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UFO crash in Brazil - Brazilian UFO Crash Mage Brazil

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UFO crash in Brazil 2020

You probably already heard about the UFO that fell in Brazil on May 13. I was surprised how many people believe this, so I want to refute this story: first, do not forget that a UFO is not necessarily a flying saucer, a UFO can be at least a piece of plywood flying in the wind. Secondly, let's take a look at the video, which allegedly filmed a UFO.

Brazil UFO crash 2020

The case of the Brazilian UFO is very much sensational in the vastness of social networks. Let's try to understand what we were shown.

It was posted yesterday, May 17. All the action we are interested in is filmed in the worst quality when conversations with witnesses and others are filmed as quite good, another point in the piggy Bank against the reality of this case. By the way, this video is not one, but the second video was shot in the same "great" quality, and also posted yesterday.

Also, information about the place of the UFO crash varies, in some sources, they say that it is a forest, in others that it is a lake.
So what is it? If this whole case is not fake, then it is most likely a satellite or a piece of space debris.

If it is fake, which is most likely, then it can be, for example, an advertising campaign for some film or game, it can also be the work of students of some directing University, perhaps on this occasion these same students will be able to make a documentary, such cases are not uncommon. And let's not forget that in the end, it can be a simple fake for the sake of a fake.

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