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UFO at Cape Girardeau, 1941 was before Roswell

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UFO at Cape Girardeau, 1941 was before Roswell

It was around Independence Day in 1947 when the world became skeptical that Earth was the only planet inhabited by living beings in the universe. It is reported that the UFO landed in the field shown above, near the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. According to Huntington, the researchers have identified the location and hope to begin studying the ground for the remains of the wreck.

These skeptics have their origins in the story of a rancher in Roswell, New Mexico, who is said to have found a crash site on his land that contained the remains of an alien flying saucer.

This incident is infamous as the first encounter between humans and aliens, however, this may not be the case.

Six years before the alleged UFO incident in Roswell, the Reverend William Huffman of Red Star Baptist Church was called by the sheriff at about 9:30 p.m. and taken to the scene so that he could read the victims their last words.

UFO at Cape Girardeau, 1941 was before Roswell

Michael Huntington, a well-known ufologist at that time, noted that Huffman found himself standing in front of three aliens, this happened after a flying saucer fell to the ground in a rural field on Cape Girardeau

The story of the Cape Girardeau UFO crash has been the subject of much research since the ' 80s, when Charlotte Mann, a former Cape Girardeau resident, told the story of what her grandfather experienced 40 years ago.

According to Huntington, Huffman was taken to a field, where a group of firefighters, police officers, and, eventually, the military took over the scene.

Upon arrival, the situation was completely different. As we know it, it was no ordinary plane. He described it as a metal-colored saucer, without seams, unlike anything he had ever seen. It was hacked in one piece, so he could walk up and see it

Mann said in a television documentary about the crash:

However, the accident occurred not only with the participation of UFOs.

There were also bodies. Three gray-skinned creatures that didn't look like humans. Their height was about 1.5 meters, they had large heads and huge black eyes

Huntington said:

An illustration of the alien bodies found in the Cape Girardeau field in 1941.

An illustration of the alien bodies found in the Cape Girardeau field in 1941.

They say there were three aliens. Two were dead, but one was still alive. This is the first thing that Huffman has started working on. When Huffman finished, the military that had captured the area swore to keep it a secret. According to the UFO history files, when the United States was on the verge of entering World War II, everyone present was sworn to secrecy as a matter of national security concern.

Not only did the witnesses swear an oath of secrecy, but research suggests that the military also removed all evidence that this ever happened.

As with all such disaster stories, the military came and took everything, forced everyone to keep it secret, and took the materials to no one knows where

Huntington said:

Usually, the base at Wright Patterson Airport in Dayton, Ohio, is where they got the stuff from, and everything was hidden. The only thing the military couldn't get their hands on was a photo allegedly taken at the time by Southeast Missouri photographer Garland D. Fronabarger.

According to Huntington, the location of the photo is currently unknown, but several remakes of it have been made, as well as a drawing by Mann, who said he saw the photo firsthand before it went missing. The photo showed two men holding one of the dead aliens. According to Fronabarger, he made two copies of the photo - one for himself and one for Huffman.

Alien ufo incident

When Huffman got home that night, he couldn't understand what he'd just been through. Despite swearing an oath of secrecy, when he returned home, he told his wife, Floy Huffman, and two sons about his night out. After that, Reverend Huffman took his story to the grave. However, Floy told Mann everything she needed to know about the crash as she lay on her deathbed.

Huntington said there aren't many paper trails to prove whether a UFO actually crashed in a field at Cape Girardeau in 1941, and the story is being told second-hand. According to the UFO archives, Red Star Baptist Church records confirm Huffman's employment during that time period. In addition, fire and police records show the incident on the day of the crash and confirm that the military arrived and removed all evidence from the scene.

None of these records have been confirmed.

Whether or not you choose to believe in the 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO disaster, Huntington said the story will forever remain part of the mystery of the area.

When people hear that I'm from Cape Girardeau, they automatically ask me about the UFO crash. I'm really interested in the historical aspect of it all.

Huntington said:

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