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The Nebraska incident-1967. The policeman believes that he has been on a spaceship

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The Nebraska UFO incident - 1967. The policeman believes that he has been on a spaceship

The policeman possibly not only managed to encounter a UFO but also to visit a spaceship. How did the kidnapping happen, and what did the man see? These events took place in December 1967 in the city of Ashland (Nebraska). Police officer Herbert Schirmer was on duty near State Highway 6Z when he noticed bright lights ahead. He got in the car and took a step in their direction, then thought something had happened and there might be some people crying.

 Nebraska UFO incident

When he got to the eastern world, he realized that it wasn't a machine with wounded people. In fact, he saw a strange metal object of oval shape with a proportion of up to 6 m. The officer froze in place and continued to observe. The all-star space saucer took off and carved into the sky. Schirmer took out a notebook and a note: "Two o'clock in the morning. I saw a flying saucer at the intersection of Highway 6 and 6Z!".

After that, he returned to the police station and reported what had happened. His report was ignored, and the incident was gradually forgotten. But this case was interested in the UFO researcher and psychologist Leo Sprinkle, He carefully studied the case and muddied the discrepancy in time, To be more precise, a few hours disappeared somewhere.

A sketch of a spaceship by Schirmer

A sketch of a spaceship by Schirmer

Sprinkle calculated that many UFO witnesses show a corresponding expenditure in time. His main hypothesis is that people kidnap and erase memories. So he convinced Schirmer to agree to a hypnotic regression session. It turned out that the police officer remembers much more than he wrote in the report.

Schirmer's drawing of the crew commander

Schirmer's drawing of the crew commander

Under hypnosis, Schirmer remembered walking up to the spaceship on his own accord. He assured me that he felt no fear or doubt. He went inside and was greeted by a group of aliens. He said they didn't look any different from humans, but they were shorter. The decree also included a uniform with the sign of the serpent.

Schirmer on board a UFO. The sketch was created by Ware Cram on the basis of information obtained under hypnosis

Schirmer on board a UFO. The sketch was created by Cram on the basis of information obtained under hypnosis

The policeman told how the aliens conducted a tour of the spacecraft and showed a diagram of the propulsion system. The aliens communicated by telepathy. They said they were coming from the nearest star system, but they were delayed on Venus. Their propulsion system is based on reverse electromagnetism, and energy is extracted literally from the entire Earth. They also added that they would return for it and take it with them to show the universe. Sprinkle was convinced that the police officer effectively dispels justice and believes in it. But the US military responded that the experience of contact with UFOs is physically unreal, and the young police officer just got confused.

Schirmer's drawings of the propulsion system and the image of the alien creature

Schirmer's drawings of the propulsion system and the image of the alien creature

No one can prove that Schirmer was on board the spaceship, but this event changed his life. The greed for it all, he quit the police force because he couldn't stand the smiles from his colleagues. Local residents joined in the harassment because they thought Schirmer was speculating on a dark UFO to attract the outside. Once his car was tried to blow up. The woman could not stand it and the wax entered from what. In the end, Schirmer refused to talk to journalists, researchers, and no longer spoke on this topic.

Some blame Sprinkle's psychologists and the hypnotist for all this. The fact is that hypnotic regression may not restore memory, but create ee. Therefore, wanting to hear so much about the aliens, Sprinkle accidentally formed these memories and broke the guy's life. Or the aliens did kidnap Schirmer, but he just didn't trust anyone. After all, the note in the notebook appeared even before the sessions in the hypnotist.

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