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UFOs in the sky over France in 1670?

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UFOs in the sky over France in 1670?

We found an interesting engraving dating back to 1670. Title: "An image of a terrible phenomenon observed in Turin from August 5 to August 15, 1670"

The Michel Henning Collection. Engravings relating to the history of France. Volume 50, parts 4532-4594, period: 1670-1671, National Library of France,

I could not find any historical information that would shed light on what was happening in the sky over Turin in the period from August 5 to August 15, 1670.

We have no idea whether the flaming boards represent UFOs or comets or meteorites, but, of course, the fighting armies in heaven should indicate that either a strong noise was associated with this incident, which was subsequently interpreted into the sounds of a "heavenly battle" or some objects fell from the sky to the ground that contributed to such an interpretation.

However, there is another option - people on earth actually saw the battle of two armies in the sky, which was accompanied by the fall of some "objects from the sky" to the ground. It can be assumed that people have seen cigar-shaped UFOs or rockets in general. Then the question arises about the civilization that was present in parallel

In addition, it is quite possible that the literal translation "from August 5 to August 15" is not quite correct to apply. I think we are talking about the fact that the event was observed on the same day on the 15th of the Gregorian calendar or the 5th of the Julian calendar.

UFO in the sky over France in 1670?

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