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Bolivian UFO crash of 1978

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The most reliable UFO case in South America. Bolivian UFO crash of 1978

One of the forgotten cases of a UFO crash, witnessed by thousands of people, occurred in Bolivia. This event caused a stir in the US government. The involvement of the US State Department and the CIA played an important role in considering the object that fell in Bolivia as something more than space debris or a meteorite. Perhaps this particular case in South America is the most reliable UFO incident.

It is estimated that hundreds or perhaps even thousands of people from Tarija, Bolivia, witnessed the fall of a cylindrical UFO with flames on one side over Mount El Taire in the afternoon of May 6, 1978. The crash was heard 150 miles away from the crash site. In addition, many witnesses reported experiencing a sonic boom that knocked them to the ground and shattered the windows of houses within a 30-mile radius of the crash site. This incident caused confusion about the origin of the object, which ranged from meteorites to spacecraft and UFOs.

bolivian UFO crash

Since the disaster occurred on the border of Argentina and Bolivia, it worried the governments of both countries. The Argentine authorities have sent a border police unit to investigate the case and search for the wreckage of the object. After listening to eyewitnesses, the police were convinced that the object was a UFO, as most of them said that it was cylindrical in shape and metallic in color (cigar-shaped UFO).

According to Argentine media reports, the UFO shook the Earth at 16:30. Police officer Juan Hurtado, who witnessed the crash, called the object a "giant tank" emitting traces of white smoke.

He flew right over my head. I was on duty and at that moment I was talking to three engineers from the mine in La Paz when we saw how the object crashed into Mount El Taire. The impact was so strong that I was thrown to the ground. At that moment, the earth shook.

He said:

Moreover, the Bolivian Air Force sent three of its planes to search for the crash site.

We received another call from our listeners asking us to confirm reports that an unidentified object fell on the territory of Bolivia near the Argentine border. We can only say that Argentine and Uruguayan radio stations are reporting this even more often, saying that the Bolivian authorities urgently requested help from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration to determine the nature of the object that fell on a hill on Bolivian territory.

The CIA report titled "Bolivia's Report contradicts the details of the fallen object" states the following:

One of the newspapers in Argentina mentioned the arrival of two American military officials, possibly from the Air Force. They were Colonel Robert Simmons and Major John Hayes. The reports said that the officers did arrive, but were seen in civilian clothes. Some reports claimed that they were ordered to take away a large metal object on a US Air Force Hercules cargo plane. Only two years later, the US State Department revealed in five declassified documents that Simmons and Heise from the US Defense attache in La Paz actually arrived in Tarija, acting as part of the Moon Dust project.

Ufo sightings in Bolivia

Other reliable witnesses of this event were two border guards from the village of Aguas Blancas in Argentina. They saw an oval-shaped object in the sky while attending a football match. At least 500 people, including players, also witnessed this event. According to another eyewitness, the cylindrical object had a pointed head and was 4 meters in diameter.

It was never possible to find out what actually fell in Bolivia in May 1978, but it was not a meteorite, which was confirmed by the Smithsonian Scientific Event Alert Network.

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