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Details of the Vergine UFO incident.

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The Vergine UFO incident. Autopsy of aliens from a broken UFO

An analysis of the events that took place in the Brazilian city of Vergina in 1996, conducted by ufologists with the help of a survey of many eyewitnesses, allowed them to draw conclusions about the UFO disaster and the capture of several aliens by the military. At the same time, numerous reports of UFO sightings in the area began to arrive at the end of 1995. Here, for example, is how the events taking place then are described by the famous Russian ufologist - Candidate of Technical Sciences V. Azhazha in his book "Caution: flying saucers!".

From many areas, there were reports on television, to the newspaper editorial office and the police about the appearance of objects in the sky. They were especially often observed in rural areas, which caused concern to farmers. Their cattle began to run amok in the pens and scatter around the neighborhood. Basically, they were large disks with domes, around which smaller objects scurried, more often similar to a minibus or a small submarine with an elongated hull and an elevation at the top. Noticing strange lights in the sky, people tried to quickly hide in the houses.

Sometimes objects without lights descended and hung without any noise or moved with strange jumps above the ground at a height of several meters. From April to August 1996, there were especially many of them. Brazilian television reported that more than 100 messages were received in February alone. Crews of television cameramen filmed UFOs near Campo Largo (state of Paraná), Serra and Rio de Janeiro.

A rare case was recorded when a huge "cigar" flew very low at high speed, hundreds of meters above the ground. She was "dressed" in a faintly glowing crimson fog, the flight was accompanied by hissing and crackling.

At about 3 a.m. on January 20, 1996, farmers one and a half kilometers from the town of Vergina were awakened by the roar of cattle. When they came out of the house, they saw the cattle rushing in the paddock. A UFO was descending very close, it was clear that it was partially destroyed, probably by some kind of explosion, and left a plume of white smoke or steam. He dropped to a height of 4-5 meters and continued to fly slowly towards the forest adjacent to the city blocks. After landing at the edge of the forest, one part of the aliens disappeared into the forest, the other hid in a ravine near the garages. Soon the soldiers arrived and began to comb the forest.

At the landing site and far beyond, many small parts and metal plates were found scattered around the UFO. Eyewitnesses say they heard three shots in the forest, after which two soldiers came out of the forest carrying two army bags. Something was moving in one of them. Near the garage, standing near the ravine, a mother and two daughters passing along the road saw a creature squatting against the wall with red eyes and "horns" on a bald head. It was very skinny, with thin and long three-fingered hands. The soles of his feet had two thick toes. The creature sat motionless, staring at people with big eyes. After standing in a daze from fright for a couple of minutes, people rushed to run. At home, having calmed her daughters, the mother called the police. Soon the creature was caught in a net and taken away by an army vehicle.

The Vergine UFO incident

Carlos Motta witnessed the loading into a truck of a wooden box covered with a tarpaulin, which contained a creature caught in a net. Accompanied by the military, the creature was sent to the hospital of the city. The Brazilian magazine "ISTO", which covered the details of the UFO wave, published a list of military personnel who participated in the operation to capture aliens on the outskirts of the city of Vergine, and their comments. In particular, the soldiers said that they found two creatures almost at the edge of the forest. One of them was lying on the ground, the other was bending over him and probably trying to help the man lying down.

When asked about the three shots that eyewitnesses heard, the soldiers replied:

We didn't shoot at them, it wasn't necessary. These two did not resist

the soldiers replied:

Most likely, one creature was killed or wounded, and the other did not resist. A few days later, the sergeant of the group was arrested and jailed for ten days for "...excessive sociability with the press." These days, Brazilian television, according to Dr. Richard Boylan, reported that the military leadership has an agreement with the American side on the transfer of the captured alien and UFO in exchange for the flight into space of two Brazilians as astronauts aboard the shuttle...

In accordance with the agreement between the United States and Brazil, even before January 20, 1996, the US space surveillance services warned the Brazilian authorities about a large number of UFOs in the south of the country, especially in the area of the state of Minas Gerais. According to experts from INFA (National Institute for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena in Sao Paulo), the US satellite system allows you to detect and determine the landing site of a UFO with an error of several meters. Hence, such high efficiency of the military and the police of the city of Vergina is understandable. The units of the nearest ESA base, 27 kilometers from the city, were constantly on standby. After the first confirmation of the landing (disaster) UFO operation on the outskirts of the city began to develop rapidly under the control of the army intelligence service.

One alien corpse was taken to the city hospital. The autopsy was conducted by the world-famous Dr. Badan Palhares, who nine years earlier conducted the autopsy of the German Nazi doctor Mengele. A crowd gathered in front of the hospital, waiting for the details of the autopsy. The police pushed her aside, ensuring the entrance of two covered cars, as it turned out later, to transport the corpse to the morgue.

  The Vergine UFO incident

Why were there two cars? During the autopsy, several senior army and intelligence officials, doctors from the University of Sao Paulo, and the University of Campinas were present in the operating room. Bodan Polhares, who came out of the operating room, said he had not seen anything like it. "I can't attribute this creature to any known species." Civilian eyewitnesses and military personnel who saw a living being were shocked by the thin black tongue that periodically appears from the alien's mouth.

The military assumed that in addition to the four discovered creatures, there were others that had not yet been found. The police appealed to residents of urban areas with a request to immediately report by phone about possible cases of detection of these creatures. It was assumed that the surviving aliens were traumatized to varying degrees and therefore could not have gone far. Later, the representative of the army clarified that the autopsy of two alien corpses and specialized studies were carried out in two different laboratories.

Thus, according to the military, until May 11, as a result of the operation, one living being was captured. one killed, two seriously wounded. About five creatures disappeared into the surrounding area, including in the forest on the north side of the city. As for the huge number of UFO fragments, they were loaded into a military truck and transported to the S-2 base."

As you can see, quite a lot of people participated in the operation to find and capture aliens. Local residents actively helped the military and police in the search for aliens. The events of those days were covered in detail in the press and on television, where it was told about the testimonies of direct participants and eyewitnesses. All this did not allow the authorities to keep this UFO incident a secret from the public.

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