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Tic Tac UFO and possible flying saucer 2021 sighting

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Tic Tac UFO and possible flying saucer 2021 sighting

This UFO video was captured by us on August 30, 2021, at 5 hours 56 minutes before noon. The coordinates of the area are the same as in the previous case described by us. The objects appeared suddenly. They did not make any sounds, at the time of shooting the video they were in place for about 70 seconds.

UFO sightings tic tac flying saucer

Both UFOs were located in the northwest. The flying saucer was located to the left and above the Tic Tac ufo

Tic Tac ufo sighting

Unfortunately, the video is poorly visible, but behind the Tic Tac ufo, another small object appeared from behind, which disappeared after a few seconds. Then the whole procession left and we had to stop filming. The PCA test shows that the objects have unidirectional illumination and are not matrix defects

UFO sightings

And in conclusion, we want to note that UFOs do not tell in advance where they will appear and where they will fly. Therefore, it is always surprising for us to hear how someone demands Hollywood-quality footage from the filming of UFOs. Real shots are shot with sweat and blood, and not at the click of a finger.

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