested in it and left, citing employment.

Around 4 p.m., Michalak finally got to the motel, where he learned that the nearest doctor was 70 km from Falcon Lake. Not wanting to go any further from home, Michalak decided to return home to Winnipeg, after calling his family and asking them to meet him. From the motel, he also tried to call the office of the Winnipeg Tribune, but due to Saturday afternoon, there was practically no one there and no one showed interest in his words.

Michalak's burnt clothes

Michalak's burnt clothes

Medical examinations of Michalak

The son who met at the Winnipeg bus stop at 22-15 immediately sent Michalak to the hospital. The next two years were spent in endless examinations by doctors in Canada and the United States. A large number of both governmental and non-governmental organizations have expressed interest in Michalak. Numerous medical conclusions were unanimously reduced to the following: first, it was recognized that the client is mentally healthy and not prone to delusions or hallucinations, second, blood tests did not show any changes or significant deviations from the norm, and third, oval-shaped ulcers were found on the client's chest and abdomen, resembling 1st-degree burns, located in the form of a grid. This corresponds to Michalak's statement about the burn through the holes of the "ventilation grate".

Michalak's general condition improved in general two weeks after the incident. But for many more months, he showed health problems. He suffered from a lack of appetite and, consequently, weight loss and weakness, as well as severe hair loss. All this, according to the radiologist G. Dudley, was very similar to the symptoms of radiation sickness with a dose of 100-200 X-rays.

Investigation of the Falcon Lake incident

The police launched an official investigation into the incident in late May 1967. But neither the police nor Michalak, who was taken there on June 1, were initially able to find the scene of the incident.

 Stefan Michalak shows off his drawing of a UFO

Stefan Michalak shows off his drawing of a UFO

Only on June 26, the victim finally managed to remember exactly where the incident occurred. Police officers who went to this place found Michalak's personal belongings left there and took soil samples for radioactivity, which turned out to be negative. But continued research on July 28 found traces of radioactive material in a semicircle around the center of the landing site, along the perimeter of which there was no moss. Tests showed the presence of the radioactive material radium-226. This is an isotope of radium, which has a very wide application for commercial purposes, and it can also be found in nuclear energy waste.

Until 1992, many eyewitnesses reported seeing unusual flying objects in the sky over Falcon Lake during this period of time. Their testimonies largely coincided with the sketches of the  Michalak. The huge scale of the investigation conducted by both the police and the Canadian Air Force has not established the essence of what happened to  Michalak. The result was the conclusion that neither confirming nor refuting the testimony of Michalak facts were established. In general,  Michalak's testimony was considered reliable. Stephen Michalak died in 1999 at the age of 83. The case of the Falcon Lake incident remains unsolved to this day and, of course, attracts considerable interest from UFO incident researchers.

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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