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How a shepherd made friends with an alien from the whole village and hid him until the return of his "brothers"

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UFO crash in Kazakhstan. How a shepherd made friends with an alien from the whole village and hid him until the return of his "brothers"

Sheltering a crashed alien, shepherd Sagynbai may have saved a Soviet base with nuclear weapons from a UFO invasion.

This story took place in June 1979 in the Turgay region of the Kazakh SSR near Arkalyk — now almost abandoned, and then — a thriving industrial city. A local shepherd, a shepherd named Sagynbai, woke up in the middle of the night, left the house and saw that the sky was glowing. It seemed to him that the light source was not far away, and the shepherd, saddling a horse, decided to go and find out what was the reason for the strange glow.

Night guest

After driving away from his native village for several kilometers, he saw traces of a large object falling from the sky in the night steppe. Deciding that it could be an airplane or a Soviet space satellite, the shepherd drove closer and was surprised to see a silver disk half buried in the rocky soil.

Deciding that it was not worth approaching such a find, Sagynbai went back to the village. And a few hundred meters from the fallen object came across an escape capsule, very similar to a coal-black egg. The surface of the capsule was of such a texture that the shepherd thought it was just a smoothly processed boulder. But at that moment, the "boulder" suddenly opened, and a tall man, as it seemed to Sagynbai at first, fell out of it under the horse's feet.

The shepherd's horse snorted and shied away, and the shepherd decided to drive away from the unknown at a safe distance to observe what would happen next. He understood that it would be better for him to go away altogether, but curiosity prevented him. However, the occupant of the aircraft himself got to his feet and immediately went to the shepherd.

The alien turned out to be tall, with thin arms and legs. Huge eyes glittered in the darkness. The Kazakh greeted the newcomer with an open palm, and then gave him his horse and on foot, leading her by the bridle, returned home.

To say that his wife was surprised is to say nothing. At another time, she would have simply run away from home, but this time she was as if under hypnosis and obeyed her husband in everything. And he ordered to cook beshbarmak in the middle of the night and set the table. The shepherd put his nocturnal guest in the most honorable place.

The woman cooked the dish, trying once again not to look at the guest and not to show increased interest. But the stranger did not eat meat, but he tasted the dough with an appetite and ate the whole kurt — a national Kazakh dish, dry balls that are made from sheep, goat or camel cottage cheese. He gestured away from the bed that the astonished woman had made for him in the hall, and stayed at the table for the night, closing his eyes. Whether he slept, the owners did not understand.

An unexpected witness

In the morning, the shepherd woke up from the fact that a military UAZ drove into his yard. Immediately realizing that the Soviet military was most likely looking for his overnight guest, the shepherd grabbed the alien by the hand and took him to the hayloft, where he indicated with signs that he should hide. While the alien was holed up in fragrant hay, the shepherd came out to meet the military. When they began to ask him if he had seen anything unusual at night, the shepherd shrugged his shoulders and replied that he had slept soundly. The military, after a little more wandering around the village, left.

The alien lived with the shepherd for two weeks. During this time, he managed to get in touch with the villagers, learned to play cards and checkers and soon began to beat the Kazakhs. It is noteworthy that during all this time he did not utter a single word, but at the same time he perfectly understood everything that was said to him, and people in turn understood him. He disappeared from Sagynbai's house on June 26, 1979.

The fact that such a story, in general, happened, was told to journalists by Russian citizen Tatyana Leonova. In 1979, she was nine years old, and she and her father, a veterinarian, lived in Arkalyk. Sometimes the father took the girl with him on a call. Shepherd Sagynbai was an old acquaintance of the veterinarian, and one day he and his daughter came to visit him.

UFO sightings

The shepherd cordially received the veterinarian, fed him and gave him tea, and then some quiet noise was heard outside. The shepherd said something to the veterinarian and, taking him by the elbow, led him out of the house. Despite her father's order to stay at the table, the girl ran out after him. She saw the men going to the cowshed and followed them.

Looking inside the cowshed, Tatiana saw a gray creature around which people were standing. The creature had a head twice the size of a human and black eyes on half of its face. She got the whole story out of her father when she grew up. She also compared the alien's disappearance with the Turgai incident, which happened just on June 26, 1979 — that is, on the day of the alien's disappearance.

This incident, most directly related to the first one, occurred a hundred kilometers from Arkalyk, near the city of Derzhavinsk, not far from the local military unit that served the mines with nuclear ballistic missiles R-36, which the Americans nicknamed "Satan". A day before the incident, eyewitnesses saw fireballs in the sky, and on the day of the incident, schoolchildren from the Berezka pioneer camp saw aliens. It happened like this.

After dinner, a group of pioneers, among whom was the daughter of a local militia major Svetlana Kvacheva, escaped from the camp and decided to light a bonfire on the slope of a nearby hill. The idea had to be interrupted in the most unexpected way: three-meter humanoids came out into the light of the fire. The children ran screaming to the camp, the humanoids followed them. Hiding behind the fence of the pioneer camp and feeling relatively safe, the children began to call strangers to follow them: "Come here, let's talk!"

However, the aliens did not accept the invitation. At that moment it was already getting dark, and Svetlana Kvacheva remembered the terrible eyes that sparkled red in the dark. And the pioneer leader, who was making a tour of the camp territory in the evening, came across a black giant on one of the paths, who was sitting on a chair left by the pioneers on the street during the game. The girl got scared and ran away. She returned later with the caretaker, but there was no alien, and the legs of the chair had sunk deep into the ground.

The next day, everyone in the camp heard a rumble, as if a jet plane was taking off somewhere nearby. The whole story wouldn't be worth a damn if it weren't for the rocket part nearby. According to some reports, it contained up to 15% of the USSR's nuclear potential. Sveta Kvacheva told her father, a police major, about the incident, and he took the story seriously, after which the children were interviewed by the military, and then also by KGB officers. The incident became known to the general public only after one of the eyewitnesses, possibly camp workers, wrote about it to the editorial office of one of the Soviet youth magazines.

If we link this incident with the incident in Arkalyk, which is located near Derzhavinsk, then we can assume that the "space guys" flew in for their brother, and at the same time carried out reconnaissance at the military base. And who knows what would have happened if they hadn't found him and approached the base with missiles.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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