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The Voronezh UFO incident. What happened in September 1989?

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The Voronezh UFO incident. What happened in September 1989?

The main witnesses of the story are three children, Zhenya Blinov, Vasya Surin, and Yulia Sholokhova. They all attended a local school. On that fateful evening of September 27, friends decided to go play in a local park. It was a warm evening around five-thirty.

At about this time they noticed something in the sky (according to various eyewitnesses described the UFOs). The children saw something that looked like a banana. As the crowd gathered, some described a pink glitter that turned into a red ball or sphere. Its diameter was about 9 meters. Everyone watched in stunned silence as the balloon landed.


The hatch came down. The number of extraterrestrials that appeared, according to observers, ranged from one to three. Another member of the crew was a robot. The aliens were humanoid, about 2.7 meters tall and with small heads. Each alien had three eyes.

At least one alien had a disk on his chest. They wore silver suits, like jumpsuits, and bronze boots. The aliens communicated with each other. Then a triangle appeared in the air. This piece was described as very shiny. They then activated the robot by simply touching it.

It was too much for one of the boys, who screamed. Apparently having no sympathy for the natives of the world they had just landed on, one of the aliens stared at the boy. The gaze not only silenced the child but also allegedly paralyzed him. Worse, they pointed some kind of tube at a 16-year-old boy (who remains unidentified) and made him disappear. It wasn't clear what the teenager had done to deserve it.

Physical evidence

The creatures seemed very interested in the park. they took a quick walk around the area with their robot (described as a short entity). as soon as they boarded and took off again, the missing teenager reappeared. reports of extraterrestrials leaving their spaceships often include eyewitness accounts of the creatures taking samples. in this case, the creatures left something behind.

Investigators determined the landing site - a circle with a diameter of about 20 meters. There were a few dents, reminiscent of the "footprints of elephants". The creatures left behind two stones. According to news articles, they looked like red sandstone. however, when the scientists analyzed the rocks, they claimed that the substance was not from earth.

Lieutenant Matveev

UFO investigators consider police officers to be good witnesses because of their surveillance and investigative skills, but that doesn't mean they can't lie. Lieutenant Sergey Matveev, an employee of the Voronezh Region police department, was appointed in this case.

To his credit, his report was sober. Previously, he had never said that he had seen aliens. In addition, when he saw a UFO in the air, he did not immediately assume that it was aliens. His first thought was that he was tired and he was imagining it. However, the soundlessness and speed of the object at low altitude convinced him that something strange was happening.

TASS News Agency

tass was an agency known for its seriousness. however, when he published the story on October 9, 1989, the sensational tone aroused suspicion among many. the correspondent who did the story, Vladimir Lebedev, was quite offended by those who did not take the story seriously.

Lebedev said he spoke to many witnesses, including three children and experts who examined the landing site. In a telephone interview, he mentioned that Genrikh Silanov (from the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory) also spoke with three children. When Silanov separated them and asked them to make drawings, all three sketched similar UFOs. The craft described in this case was a banana-shaped version and apparently left an X in the sky.

Journalist Lebedev also added fuel to the fire - he claimed that in the period from 23 to 29 September there were three landings. This meant that the "Voronezh incident" was the second landing. It's unclear how they knew about the first or third.

The incident is quite famous in the world community and was even published in the Washington Post

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