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The secrets of a broken alien ship – a humanoid crew or another one of the illusions?

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The secrets of a broken alien ship – a humanoid crew or another one of the illusions?

In the photos of the most popular rovers Curiosity, Opportunity, and Spirit, scientists and other curious earthlings who like to look at alien landscapes sometimes see not only endless sandy wastelands and rocky landscapes – very strange objects often attract attention. For example, the obtained photos of the bones of a mysterious creature, a spoon, a cannonball, a giant crab crawling inside a cave, and many other curiosities have been roaming the Internet for several years. Today I would like to talk about an equally strange object-an an allegedly crashed spacecraft photographed by the Curiosity rover.

General plan of a spacecraft on Mars


But let's return to our curious photo. Someone sees a plate here – a typical alien ship, and to someone, this object resembles an expensive and fashionable car. The high-definition image shows the object sparkling with metallic reflections against the background of the silent Martian plain. In the foreground, the headlights are clearly visible, and on the top, there is a transparent spherical lid. The more they tried to edit this strange photo, setting the balance of brightness and contrast, the more the object resembled a long-forgotten technical device.



The argument with the skeptics continued. These are not rocks or stones, because where can they come from? In the photo, we see a flat surface, and there are no rocks and hills even on the horizon! So the version with playing illusions is not suitable! But the skeptics did not give up and then gave another explanation: man got to Mars, and where people are, there is always garbage, so Mars is no exception now either. And, accordingly, this is not an alien ship, but in front of us we see the remains of one of the artificial satellites that crashed on the surface of the Red Planet during its unsuccessful mission.

"So where are the fragments then?!" - ufologists do not let up, - " They should be scattered for tens or even hundreds of meters in the neighborhood!". And then the skeptics put up their argument: everyone knows that there are often dust storms on Mars that cover the entire planet. The sand reliably hides Martian secrets from us, and what can we say when the Spirit rover is stuck in these sands forever! All the broken fragments were covered up, and all that remained was just the tip of the iceberg. And in general, it is not clear how big this object itself is, because it is very difficult to estimate its size from a photo.

Ufologists were not comforted by this: well, if what we see is just the remains of a broken artificial satellite launched by people, then where is the data about this crash? Why is there no news about such an event? After all, there should be a mention that a particular device failed and crashed in this place with the coordinates indicated, but nothing is reported about this! No one can provide any data, and, therefore, the find is a man-made object of aliens, not earthlings! The last excuse of skeptics is all the insidiousness of Photoshop!..


PCA analysis and source code analysis tells us that these images were taken in the wrong place, which we are told about

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