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The strange story of aliens at Steep Rock Lake

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The weird story of aliens at Steep Rock Lake

In the wild near the isolated town of Atikokan, northern Ontario, Canada, there is a vast lake in the shape of the letter "M", carved into the landscape by glaciers and known as Steep Rock Lake. With a length of 14 miles and a surface area of 7 square miles, it got its name from the surrounding steep and jagged ridges rich in iron, which made the lake a long-time target for iron ore miners. This is a place where almost nothing really happens, so the locals were a little surprised that in 1950 this remote place became the scene for a strange story about UFOs and encounters with aliens.

Cool Lake

On July 2, 1950, a local man named Gordon Edwards and his wife allegedly went to Steep Rock Lake in a place called Sawbill Bay to go fishing a little. It was about dusk when they headed to a small cove and put their boat on a secluded sandy beach to relax, chat, have a snack and drink tea. As the sun gradually sank in the sky and the day thickened, they decided to start preparing to return home, and at that moment the air shook and the earth vibrated from some loud explosion somewhere nearby.

The startled couple at first thought it must have been an explosion in the iron mines of a Steep Cliff, but then realized that the mines were too far away to cause such a thing?? A strong shock wave. Gordon told his wife to wait in their place, hidden by trees and bushes, and then went to investigate the source of the mysterious rumble.

When he went to look into a crevice in the rock, he was amazed by what he saw. There was a "big shiny object resting on the water" on the lake about a quarter of a mile away. He could easily understand that it wasn't a boat or any other vessel he was familiar with, and it was such a creepy and bizarre sight that he excitedly ran back to bring his wife and show her. When they got there to take a look, the mysterious object was still there, and Gordon described it and what happened next:

The glittering creature was still resting on the water. It was like two saucers, one upside down on top of the other. There were holes along the edge, like black ports, about 4 feet apart. We couldn't see the underside because the bottom of this thing was resting on the water or close to it. There was something like open hatches at the top, and ten small figures were moving on its surface. They looked strange, very strange. Slowly rotating from a central position at a height of about 8 feet in the air, there was a ring-shaped object. When it rotated, to a point directly opposite to the place where my wife and I were looking through a crevice in the rock.

He stopped, and the little figures stopped moving too. Now everything seemed focused on the little hole we were looking through. We were about to dive, as we thought that these dwarf figures might see us and be alarmed, when a deer appeared on the opposite side of the bay, approached the water's edge and stopped motionless. We looked into the crevice in the rock again.

The small figures and the previously rotating circle were aligned on the deer. But now the circle has shifted to the left. We ducked, counted twenty, and took another look. The thing was spinning and the figures were moving; but the deer didn't seem to bother them. We ducked, believing that the beam was directed at the rock from the creature on the water. Perhaps the rock was a barrier and kept him away from us. It looked as if the whole machine was working from a central point under a rotating beam.

Here's what they said:

The operator was a miniature figure on a small raised stand. He was wearing what looked like a red skullcap, or maybe it was red paint, the caps that others were wearing were blue. I have to say that the figures ranged from 3 feet 6 inches to 4 feet tall, and they were all the same size. We couldn't see their faces. In fact, the faces seemed to be just clean surfaces! It was weird.

Ontario UFO

They noted that the tiny figures "moved like automatons, not like living beings," and their chests were covered with a "shiny metallic substance." While they were walking, it seemed that they did not turn around, but simply changed the direction of their legs, and one of the creatures turned out to be busy with a bright green hose nozzle. While the couple were looking at this otherworldly spectacle, the air began to hum and vibrate, and witnesses had the impression that water was being drawn into the ship or something was being thrown out of it. It was striking enough that, not knowing what the vibration meant, they dived low behind a boulder. However, their curiosity got the better of them, and they looked in again. Gordon described what happened next:

The next time we looked into the crevice of the rock, we found that all the figures had disappeared, and the car was at a height of about 8 feet. I noticed that the water in the lake near the place where the creature was resting was colored red-blue-gold. According to my calculations, the disk was about 15 feet thick in the center and about 12 feet thick at the edges. It is tilted at an angle of about 45 degrees. ... Now there was a gust of wind... a flash of red-blue-gold color, and he disappeared, heading north, and so fast that my eye could not follow him. It was already quite dark.

We decided to end it, got into the boat and went out into the bay, where the plate was on the water. I aligned two trees to estimate its size, which I think was 48 feet. I went back there again, another day, and as we were walking through the narrow places, I heard a rustle or wind, and again something flashed over and behind the trees. I couldn't see what it was. My wife was scared. She said she would never go there again.

Here's what he said:

Obviously, she begged her husband not to go back there, and at first he promised he wouldn't, but he was too intrigued by what he saw to honor it. Two days later, Gordon returned to the scene, this time with a friend from the mine, under the pretext that he was going fishing for the day. They took their cameras with them, but they didn't see anything on this particular excursion. Over the next few weeks, they often returned to the bay, patrolling it in an outboard motor boat and hoping to see the object that had so frightened Gordon and his wife, but one evening they found what they were looking for.

UFO sightings

There, in the same place where it originally appeared, was a bright disk, again mysteriously hovering low over the water. They turned their boat around and tried to take pictures, but the biting wind was too cold and the waves were choppy, and Gordon claimed they couldn't control the cameras or focus because of numb fingers and rocking. Gordon talks about what happened next:

Before we got close to the plate, I saw the little figures disappear into the hatches. They saw us. The rotating mechanism disappeared, and the hose wound up like a hash of green lightning — they worked so fast! There was a steady gust of air, and the plate whizzed by like a greased lightning. But my eye was quick enough to see that the little figure at the water's edge was only halfway to the hatch. He must have engaged the end of a green hose or suction pipe. Our own engine stalled and then overheated; so we were too late. We had to promise that we would never look for plates again.

Here's what he said:

The report was originally published in September 1950 in The Steep Rock Echo, with the report being published by B.J. Eyton, apparently a friend of Gordon and the chief chemist at Steep Rock Iron Mines, but after the story became popular, it made other news. publications such as the Port Arthur News Chronicle, as well as all kinds of publications about UFOs. He was especially featured in the popular TV journalist and ufologist Frank Edward's 1956 book "The Strangest of All" and again in his 1966 book "Flying Saucers are a Serious Matter", as well as in the book by Harold T. Wilkins' 1954 "Flying Saucers in Attack" and Jacques Vallee's seminal 1969 book. The work, "Passport to Magonia," and this report was also published in magazines such as Fate Magazine and in the October 1957 issue of Ray Palmer's Amazing Stories. The editor of the article, Eyton, further fanned the fire when he also stated that others in the area had also seen the object, saying:

I could neither confirm nor deny this story, but around the time it was told and published in our magazine, men working in the mines here in a Steep cliff saw a flying saucer at night, and residents of the nearby village of Atitokan told the local press that they saw them in the area between FortWilliam and Port Arthur, about 140 miles apart. In fact, one night the telegraph operators of the Canadian National Railways contacted each other to look out for a strange object in the sky until it got here. Then she turned back. Everyone is sure that he saw a flying saucer that night.

Here's what he said:

The report was taken at face value for many years and was seen as a reliable report of a reliable witness published in some of the most revered and cherished classic books about UFOs, but in the 1970s it turned out that Gordon and Eyton conspired to present it all as a hoax to entertain their secluded community and see what was wrong with it the mass media and the field of ufology will do it. Ironically enough, Gordon even specifically targeted Frank Edwards and his popular UFO stories in his books, stating that he wanted to "make fun of newspaper reports describing "little green men"—stories popularized by Frank Edwards." The story was then published by his friend Eyton and took on a life of its own. However, up until now, this story has often been presented as an authentic, real version, and some in the UFO field still defend it as such, and people even say that the recognition of the hoax was part of the cover-up. and that they were forced to say it. What was going on here? Is there anything to it at all, or is it just another elaborate hoax in a field full of them? Anyway, this is really a very strange story.

According to our research team, there is not a single convincing proof of this story. There are no pictures, no witnesses, no reports of military, police and other services. This is a hoax in order to discredit the subject of UFOs. Our task is to check every case, and not to trust anyone's word, even if the report is prepared by NASA or the government.

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