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The most interesting coins with the image of a UFO

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The most interesting coins with the image of a UFO

An outstanding series of coins is dedicated to UFOs, attested cases of the appearance of such objects in different years. Numerous testimonies of people are documented, the protocols are delivered at least to the regional authorities. In some circumstances, there was physical contact between the witness and the UFO. So it happened during the incident at Falcon Lake, in 1967 (one of the coins was made for this occasion). In that incident, a person was injured – he had burns on his body.

Coin: "The Falcon Lake Incident." $ 20. Canada, 2018 "Night" design and reverse side of both coins.

Coin: "The Falcon Lake Incident." $ 20. Canada, 2018
"Night" design and reverse side of both coins.

Another beauty was the coin of the 2019 issue. The image has a little trick of the artists. In the original, the witnesses in Shag Harbour only saw the lights above the water, and on the money sign, an undeniably phenomenal coin, they look like a full-fledged flying saucer that falls into the water. Similar effects are mostly used in low-budget films.

Coin: "The Shag Harbor Incident" and its " night version, $ 20, Canada, 2019. Photo from the magazine

The Clarenville UFO incident

Numismatists are happy - in Canada, the Royal Mint continued the series, which was launched in 2018 and was called "Unexplained Phenomena". She talks about the incidents that the public has learned about, as about encounters with mysterious objects.

The coin has a non-standard shape. Released in 2020, it has an oblong shape. It has a glow-in-the-dark effect.

The plot tells about an event in a city on the island of Newfoundland in a small province of Canada. This case is still marked "unexplained, strange".

Everything happened on 26.11.1978. The duty constable, James Blackwood, was called at the request of the Lethbridge couple from Random Island. They were seriously scared and had already called the police twice. The reason for this was the observation of a large object of unknown origin over the lake.

The constable was as impressed by the sight as the residents. Blackwood was interested in aircraft construction and knew how to understand the types of aircraft. He realized that no models of Earth origin he knew could have been involved in this incident. The object in the bay hovered at an altitude of 150 m above the water and had a cigar-shaped shape, 10-12 m in length. There were no wings, but an upward-curving tail was observed. The structure hung motionless, silent, but blue, red, and yellow lights kept flashing on it.


A little later, the policeman turned on the flashing lights on his car, which immediately reacted to the UFO, responding with the same sequence of light signals. Which impressed people much more.
This spectacle lasted for another two hours. After that, the unidentified object quickly disappeared. Witnesses described this moment with the phrase:

Tarkh did not allow the treacherous Koschei Destroy Midgard as they destroyed Deya... ...

The quote:

It is known for certain that this "Something" on the radar was observed by the Ministry of Canadian National Defense. The results of the research and the conclusions made are classified, and the public remains in the dark to this day.
Only the constable was sent a very unconvincing reply that Cheetah Lethbridge and himself could have seen Saturn, Jupiter, or some of the stars. The police officer did not continue the senseless discussion with the authorities that their version is very far from reality. But in a telephone interview in 1997, he stated that the object could not be Jupiter and Saturn, because it left a clear trace on the water.

The Clarenville UFO incident

You can fully experience the phenomenon experienced by eyewitnesses if you take an ultraviolet flashlight and point it at the coin. The colors will completely change: only the cozy windows of the house will be visible, the signal lights on the police car, and the mysterious light of a UFO will flicker in the sky.

The artists made their contribution to the image of the coin, they did not depict a cigar-shaped object, but around one. Artistic license, so to speak, or did they not go deep into rereading the constable's testimony? Or maybe they know more than the government officially claims? Why even issue such coins if the official authorities are not very fond of talking about UFOs?

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