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The Table of Solomon-the device of an ancient civilization

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The Table of Solomon-the device of an ancient civilization

The treasures of King Solomon are an enduring legend in human memory. After so many centuries, there are still disputes about their real existence, because they were lost during the looting of Solomon's Temple and have not yet been found. But they are expensive not because they are covered with gold, but because they performed magical functions. Magical for that time. In the present, however, they are quite working devices that we are beginning to use successfully.

Today we will not talk about the most famous artifact from the treasures of King Solomon - his Table, which in essence was just a table, but had a number of amazing features.

A drawing showing a piece of furniture built for the Temple of Solomon, from the mid-16th century Latin Bible. Bread, plates, pitchers, and other utensils were placed here.

A drawing showing a piece of furniture built for the Temple of Solomon, from the mid-16th century Latin Bible. Bread, plates, pitchers, and other utensils were placed here.

We can define it as a mirror in which any known space in the past, present, and future was reflected, a chronograph with which the original owner of the table, one who was able to activate all his abilities, had unlimited power, typical of the gods

In general, historical sources describe it as:

Does it remind you of anything? That is, with the help of the Table (I will write with a capital letter as the name of the artifact), you could see something. Remember-see. It is important. When we get to modern associations, you will immediately understand why. But first I will add a few details about the thing itself.

The "Table of Solomon" is the name given by the Muslim chronicles to this unique object of symbolic and material value, which the Arabs found in the capital of the Visigothic kingdom in the early days of the conquest. It is also called the "Table of Solomon" and the "Mirror of Solomon".

The supposed Kabbalistic message from the Table of Solomon.

The supposed Kabbalistic message from the Table of Solomon.

As you know, Solomon - the king of Israel, lived in 978-931 BC. e., who according to legend encrypted on the Table all the knowledge about the Universe, writing the formula of creation and the true name of God. According to the same legend, the value of the Table is that it will give its owner absolute knowledge. And the appearance of the Table was described as follows: "it had furniture from the Temple of Solomon, which symbolized the sea." Not very clear, probably a clumsy translation from Spanish. Most likely, its surface was like a sea. This is also important.

There are several historical descriptions of what may be the Table of Solomon.

He caused the sea to melt ten cubits from one side to the other, perfectly round; its height is five cubits, and it is girded with a rope of thirty cubits. And around this sea below its edge were balls like pumpkins, ten in each cubit, which surrounded the sea in two rows, which melted when the sea melted. Book I of Kings, chapter 7. Verses 23-26

The Bible says the following:

By order of Yahweh, Moses had to build a Table that was made of acacia and covered with pure gold, without silver or pearls. And the bread must be placed on it.

The table should be 3 feet (90 cm) long, 14 cm wide, and 26 cm high. Cover it with pure gold and make a gold frame around it. Then make a frame about 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide and decorate it with gold. Make also 4 gold rings and place them in the 4 corners of the table on the legs. Make pillars of acacia wood and cover them with gold. The posts are designed to load the table

In the book of Exodus, chapter 25, verses 23 to 30, the dimensions of the artifact are written:

Recently, it was hypothesized by Manuel Jesus Segado-Uceda that the Table of Solomon was not a physical object, but a concept of secret knowledge that would be passed down throughout history. And Ben Hayan tells us in the History of the Muslim Dynasties that such a famous Table, which Christians claim comes from Solomon, did not belong to him, and that its origin goes back to the time of the Christian kings.

And now let's put together all the important features of the Table, which are described by historical sources, together:

  1. it is a mirror in which the present, past, and future are visible, i.e. it allows you to see what is not typical for that time.
  2. the surface of the artifact resembles the sea, i.e. smooth and shiny.
  3. made not in the time of Solomon, but earlier. 4) a name or symbols are written on the surface.

And now let's remember when Microsoft launched the Surface project a few years ago, computers that were horizontal and flat, tactile, became like tables. Now Microsoft is rebranding the original desktop touch screen Surface.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

For those of you who are not familiar with the Surface, I tell you that this is a touch interface for tables, similar to the iPhone. You can play games, read menus, and order food and drinks while interacting with the table. It was in prototype mode for a while, but now Microsoft has launched Surface-enabled tables in Las Vegas. For example, such a 46-inch computer is a coffee table with a multi-touch function.

Microsoft Surface 2.0.

Microsoft Surface 2.0.

Solomon said that you can put food and viands on the table. And discover other worlds. Just as we now search the Internet and find "all the secrets of the world" just by touching the touch surface with our fingers.

Well, how do you like it? In my opinion, the Surface exactly repeats the description of the functions of the Solomon Table. So the Desk is nothing but a computer. And since there were no such technologies in those days, the thing came to Solomon from an older civilization, a highly developed one.

And I will reveal a couple more secrets that confirm this version.

On the surface of the Table was written the ineffable name of God. I do not want to blaspheme and let the believers forgive me, but maybe this is not the name of God at all, but the manufacturer's logo?

And according to legend, pronouncing the name of God means embracing all of his creation. So I wondered if it was a password to turn on the device. After all, today we use it, the same Siri, and other robots. You call the password-the tablet turns on. That's the whole secret of the Table.

In my opinion, this table is a technical device, in the likeness of a modern tablet. It was clearly able to connect to a global database like the modern Internet at that time, which means that the satellites or towers were still functioning at the time of the events. The table worked until the power sources that powered it ran out.

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