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The mysterious Anunnaki bag on the objects of other ancient civilizations! Where did this symbol come from?

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The mysterious Anunnaki bag on the objects of other ancient civilizations! Where did this symbol come from?

Many historical sculptures, statues, and works of art are the subject of analysis and discussion by historians. Based on them, they try to learn more about our ancestors. In this context, the symbol of the mysterious "bag" found on countless stone sculptures and statues dating back to 10,000 BC is particularly interesting. Its significance is so great that it finds its place in the works of art of cultures that should have nothing to do with each other.

The mysterious Anunnaki bag

The Sumerians described that the Anunnaki-the great gods, the children of the god Anu, born in the early days of the creation of the universe-carried something like a purse. This object is sometimes associated with the archetype of the tree of life, which is the intermediary between the sky and the underworld. Supposedly, it was supposed to unite all forms of the world. In ancient Egypt, however, there is the symbol , which has an almost identical meaning.

Anunnaki bag found on countless stone sculptures

This symbol can also be found in many historic buildings in Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey. How this inconspicuous form became such a worldwide symbolism. What does the bag really represent? Or was it a forgotten ancient technology? We could safely explain all this by chance coincidences, as traditional scientists usually do when they have no stronger evidence.

The mysterious Anunnaki bag and othe civilizations

However, today I would like to mention a very interesting concept related to these artifacts. Although there is nothing new about the many common themes in different cultures, these mysterious bags may symbolize the intervention of advanced civilizations that have brought spiritual and practical knowledge to humanity.

The mysterious bag of ancient

An example of such knowledge can be, for example, the civilization of the Euphrates and the Tigris. Ancient Egypt during the Fourth Dynasty, when the Great Pyramids of Giza were built, is also a good proof of the theory. Otherwise, how can we explain that even after 4500 years after the construction of the structures, we still do not know how and for what purposes these objects were built? The answer to this riddle can be given by myths and fairy tales. Many ancient stories about humanity contain several important trends. One of them is, for example, the characters described as giants who, because of their arrogance, were destroyed by divine beings.

The mysterious Anunnaki bag

So what is this mysterious bag in the hands of the deities of the past? You can endlessly guess on this topic. But let's try to abstract. If we take for the main version the technological nature of the presented creatures, their development, then they definitely have devices in their hands. These can be batteries that run on unknown energy, or multifunctional devices, due to their size. Since they are present at important moments, they are clearly used to implement the necessary moments when communicating with humanity. Something to think about.

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